WWE Smackdown Report 2-3-05
    Submitted by Brandon Scott Berthelot on Thursday, February 3, 2005 at 10:03 PM EST

    WWE Smackdown Results - February 3, 2005

    The show opens with the man who almost won the Royal Rumble, the Doctor of Thuganomics, the US champ, John Cena. Cena says controversial goes with his name. He points out his blurred hat. He says its only fitting that the Royal Rumble finish was controversial. He thanks the chain gang for having his back. He wishes Batista good luck. Cena welcomes Batista to Smackdown, because the Champ is here! And if you want some, come get some! Teddy Longs music hits and he comes down to the ring. Teddy says Cena is right, Batista did win the Rumble. Teddy wonders which title Batista will come after. Teddy says Batista is welcome to come to Smackdown, but Teddy will not wait for him. He says he needs a main event for Wrestlemania, and starting tonight there will be an 8 man Number One contenders tournament. The winner will face the champ at Mania, and if Batista does come to Smackdown, it will be a Triple Threat match. MOOOO! JBL and cabinet heads down to the ring. He tells Cena to back up, as the champ is now here. JBL asks Teddy what is wrong with him. He cant believe he has to face Big Show in a barbwire steel cage match. And now Teddy is going to make him face the winner of the tournament, and possibly the Neanderthal Batista. He says the arena is full because of him. And Teddy has used his position to try and screw him. JBL demands Teddy call of the tournament. Teddy says he is not for, or against JBL, he just does what he does for the Smackdown audience. Next week, a first round tournament match, Cena vs. Orlando Jordan. JBL is happy OJ will be in, and is no longer worried. He tells Cena that Cena will not make it past the first round. JBL says Cena has made the US title a joke. Cena responds by pointing out the audiences Cena chants. JBL says Cena will never get a shot at the WWE title. JBL says Cena is not in his league. Cena tosses OJ out of the ring, and the gives JBL an FU! Cena celebrates as the crowd cheers.

    Kurt Angles music hits, and he comes out to the ring with security guards for the Kurt Angle Invitational. Kurt says his night at the Rumble went from one of the most frustrating to one of the most satisfying nights of his career. He didn’t win the title, or the rumble, but what he did do is beat the crap out of an icon, Shawn Michaels. He stopped the Showstopper. He made HBK tap, bleed, and suffer. And he feels pretty good about it. And next week, his road to Wrestlemania will be a tournament match with Rey Mysterio. But tonight the KAI will continue. Nunzios music hits and he heads down to the ring, to Kurts confusion. Nunzio gets right in Kurts face, and Kurt asks him what the hell he is doing. Nunzio says that tonight, he is the hometown boy. He told the local boy to stay in the back, and is here to make Angle pay for taking his spot in the rumble. He hasn’t been able to sleep since, and he wants to fight Kurt, NOW! Kurts says hes on. He goes for the cheap shot, but misses. Kurt takes him down and works an armbar till Nunz gets the rope. Kurt with a takedown, but Nunz rolls Kurt up for a near fall. Kurt slaps Nunz, Nunz replies with same. Angle whips Nunz into the corner, charges, meets a kick, then a schoolboy for a near fall. Nunz goes for a roll up, but Angle counters with a wheelbarrow suplex, then an angle slam. Kurt puts on the ankle lock. Nunz gets to the ropes, even getting to the top rope, but Angle does not release the lock. He pulls Nunz back into the center of the ring, till Nunz finally has to tap.

    Backstage Angle is talking to Jindrak and Reigns. Angle says Rey is his stepping stone to the title. He tells Jindrak to soften up Rey tonight. Angle asks Reigns who he will face after Rey. Reigns says Angle will face either Taker of Rene Dupree. Angle tells Jindrak to go get ready for his match while he and Luther make some plans. Carlito goes into Teddys office, and is pleased. Carlito tells Teddy that thanks to his petition, next week Teddy will not be in Japan, he will be facing the board of directors. Teddy says is that so, Carlito says yes, and its cool.

    Reys music hits, and he heads to the ring with the 619 cam. Jindrak heads out and its on. Jindrak uses his size and power to try and take control, but Rey uses his speed to keep Jindrak off balance. Jindrak finally connects with a boot to the face and takes control. Rey slips out of a hold, and drop toeholds Jindrak into position for the 619. He goes for it, but Jindrak catches him and hit’s a spinning side slam. Jindrak methodically works Rey over, and gets a couple of near falls. Rey makes a comeback, and gets a springboard seated senton for a near fall. Jindrak connects with an elevated backbreaker for a near fall. Jindrak goes for a corner splash, misses, and Rey uses kicks to set Jindrak up for the 619. He hits it, goes for the West Coast pop, misses, rebounds with a springboard tilt a whirl head scissors, roll up, and the pin! Jindrak is pissed.

    Backstage Joy Giovanni is confronted by Amy, and given a dry cleaning bill for the dress Joy ruined last week. Joy laughs at that, so Amy tells here that The Bashams will take it out on Big Show. Joy laughs at this too.

    WEEELLLLL, WELL IT’S THE BIG SHOW! Show makes his way to the ring as Cole and Tazz remind us that he will face JBL for the WWE title at No Way Out in a barb wire steel cage match. And here come the WWE Tag champs, the Basham Brothers. I guess the tag champs have to be jobbed out to one man on each show now. Just goes to show how much WWE cares about the tag division. The Bashams give a better fight than La Resistance did, working over Show with quick tags and double teaming. Show over powers the though, and wins with the choke slam.

    Now its time for the 2005 Hall of Fame inductees. Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorf, The Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, Cowboy Bob Orton, and The Mouth of the South, Jimmy Hart.

    Rene Dupree and Fifi head out to the ring for Renes tournament match with Undertaker. Taker heads out next, and puts the fear in Rene, who is scared to get into the ring. Taker is in control, but Jindrak and Reigns come out to ringside as we go to commercial.

    Were back, and Taker is still in control, and hits old school. Reigns and Jindrak are still out, and Jindrak puts Renes foot on the rope to prevent a pin. After some more interference and making Dupree look like a wimp, Taker goes out of the ring and grabs both Jindrak and Reigns by the throat. Dupree hits Taker with a low dropkick, and Taker is beat on. Rene goes out and beats on Taker, and slide sback in the ring hoping for a countout victory. Rrene goes back out, and goes for a double axe handle, but Taker catches him and drives him into the post. Taker hits his apron leg drop, then goes for a corner jumping knee, and misses. Rene works on Takers knee, but Taker fights out. Rene puts Taker down again with a dropkick, then some punches. Taker fights back with punches, whips Dupree, is reversed, the Dupree hit’s a nice power slam! Dupree beats down Taker, then starts the French Tickler when Taker sits up. He hits Rene with a back body drop, then clothesline, then goes for a choke slam. Rene counters with a knee, but Taker hit’s a DDT, then hit’s the choke slam. Taker locks on the triangle choke, but Reigns distracts the ref, causing Taker to break the hold. Jindrak pulls Rene out of the ring, Taker follows, and takes down Reigns and Jindrak. Dupree is tossed into the steps, then heads back to the ring, but Reigns grabs Takers leg, causing both Taker and Rene to both be counted out. After the match Rene goes for taker, but Taker hit’s the Tombstone and looks mad as we go to commercial. I find most Taker matches boring these days, but that one was quite good. Rene ended up looking pretty good too, as most of the interference was passive. And now I guess Angle, if he beats Rey next week, will have a bye in the tournament.

    Back from commercial, and we see a replay of the finish of the last match. We are informed that neither man will advance, and either Angle or Rey will advance to the finals. Backstage Josh Matthews asks Big Show about facing JBL in the barb wire steel cage match. Show is happy, and says he has JBL right where he wants him. If JBL tries to run, he will be ripped to shreds. Show says he will wrap his hands around JBLs throat, and choke slam him. Josh asks Show how he would feel about possibly facing Batista. Show says Batista is a big fish in a small RAW pond, but if he comes to Smackdown, he will find out what a 7 foot tall, 500 pound great white shark looks like. But first things first, at No Way Out, Show will become WWE Champ.

    We got to Booker T suiting up for hits tournament match with Eddie Guerrero. Eddie comes in, and Eddie asks if Book is still mad about the rumble. Book says he is mad. Eddie says its everyone for himself, and Book replies so is tonight. He says is true, Eddie lies, cheats, and steals, but that he will win tonight and get his title shot at Wrestlemania.

    We see the new Wrestlemania 12 commercial, with Triple H parodying Braveheart. Not as good as Eugenes. But still pretty funny.

    Can you dig it, SUCKA! Its time for the main event, and a tournament match, Booker T vs. Eddie Guerrero. We are reminded that Eddie eliminated Book in the rumble. Huge pop for Eddies entrance. Great match, and the finish comes when Eddie hit’s the 3 Amigos, then goes for the Frog Splash, but Booker rolls out of the way. Book spinaroonies up, then goes for a kick, but hit’s the ref. Book goes to check on the ref, and Eddie attacks Book, punching him, then going for a whip. Book reverses, and hit’s the scissors kick. By the time the ref gets there it has been too long, and Eddie kicks out. Ref is bumped again, and Eddie begins to fake a knee injury. Book is concerned, and begins to talk to the ref. Eddie tries to suplex Book, but Book reverses, rolls up Eddie, grabs the tights for the win to advance in the tournament.

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