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Babes give a festive treat
The Sugababes sparkled during their show at the Barony last night
The Sugababes sparkled during their show at the Barony last night

by Maureen Ellis

THE setting was divine, the voices heavenly and the harmonies induced goose bumps.

Sugababes gave a rapturous Glasgow audience a sweet pre-Christmas treat with an acoustic gig that set the hairs on end.

Keisha Buchanan, Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah bestowed a selection of their hits on just 250 fans for the latest in Radio Clyde's Up Close series.

The Barony's former altar was bathed in a celestial lighting display, providing a dramatic backdrop for the trio.

They were supported by only three musicians for pared versions of Freak Like Me, Ugly, Breathe Easy and latest single Change, the title track from the 'Babes fifth studio album.

A few wobbles crept into Stronger, while two false starts to Hole In The Head - thanks to Amelle twice forgetting lyrics, and Keisha was having none of that! - showed they, and their fans, have not lost their sense of fun.

Leaning against three stools, and letting their voices do the talking, was the perfect showcase for a group not known for more than elementary choreography.

Don't be surprised if their near-choral version of number one single About You Now winds its way on to internet broadcasting sites, while only a B-side release of White Christmas would do justice to their powerful rendition of the festive classic.

Publication date 13/12/07

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