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  The city of Portland's own former SP GS4 "Daylight" 4-8-4 #4449 eases to a stop at Oaks Park along the Oregon Pacific RR's East Portland line Dec. 16, 2006 while powering "Holiday Express" trips for the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation.

ORHF, a partnership of several Portland-area rail preservation groups and local agencies, has held the event in 2005 and 2006 to help raise funds for its goal of establishing a permanent home for Portland's three steam locomotives and other historic rolling stock housed at the former SP Brooklyn Yard roundhouse.

Union Pacific's plan to redevelop the roundhouse site as part of its Brooklyn intermodal ramp threatens the building's existence. ORHF would like to acquire land near the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) in southeast Portland, adjacent to the UP-Oregon Pacific interchange, for a permanent shop and museum complex.

ORHF helped sponsor excursions May 18-19, 2007 between Tacoma and Everett, Wash. that featured doubleheaded 4-8-4s, #4449 and Union Pacific #844.


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  All Aboard!!! Highball with the Rose City & NorthWestern Railroad, where you'll find interesting and intriguing information on railroading and transit operations in and around Portland, Oregon, other locations in the Pacific Northwest, and occasional glimpses of railroading and transit elsewhere in the U.S. and Canada. Your comfortable seat also allows you to enjoy a wide range of links to other rail-related Web destinations.

Along the right-of-way, you'll enjoy colorful views of the Rose City's regular trains, from TriMet to TALGOs, as well as notable visitors such as Union Pacific's DDA40X "Centennial" diesel and Friends of 261's former MILW "Skytop" parlor observation Cedar Rapids.


  Among the eclectic rolling stock offerings found at the Brooklyn roundhouse are former Amtrak F40PH #231 and former Oregon DOT RDC-1 #11, sharing track space outside the roundhouse Jan. 13, 2007. The RDC is a former BC Rail car acquired by ODOT after BC Rail ended its passenger service in October 2002.

Volunteers are painting #231, which had worn Amtrak colors and special "Operation Lifesaver" markings, in SP "Daylight" colors. The RDC was spending its last few days at the roundhouse before departing for its new home on the Wallula Union RR in northeastern Oregon, where it and sister RDC-1 #10, along with RDC-3 #31, will operate on the Eagle Cap excursion train.

ODOT had operated the three RDCs on the seasonal "Lewis and Clark Explorer" between Portland and Astoria. The service ran from 2003 to 2005 as part of the state's celebration of the Lewis and Clark bicentennial.

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  Your computer is all the motive power you'll need to visit these destinations along the RC&NW main line:
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Only in history books and in Hollywood do trains still cross Portland's Hawthorne Bridge.

When movie crews filmed "The Hunted" in Portland in 2000 and 2001, they converted two former TriMet articulated buses into "light rail" cars for scenes filmed on the Hawthorne Bridge across the Willamette River.


The two movie props, complete with actual TriMet colors and sporting carbody advertising just like their real brethren, are parked at the west end of the bridge May 26, 2001 before heading back their storage lot after an afternoon of shooting.

The Hawthorne Bridge did actually host trains for part of its life. Interurbans to and from Gresham, Estacada, Oregon City and intermediate points used the span to reach downtown Portland. Service was cut back to the east side of the river in 1956, but could return in the future if the city extends its Portland Streetcar service to several east bank neighborhoods When the bridge was rebuilt in the late 1990s, it was reinforced to support the addition of light rail or streetcar tracks.

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Here's what's on the timetable at the Rose City & Northwestern...

The Big Shot features a "steamy" view of repair crews working to rerail former SP&S 4-8-4 #700 in Portland.

The Round House includes a new page featuring train .gifs provided by other railfan artists, as well as some classic British and German steam-powered streamliners.

The Railfan Guide now includes a list of webcams around the Portland metro area that show passing rail and transit operations

RC&NW On The Road will soon present a virtual museum visit to places such as Baltimore, Md., Strasburg, Pa. and Sacramento, Calif.

The Trivia Track has a new set of posers to challenge your knowledge of all things railroad



Colorado Railcar's Aero DMU demonstrator #2002 idles on a Portland & Western RR spur adjacent to TriMet's Beaverton Creek light rail station Nov. 20, 2002 during a demonstration run as a Gresham-bound MAX Blue Line train stops for passengers.


Colorado Railcar actually originated in the 1980s as Tillamook Railcar, rehabbing classic railcars and building bi-level "Ultradomes" for the Alaska cruise trade in one of the old U.S. Navy airship hangars at the Tillamook Airport. The company subsequently moved to the Denver area.

CRC is now famous for its range of single-and bi-level "Ultradome" luxury excursion cars, and has since diversified into modern Diesel Multiple Units. It has built several bi-level DMUs and trailer coaches for the South Florida Regional Transit Authority, and is currently working on a small fleet of Aeros for TriMet. These will operate on the regional rail service between the Portland-area suburbs of Beaverton and Wilsonville beginning in September 2008, connecting with MAX light rail at the Beaverton Transit Center.

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