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Adolescent Psychiatry

Adolescent Psychiatry

Adolescent Psychiatry is a publication of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry and Analytic Press.

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15 Warrior Identity Problem

This chapter proposes warrior identity problem (WIP) as a new diagnostic category and subcategory of identity problem. Identity problem occurs in...

11 Juveniles Who Commit Sex Crimes

Much of what we know about the manifestation, etiology, and prognosis for sexual offenders stems from research with adults. Despite the fairly high...

9 Hostility In Adolescence Ii: The Hostile Adolescent In Psychotherapy

Adolescents entering therapy present a variety of development-based problems to the therapist (Freud, 1958; Bios, 1962). These demand that...

14 Hispanic Adolescents And Their Families: Sociocultural Factors And Treatment Considerations

The United States is now an ethnically complex society. The demographic changes that have taken place in America during the past five decades have...

12 Sexual Abuse Of Boys By Clergy

Recent media exposure of sexual abuse of boys by Catholic clergy has engendered a crisis in the Catholic Church. One of the less painful sequelae has...

7 The Utility Of Residential Treatment Programs In The Prevention And Management Of Juvenile Delinquency

Notwithstanding its high financial costs and questions about its efficacy (Bloomquist and Schnell, 2002; Fonagy et al, 2002), residential treatment...

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