New Music: Simian Mobile Disco: "Hustler (A-Trak Remix)" [Stream]

A-Trak has already expressed his admiration for Simian Mobile Disco's record-thieving dance single "Hustler". Hey, so have we. Last time out, the Montreal-based DJ for Kanye West mashed the UK electronic outfit's track up against Rick Ross's "Hustlin'" on this year's quite good Dirty South Dance, a move previously attempted by Cadence Weapon. This time, A-Trak simply remixes "Hustler", dropping the pitch in the sticky-fingered narrator's voice for extra drama, but keeping the cyborg electro-house beats blaring.

Well, except when the narrator first starts speaking-- then A-Trak cuts the beats out altogether. Elsewhere, sinister new synths stretch out over SMD's futuristic groove, and James Brown might be in there somewhere, too, shouting, "Get up!" (as was his wont). I haven't heard all of the other remixes planned for the latest issue of the "Hustler" single, but for now, A-Trak's beefed-up effort would be the one to steal, if only it was on an official release (there are no firm plans for this track yet). Famous last words: "What the fuck?!!"

[original track from Attack Decay Sustain Release; out now; the "Hustler 12" is due 11/26/07; both from Wichita/Interscope]

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