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note: page 11 updated 3/06

spring 1999

By this point, for whatever reason(s), not much was happening in rehersals, and they werent happening with much frequency. Management, concerned at spiralling costs of production without a known product (very little music was leaked out of the rehersals, leading people in various offices to worry that there was no music to justify the expenses) suggested that the band simply take a break until things started to move again. Pat, already excited to work on the Special Goodness, welcomed this. Brian used his time to write Space Twins songs and play shows with both his Space Twins and another L.A band, Mephisto, while Mikey was a bit confused as to what to do, having dropped everything to join the band a year earlier.

Mikey had been writing bass lines during the months of spring 1999, originally offering these to Rivers for new song ideas, but Rivers didnt make use of them. When it became clear that rehersals were to be suspended indefinately, Mikey offered them to his then-friend and ex-bandmate Juliana Hatfield, and they ended up recording her new cd together in Boston in summer 1999. This album was released on Island Records as "Juliana's Pony" in 2000.

RIVERS'S 1999 DEMOS: Throughout the course of 1999, Rivers embarked on a whole series of new demo recordings, in a major attempt to focus on songwriting like never before. By the end of the year, 121 songs had been written, though only ones that got past an experimental stage actually got on tape as a demo. These are listed below. Note that for each one of the songs in this list, at least 5-15 demo versions were recorded, as changes were made. The following list is a fairly chronological account of what Rivers was doing for much of the year.

Rivers Demos at TK Productions, early 1999:
1. Socialite
2. Crazy One
3. Riff In G#
4. Sunshine
5. E - A Riff
6. Stars Shine Bright (Goodnight)
7. Saturday Night Another City Dream
8. It Feels Good (Finger Burns) (error in master recording)
9. How Many Places

Rivers demos at unknown locations, spring - winter 1999:

  • I Want You
  • Doorbell
  • Sunshine
  • Bonfire
  • Go Leia
  • O.G.'s
  • Kitty Pettin'
  • Hey, Hey, Hey
  • Movie Theater
  • Mergatroid
  • (untitled)
  • Pisspot
  • Open Your Arms
  • Old Man Time
  • (untitled)
  • She Won't Do It
  • Turn Your Love Away
  • Girlfriend (note: not 'o girlfirend' or 'o girl')
  • Evil
  • Daddy's Girl
  • The Black rider
  • Sumeria
  • Sickboy
  • Don't You Criticize
  • Attack, Attack
  • Midwife
  • Alpha-Beta
  • Labrador
  • Genie
  • Neto
  • Fits In The Blood
  • Cold and Damp
  • Hospital Error
  • Stand Up and Fight
  • Robinson's May
  • Shout It Out
  • Ask Me Anything
  • Destination take Me Home
  • And If You Go It's Natural
  • Valley Forge
  • Ayleen
  • Down Down Diggity
  • Suicide Pilot
  • Been Down To Jesus
  • Congratulations
  • Sepultura
  • Roomate (original of "New Joint")
  • Kiliminjaro
  • Weapons Expert
  • Jimmy McFarlane
  • In The Night
  • Memphis
  • Somebody Save Me
  • Homeless
  • Sixth Xmas
  • My Brain
  • Phlegm Man
  • Stupendous
  • Greyhound
  • One More Time
  • French Pop
  • Island In The Sun
  • Anyway The Wind
  • Somebody Killed Me
  • Somebody Tell Me Why
  • Always
  • Jodi
  • So You Sense It's a Sad Situation
  • C'mon Siobhan
  • Our Heaven's Son
  • You Got Me
  • I Hip
  • Left Foot Down

    Rivers demos - assorted dates - "Egmbedeie Molaictium"
    This is a set of demos that appaently was an amalgamation of several additional "TKX" tracks from sometime in 1998, plus a bunch of 1999 demos and even a few early 2000 ones. Why they were grouped together like this is unknown, and they are being kept together on this list for clarity, for now.
    1,2, and 8 = "tkx 1998" 3 - 7 and 10 - 22 = 1999 and 2000

    1. I Dont Need You
    2. It Used To Be Mine
    3. Heavy Metal
    4. Heavy Metal
    5. Heavy Metal
    6. Heavy Metal
    7. Heavy Metal
    8. I'm Such A Little Bitch
    9. Full Instrumental
    10. I Wanted To Know
    11. There's A Lucky One
    12. Smokin' Crack
    13. Let It All Hang Out
    14. Dumb
    15. Stop, Drop
    16. Hold My Mind
    17. |A BG|G |
    18. Stay
    19. You Wanna' Be
    20. Average Town
    21. Hey Angel
    22. Everybody Waits

    Winter - Spring 1999

    Pat helps out his old friend Pat Finn, by playing drums on Finn's new demos for his band "Organic Mechanic". they did about 6 songs together, some on several different occasions. Since that time, Pat Finn has assembled a full band and has recorded a full album, to be independently released in spring 2001. The demos that Wilson played on will likely stay under wraps.

    Spring 1999: (4/14/99) The Rentals "Seven More Minutes" released

    After endless delays, some caused by Matt as he kept remixing and modifying songs throughout 1998, and some caused by his label Maverick, who kept holding things up by requesting that Matt change things that Matt refused to change, Maverick released "7MM" to a small enthusiastic audience, that failed to grow due to Maverick's mysterious sudden lack of promotional muscle. An unfortunate anti-climactic result to Matt's 3 years of work, but a fine album nonetheless!

    I don't have info as to Matt's remixing and various small re-recording sessions throughout 1998 and early 1999, I only know he did a ton of them, mostly in LA.

    Spring 1999: Special Goodness demos:

  • B.S.
  • its only natural
  • each other
  • somebody else
  • what youre on
  • reason to worry
  • what you can forget

    ...all recorded by Pat, direct to laptop computer in a spare bedroom at his house in Portland

    note that 4 of these songs ended up on a special 20-25 CD run of cd-r's that were sent out to various venues, in the process of booking the fall 1999 SG tour. Those cd-r's have the 10 songs from the japanese release, plus 4 of the above songs tacked on.

    Summer '99 : first Special Goodness shows (mini-"tour")

    ?/?/99: Portland OR: 17 Nautical Miles : audience bootleg of the very first show, last 2 songs of set are missing from the recording

    summer 1999: Space Twins Demo

  • rust colored sun
  • theres always tomorrow
  • louder than lies
    this is a cd demo, "space twins" and a contact # is printed on the disc

    summer 1999(?): Space Twins show

    unknown date, location, and set list, except for:

  • louder than lies

    summer (fall?) 1999: Space Twins demo

    Brian had a small run of CD's pressed up for this demo. (25?)

  • rust colored sun
  • rings of saturn
  • theres always tomorrow
  • on the other side
  • butterfly collector
  • goddess of love

    all the versions on this are quite different from earlier demos and 7"s

    note: some cd's of this have only 5 songs, i dont know which song is absent on those.

    these are cd demos, "space twins" and a contact # are printed on the discs

    October/November '99 : Special Goodness tour bootlegs

    If you know of other audio or video bootlegs, contact karl

    10-26-99 - Rutgers U., NJ : post show backstage interview with the band, aired on college station WMCX on 11/4/99.

    10/29/99 - Boston, Mass.-The Middle East : video bootleg

  • It's Only Natural (beginning is cut off)
  • Life Goes By
  • Fatigue
  • No Reason To Worry
  • Conquistadors of Nothing
  • What You're On
  • Riff
  • I'm Not Too Proud
  • It's All Here In This Book

    11/2/99 Pittsburgh - Club Laga : includes the "weezer karaoke" encore. some mp3s exist.

    11/4/99 Dayton, Ohio : full audience bootleg 11/13/99 - Fayetteville, AR - Clunk Hall : At least two people videotaped the show.

    11/18/99 Houston - Rudyard's Pub : whole show, audience recording (done to minidisc, nice recording) (tracklist unavailable)
    11/20/99 Dallas - Club Clearview : whole show, audience recording (done to minidisc, nice recording) (tracklist unavailable)

    11/25/99 San Francisco - Club Cocodrie: Space Twins + Special Goodness together!
    Audio Tape, audience boot(?), quality level unknown

    Space Twins setlist:

    Osaka Aquabus
    Louder Than Lies
    Rings of Saturn
    Burn in Black
    Rust Colored Sun
    Goddess of Love
    Final Voyage

    The Special Goodness setlist:

    It's Only Natural
    What You're On
    Pardon Me
    What You Can Forget
    Reasons To Worry
    Let's Go Down
    I'm With You Sista
    Went Down Swinging
    Life Goes By
    I'm Not Too Proud
    It's All Here In This Book

    Note that the shows from Austin TX (11/19/99) through Seattle WA (11/27/99) were documented extensively by members and staff of the opening band, Eureka Farm. They videotaped and audiotaped many SG sets, but their tapes are now in private hands.

    if anyone knows of other recordings of any of these shows, tape or video, please let karl know.

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