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From the desk of the Principal

It is with both pride and humility that I serve as principal of Eleanor Laura McMain Secondary School , where the administrators, faculty and staff are excited and sincere about educating our students and success is the only option.

                    At McMain, we provide a rigorous, university directed program of studies for a diverse population of academically talented students.  The intention of our institution is to create meaningful and enjoyable learning experiences, which encourage all stakeholders- our parents, students and staff to accept the challenges of self-actualization with poise and determination.

                    As with most demanding academic and sports endeavors, the structure of every discipline is formed by logical thinking and rational decision making.  At McMain, we stress educational experiences that contribute to the total being.  Thus, we encourage appreciation of the fine arts, lifetime interest in sports and service to the community.  

                    We groom our young people in their thinking, learning and personal behavior, while focusing on providing all students with real life experiences to foster growth and productivity.  We believe that school is a place where one should learn to study and students can be prepared to deal with reality in order to positively manipulate society with confidence and competence.   We embrace  the philosophy that school is not a place for mediocrity, complacency or negligence. Rather, school is a place where we must do all we can to enhance students and their readiness to take over the world. 

                   At McMain we pride ourselves as a community of learners, administrators,  teachers, staff and students.  This academic school year has the theme: �Learning to Live and Living to Learn.� 

 Bridgette B. Frick, M.A.+30


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