Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rails Rumble?

Its a programming competition where teams of up to 4 people will have 48 hours to build the ultimate web application in Ruby on Rails. After the 48 hours are over, we'll open the polls up for the public to rate the various entries on Completeness, User Interface, Originality and Usefulness.

When does the competition start?

The competition will begin Saturday, September 8th at 0:00 or 12:00am EDT (midnight) and continue for the next 48 hours until Sunday, September 9th at 23:59 or 11:59pm EDT.

Where will the applications be hosted?

Each team will have a Linode 300 Virtual Private Server. They will have to build their own deployment environment.

What operating system will the VPS run?

The VPS will run on linux from any of the distributions Linode offers.

Can I use third party gems, plugins, libraries, templates, icons, etc.?

We encourage you to use any third party help that is publicly available. You must credit all applications, plugins, and gems that help your application stay afloat.

Can I develop a plugin or gem for my application before the competition?

So long as the plugin is publicly available and does not provide the majority of your application's function. It would be acceptable to develop and release a plugin that provides an interface to an API or builds forms. It would be unacceptable to hide your controllers and views inside a plugin, "release it," and install it once the competition begins.

What am I allowed to do to prepare for the competition?

You're free to plan and design the requirements for your application. You're also free to work on paper UI mockups. You are not allowed to produce digital design mockups or any graphics pertinent to the competition.

When will I have access to Subversion and the VPS

You will be able to install your distribution of linux prior to the competition but the VPS will not boot until the competition begins. You will receive your Subversion login information when the competition begins.

Will I need to use Subversion?

You must use Subversion and someone from your team must commit at least twice per day. You must use our subversion repository to store your application.

Does my application need to be open source?

No. While we do encourage teams to share their source, we do not require it. We're looking at the Rails Rumble like a startup incubator and we want you to take this opportunity to create your dream web application. Many of our prizes are even targeted towards new web startups.