Fillippo Camassei became Patriarch of Jerusalem in 1907 and was in this position during the First World War. During that time, the French and the Italian schools were closed and some of his priests were imprisoned. He was exiled to Nazareth by the Ottomans on November 10th, 1917 where he was hosted by the Franciscan monks. He continued supervising the parishes in north Palestine from Nazareth and appointed Monsignor Francois Vilinger as his vicar in order to supervise the rest of the parishes in Palestine and Jordan.

       He returned to Jerusalem on October 3rd, 1918 and the Apostolic See sent him Monsignor Louis Barlassina to be his assistant from Rome in the same year. After a short period, he went to Rome to rest and to visit the Vatican and the Pope, Benedictus the fifteenth, blessed him with the rank of Cardinal.

       He died on December 18th, 1921 in Rome and he was buried there.


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