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Presidential Candidate Barack Obama Talks with Bill Bradley Exclusively on Sirius Satellite Radio
PR Newswire
Obama shares his thoughts on politics, patriotism, priorities if elected, his upbringing and basketball"I think we're in a defining moment right now in our history," says Obama

NEW YORK, Dec. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SIRIUS Satellite Radio today announced that it will broadcast an in-depth interview conducted by former Democratic presidential candidate and SIRIUS host Senator Bill Bradley with current presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama on Monday, December 17th on SIRIUS Stars channel 102.

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Bill Bradley recently interviewed candidate John Edwards on SIRIUS, and he continues his dialogue with the candidates with a thought-provoking and revealing conversation with Democratic hopeful Barack Obama. Obama discusses a wide range of topics, including his relationship with his mother and father; his upbringing; his strong sense of patriotism, and his priorities if elected.

Below are select Obama quotes from the SIRIUS interview:

"We have to send a clear signal that we are not going to be an occupying force, that we are not going to be maintaining permanent bases in Iraq, that we are going to initiate diplomatic efforts including with our enemies- countries like Iran."

"I would convene a conference within my first year just gathering together Muslim leaders from all around the world, to describe for them what our values and our interests are, to insist that they need to help us to defeat the terrorist threats that are there, but to also recognize that they are bound up with us and that we have an interest in making sure that their societies can prosper and that we're moving forward with them as partners with dignity and respect."

He also elaborated on the need to address the nation's healthcare crisis and develop "an energy policy that is equal to the task of dealing with global warming ... " and added that he would "have my Attorney General review every single executive order that's been issued by the Bush administration and to overturn those executive orders that have undermined our Constitution, undermined our civil liberties ... "

"I think we're in a defining moment right now in our history ... and people are starting to understand both because of Iraq but also because of Katrina, and some of the other things that have happened that ... we are really in this together. ... we are not simply a collection of individuals. And that if we're going to solve big problems ... then we're going to have to have a government that expresses those values [because] ... we can't have a government that is simply a protector of the wealthy and the powerful."

Senator Bradley's interview with Barack Obama will air December 17th on SIRIUS Stars channel 102 at 5:00 am, 7:00 am, 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm, and 11:00 pm, all times ET.

Barack Obama has had a well-respected and dedicated career in law and politics. Prior to being elected an Illinois Senator, Obama practiced as a civil rights lawyer and taught constitutional law in Chicago. In 2004 Obama was the third African-American since Reconstruction to be elected to the U.S. Senate.

Bill Bradley is an Olympian, NBA champion, 2000 Democratic Nominee for President, and former U.S. Senator. In addition to conducting one-on-one interviews on SIRIUS with politicians, diplomats and other noteworthy guests he also hosts a weekly SIRIUS show called American Voices. On American Voices Bradley offers his unique perspective of the American landscape and highlights the remarkable accomplishments of people both famous and unknown. Past guests include singer-songwriter Bonnie Raitt and Meet the Press host Tim Russert.

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