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Zuma blasts Mbeki ’s Zimbabwe quiet diplomacy

jacobzuma.jpgSouth Africa presidential front-runner Jacob Zuma has turned the screws on his rival Thabo Mbeki , with references to tyrants who cling to power, who turn their backs on crime and who abuse the power of the state.

All perceived weaknesses of President Thabo Mbeki.

Zuma was speaking at Wits University.

Zuma also tore into the government’s policy of “quiet diplomacy” towards Zimbabwe, pointing out gross human rights violations by the regime of Robert Mugabe.

“It is even more tragic that other world leaders who witness repression pretend it is not happening, or is exaggerated. When history eventually deals with the dictators, those who stood by and watched should also bear the consequences.
“A shameful quality of the modern world is to turn away from injustice and ignore the hardships of others,” he charged.“There is no substitute or alternative to democracy, even in instances where we feel that democratic processes threaten our personal interests.

“The executive can never exercise undue influence over the judiciary and Parliament. Turning a blind eye to abuses of state power will eventually result in the unravelling of our system, and undermining of our rights as equal shareholders in our democracy.
“That urge to steal the dignity of others, ill-treat someone for selfish gain, or engineer people’s suffering is what chips away at the very essence of a civilised human race.

“It is these traits which feed the decay of society, the growth of despotic rule and lay the foundation for tyrannies. History is dotted with the legacies of tyrants who abused the rights of their citizens in order to usurp, enforce or hold onto power.”
HIV/Aids and crime ought to be treated as national emergencies, said Zuma. “I have a problem with laws that are user-friendly to criminals.

“In a country with no death penalty, the laws must bite,” he said to thunderous applause.
Millionare Tokyo Sexwale who is backing Zuma attended the event. ANC elections will be held on Sunday.

External links Friends of Zuma http://www.friendsofjz.co.za/
ANC homepage http://www.anc.org.za/


4 comments for “Zuma blasts Mbeki ’s Zimbabwe quiet diplomacy”

  1. Is this what he was taught by the CIA last week? Well,one wonders if Zuma indeed has an idea of what democracy is. He wants to get power and he is doing all he can to please evryone except Mbeki.

    Posted by Panganai | December 16, 2007, 2:19 am
  2. Zuma is a very small man who has been force fed big ideas by forces that are much greater than him. Zuma is a Tsvangirayi type of person(read stupid) . I dont want to see the experiment where he is allowed to be in power because he simply has nothing to offer except the mantras that the West has taught him to recite like a parrot.

    Posted by andrew mutsago | December 16, 2007, 6:06 am
  3. Zuma is getting excitable. Kufarisa kupinda nomwenje mvura! All he needed to do was to show that he is his own man rather than regurgitating this propaganda from the west. He has just exposed himself. What a Shame.

    I was giving him the benefit of doubt. But he is coming up as a desparate man who will sell himself to get into power. What a shame.

    Posted by Tigere Mubaiwa | December 16, 2007, 12:39 pm
  4. it is unfortunate that the future leader of s.a. is a man who has no real grasp of issues that pertain to the historical imbalances bedevelling zim.
    if south africans r not careful they could have a lackey and yes man 4 western interests running the country.
    forewarned is forearmed

    Posted by teecee | December 16, 2007, 7:55 pm

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