WWE Raw Results, 2/10/03 - Bischoff fired? J. Hardy v. C. Jericho
    Submitted by Dustin Tingue on Tuesday, February 11, 2003 at 12:01 AM EST

    WWE Raw - 2/10/02
    Live from: Los Angeles, CA
    Announcing: Jerry Lawler & Jonathan Coachman

    An in memorium picture of Curt Hennig was shown before we saw a recap of the last few weeks of Raw. Bischoff's time is up tonight.

    Eric Bischoff came out to start the show and said he had yet to hear from Stone Cold Steve Austin. Bischoff was upset about it and said he had done everything he could to get Austin to return at No Way Out. Bischoff said Vince McMahon was on his way to the building and he might just fire him. Bischoff said until Vince arrived, he was still in charge. Bischoff approached JR and Lawler and confronted Ross about the Austin situation. Bischoff basically blamed Ross for Austin not signing yet. JR replied and asked Bischoff if he ever thought that Stone Cold hated his guts for firing him back when Bischoff ran WCW. Bischoff said Austin deserved it and he told JR he deserved the same. Bischoff fired Ross until he could guarantee Austin's return at No Way Out.

    Before the break, a limo was shown arriving at the Staples Center.

    After the break, Bischoff greeted those inside the limo, which were Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista and Randy Orton. Triple H asked Bischoff if he was expecting someone else.

    Test (with Stacy Keibler) defeated Christian in 3:04. Lawler was left to run the ship by himself for at least half of this match. The Coach then stepped in to replace Ross. Test scored the victory with a full-nelson slam. Afterwards, Christian nailed Test with a lowblow and then hit the Unprettier. Christian then stalked Stacy into a corner but Jeff Hardy ran out for the save, pulling Christian from the ring and tossing him over the security rail.

    Backstage, JR attempted to get a hold of Steve Austin and told the person on the other end of the line to have Austin call him immediately on his cell phone.

    Booker T hit the ring and dedicated his next match to Goldust but he was interrupted by the entrance of D'Lo Brown and Teddy Long. Long told Booker to quit worrying about Goldust, who was just another white man trying to hold the black man down. Long told Book he should be teaming with D'Lo and with that, Booker decked D'Lo to start the match.

    Booker T defeated D'Lo Brown (with Teddy Long) in 1:19. Booker drove D'Lo into a corner and chopped the hell uot of him. More or less a squash as Booker picks up the easy win.

    Backstage, Chris Jericho entered Bischoff and Chief Morely's office and complained about Jeff Hardy. Bischoff said he had bigger problems to deal with. Jericho implied to Morely that someone needed to teach Hardy a lesson and Morely gave Jericho a match with Hardy. On his way out, Jericho told Bischoff to give his regards to Vince.

    Jazz defeated Molly Holly in 3:34. Not a bad match, it'd be nice to see Molly get more of a push, but anyway. Some decent back and forth action and Jazz eventually won it with the STF. After the match she locked Molly in the suspended chickenwing and threw her to the mat and put the STF back on until refs came down to break it up.

    Backstage again where Ross was talking with someone named Steve. The Fink approached Ross and asked him if Austin was coming back. JR said he was talking to his friend Steve from Oklahoma and then told Finkel to stop eavesdropping.

    Kane & Rob Van Dam defeated 3 Minute Warning (with Rico) in 5:01. Nothing special here as Kane landed a chokeslam on Jamal which was followed up by the Fivestar Frog Splash from Van Dam.

    Back to the parking garage where a limo pulled in and out stepped Vince McMahon. Vince noticed JR in the garage and approached him as the show went to break.

    After the break, Vince McMahon made his way to the ring and promptly called out Morely and Bischoff who made their way down. Bischoff grabbed a mic and tried to get a word in but Vince told him to shut it. Vince spoke to Morely and said he should be fired but he had a change of heart and told Morely he could decide his own fate, all he had to do was win a match. Morely seemed to lighten up a little but was shocked when he learned his opponened were Spike, D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley in a handicap match. Morely left to go prepare as McMahon turned to Bischoff. McMahon asked Bischoff if he had signed Austin or not and after beating around the bush, Bischoff said he hadn't. Vince said he hated Austin but he would have loved to have seen Bischoff try to control him. Bischoff then interrupted and said he knew Vince was a man of action, and Bischoff had a little surprise for him, some action of his own, hot lesbian action. Two lovely ladies made their way to the ring and before they could lock lips, Bischoff told Vince that they were bisexual. They came on to Vince but Vince said he was all business and told the chicks to beat it. Vince then told Bischoff he had run out of time and he was fired. A dejected Bischoff slowly made his way backstage as Vince led the crowd in a round of "Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye."

    Backstage, Lance Storm and William Regal sucked up to Vince on his decision to fire Bischoff. Vince told them to stick around to see who he was going to hire as the new GM.

    The Dudley Boyz (D-Von, Bubba Ray & Spike) defeated Cheif Morely in 3:44. The Dudleyz destoryed Morely without any trouble. After a Dudley Dog and a 3D, Spike made the pin. After the match, Spike and D-Von brought in a table and Bubba powerbombed Morely through it from the second rope.

    Backstage, Bischoff was face to face with JR and asked him if he had spoke with Austin yet. JR said he hadn't. Bischoff tried to make amends with Ross but JR blew off his handshake attempt and told him to go clean out his desk.

    Batista (with Ric Flair) defeated Tommy Dreamer in 0:28. Dreamer got the one-up on Batista at the start, coming through the crowd and whacking him with a kendo stick. Batista came back with a wicked spear and finished it with the powerbomb.

    Afterwards, Batista and Flair tried to beat down Dreamer but Booker T ran in and had a little success in attacking Flair and Batista until Randy Orton and Triple H ran (well Orton ran, H hobbled) to the ring and proceeded to beat down Book. Orton ripped out the crotch of his pants during the attack and looked like a doof. Scott Steiner ran in and cleared out the ring.

    Backstage, Jeff Hardy passed Shawn Michaels on his way to the ring and gave him a look.

    Meanwhile, Stacy infomred Test that she had gotten him another marketing deal with a

    company called GGW which promised excellent exposure. You're dumber than a brick if you can't figure that one out.

    Chris Jericho defeated Jeff Hardy. Pretty decent match, a little sloppy at times on Hardy's part but not too bad overall. Jericho countered a huricanrana attempt into the Walls of Jericho for the win.

    After the break, Vince was in the ring and was ready to announce the new GM of Raw. He asked the new GM to step forward and out walked... Jim Ross? JR was followed by Bischoff. Ross told Vince that he had talked with Austin and Austin gauranteed his return at No Way Out. Vince was pleased with this and told JR to go take his seat next to Lawler. Vince then turned to Bischoff and reinstated him and Morely. Vince was about to leave but he had a second thought and decided that Bischoff was going to join the Kiss My Ass Club. Vinnie Mac dropped trou and demanded Bischoff to kiss his ass. Bischoff grabbed a mic and said he couldn't do that, even though he said he would do anything to keep his job. McMahon pulled his pants back up and said fine, if Bischoff wouldn't kiss his ass, he was going to join a different club, the Kick My Ass club. Bischoff said if Vince had to kick his ass in order for him to keep his job, then so be it. Vince then told Bischoff he would be at No Way Out, but not in a general manager capacity, but as a competitor. In one corner, Eric Bischoff, and in the other, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Bischoff was shocked as hell as Vince left the ring and the show went off the air...

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