Old Cores

Old Cores

Nahaline Old Core

Nahaline Old CoreNahaline village located in the eastern hills, 12 kms southwest of Bethlehem City. The village is built on the ruins of a medieval settlement. To its west is Khirbet El-Kabra with remains of several rectangular structures made of hewn stones.

The village is 650 metres above Sea Level. The built-up area is 730 dunums. In historic times, Nahaline was a nomad settlement famous for breeding bees. Today tens of beehives are still in existence. It is also famous for its olive, almond, and vine trees as well as its fresh vegetables such as parsley, onions, and beans. Nahaline has a population of 4,701 inhabitants (2004 statistics).

The old core of the village is located very close to a number of excavated archaeological sites. It was originally built on an area of about 20 dunums.

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