The Hertfordshire Regiment [UK]
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The Hertfordshire Regiment
United Kingdom 
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Note: This is a battalion history of the part-time reserves, which are normally liable for full-time active service only in an emergency. See the main regimental page(s) as linked below for more information.
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  Titles and Lineage English County Index
Alphabetic Index of Titles
1861.02.20 2nd Administrative Battalion, Hertfordshire Rifle Volunteers
formed at Hertford to administer existing corps:
  • 1st Hertfordshire Rifle Volunteer Corps at Hertford, raised 22 Nov. 1859
  • 6th Hertfordshire Rifle Volunteer Corps at Bishop's Strotford, raised 1860
  • 9th Hertfordshire Rifle Volunteer Corps at Ware, raised 1860
  • 10th Hertfordshire Rifle Volunteer Corps at Royston, raised 1860
  • 11th Hertfordshire Rifle Volunteer Corps at Cheshunt, raised 1860; disbanded 1870
  • 12th Hertfordshire Rifle Volunteer Corps at Hitchin, raised 1860; disbanded 1867; re-formed later
  • 13th Hertfordshire Rifle Volunteer Corps at Watton, raised 1864; disbanded 1868
  • 22nd Essex Rifle Volunteer Corps at Waltham Abbey, raised 16 May. 1865 and brigaded
  • 14th Hertfordshire Rifle Volunteer Corps at Welwyn, raised 1876
1880.05.11 1st Hertfordshire Rifle Volunteers
HQ at Hertford and eight companies at Hertford (two), Bishop's Stortford, Ware, Royston, Welwyn, Hitchin and Waltham Abbey
1881.07.01 volunteer battalion of The Bedfordshire Regiment
1887.12.01 1st (Hertfordshire) Volunteer Battalion, The Bedfordshire Regiment
1900 ninth company formed at Hoddesdon
1908.04.01 The Hertfordshire Battalion, The Bedfordshire Regiment
absorbed 2nd Volunteer Battalion, and transferred to T.F. with HQ at Hertford, less some Hertford elements to form 1st Hertordshire Bty, 4th East Anglian Brigade RFA
  • A Company at Hertford (dets at Watton, Hatfield and Berkhamsted)
  • B Company at St. Alban's (dets at London Colney and Harpenden)
  • C Company at Bishop's Stortford (dets at Sawbridgeworth, Braughing, Widford, Ware and Wadesmill)
  • D Company at Watford (det at Chorley Wood)
  • E Company at Royston (dets at Letchworth, Baldock and Ashwell)
  • F Company at Hemel Hempstead (dets at Great Berkhamsted, Ashridge, Tring and Ivinghoe)
  • G Company at Hitchin (dets at Welwyn, Stevenage and Whitwell)
  • H Company at Watham Cross (dets at Wormley, Cheshunt and Hoddesdon)
1909.03? 1st Battalion, The Hertfordshire Regiment
(part of the corps of The Bedfordshire Regiment)
1920.02.07 reconstituted in T.A. with HQ at Hertford
  • A Company at ?
  • B Company at ?
  • C Company at ?
  • D Company at ?
  1939.08.09 formed duplicate 2nd Battalion
1947.01.01 reconstituted in T.A. with HQ at Hertford and concurrently amalgamated with 2nd Battalion
  • A Company at Hertford
  • B Company at Hemel Hempstead
  • C Company at Bishops Stortford
  • D Company at Hitchin
1958.06.02 transferred to the corps of 3rd East Anglian Regiment (16th/44th Foot) without change of title
  1961.04.01 [Hertfordshire coys], 1st Battalion, The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment [T.A.]
(formed by amalgamation of The Bedfordshire Regiment, and The Hertfordshire Regiment, part of the corps of 3rd East Anglian Regiment (16th/44th Foot))
  1964.09.01 transferred to the corps of The Royal Anglian Regiment
  1967.04.01 disbanded and concurrently reconstituted as two units:
  1969.04.01 No. 5 (Hertfordshire) Company, 5th (V) Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment
at Hertford and Hemel Hempstead
, formed from personnel of TAVR III element as it reduced to cadre as
The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment at Hertford, sponsored by 5th (V) Bn, The Royal Anglian Regiment (and 3 Coy continued only Essex lineage)
1978 No. 5 Coy redesignated as 5th (Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire) Company (5 RAR)
1988 5th Coy redesignated as 4th (Hertfordshire) Company (5 RAR)
1992.04.01 B (Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire) Company, 7th (V) Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment
formed at Hertford with pln at Dunstable and Hemel Hempstead, amalgamation of 4 Coy 5th Battalion and Dunstable pln B Coy 6th Battalion
1999.07.01 E (Essex and Hertfordshire) Company, The East of England Regiment
formed at Chelmsford with Pln at Hertford by amalgamation of C (Essex) Coy, 6th Bn and B Coy 7th Bn, The Royal Anglian Regiment
2006.04.01 E (Essex and Hertfordshire) Company, 3rd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment
at Chelmsford with Pln at Hertford
  History (Links) & War Service Introduction to Volunteers
pip The Hertfordshire Regiment [in the Great War], by Chris Baker (The British Army in the Great War)
pip The Hertfordshire Regiment ... movements ... during the Great War, by Brad Chappell (The Regimental Warpath 1914-1918)
Deployment and War Service of Units:
    1/1st Battalion [1914-1919]
    2/1st Battalion [1915-1917]
    1st (Reserve) Battalion [1915-1917]
    4/1st Battalion [1915-1917]
    1st Battalion [1939-1946]
    2nd Battalion [1939-1944]
Biography and Gallantry Awards:
Victoria Crosses, by Mike Chapman (VC Reference).
VCs in the Hertfordshire Regimental Museum, by Iain Stewart.
Associations, Forums and Re-Enactors:
swords Hertfordshire Yeomanry and Artillery Historical Trust (HertsDirect)
Museums, Monuments, Memorials and Chapels:
monument Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment Museum, Luton (Army Museums Ogilby Trust)
monument Hertford Museum, Hertford (Army Museums Ogilby Trust)
  Battle Honours Index of Battle Honours
Index of Wars

South Africa 1900-02

The Great War (4 battalions):  Ypres 1914 '17, Nonne Bosschen, Festubert 1915, Loos, Somme 1916 '18, Ancre Heights, Ancre 1916, Pilckem, Menin Road, Passchendaele, St. Quentin, Rosières, Lys, Kemmel, Albert 1918, Bapaume 1918, Hindenburg Line, Havrincourt, Cambrai 1918, Selle, Sambre, France and Flanders 1914-18

The Second World War:  Normandy Landing, North-West Europe 1944, Montorsoli, Gothic Line, Monte Beraldi, Monte Ceco, Monte Grande, Italy 1944-45

  Colours, Standards and Guidons Introduction to Colours
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  Uniforms and Badges
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1953-1961: blue; facings: white; piping: white
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  Honorary Colonels Index of Royal Colonels
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  1930.04.05 HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
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1961-1971 see Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regt
Deputy Honorary Colonel, The Royal Anglian Regiment (Hertfordshire):
1972.04.01 Col. R.A. Humbert, OBE, TD, DL
1980.04.01 Maj. D.W.F. Willard, TD, JP
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1996.04.02 Maj. N.G. Halsey, TD
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