The Invisible Man

Songwriting Info

Words & Music By: Roger Taylor
Arranged By: Queen

Main Keys: Am
Metre: 4/4
Form: Cyclic

Composed: 1988
Influences: ?
Genre: Pop

Production Info

Produced By: Queen & David Richards

Engineered & Mixed By: David Richards

Recorded & Mixed: January 1988 - January 1989 at Olympic Studios (London) and/or The Townhouse (London) and/or Mountain (Montreux)


Electric Bass: John Deacon
Electric Guitars: Brian & John
Keyboards: Queen & David Richards

Lead Vocals: Freddie & Roger
Backing Vocals: Roger Taylor


Fender P-Bass
Fender Stratocaster Guitar
Korg M1 Synthesisers
Red Special Electric Guitar


- Drums are programmed instead of played. So is the bass for the most part.


"I did that one but then everyone came in, I can't remember where the idea did come from. I think it came from a book I was reading, and it just seemed to fit in with a rhythmic pattern I had in mind" - Roger Taylor (Queen For An Hour, 1989).