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intermediate Tip #415: easy way to edit two files using split window

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created:   January 30, 2003 9:40      complexity:   intermediate
author:   david cantrell      as of Vim:   5.7

In my rc ($HOME/.exrc) file, I have the following lines:

map K ESC:split
map k ^K ^W^W

where the 'ESC', '^K', and '^W^W' are escape sequences.

This allows the user to split the screen using 'K', then switch between the two screens using 'k'.  This in conjuction with the :e to edit a different file can be powerful.  Useful for pulling lines (or blocks) from one file into another without having to cut/paste or use the :r command.  Personally I use this alot so I find it useful.  I got the syntax from the O'Reilly book 'Learning the vi editor' in the section about 'ex commands'.

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Additional Notes

skrishna23@excite.com, January 30, 2003 11:53
If you use 'k', what command do you use to move UP ???
Don't say remap....,It's better not to use existing keys.
Anonymous, January 30, 2003 23:23
Why using letter keys instead of cursor keys for cursor movement ?

In addition I have these mappings in my gvimrc:
" mapping Shift-keys
" open new line after actual line
map <S-Insert> ^[o
" delete actual line
map <S-Delete> ^[dd
" mapping Control-keys
" delete actual line from Cursorpos to EOL
map <C-Delete> ^[C^[

" in insert mode type <ctrl-v><ESC> to get '^['

Anonymous, January 31, 2003 8:01
Cursor keys are for the weak.
Even more anonymous, February 3, 2003 6:16
Letter keys are faster!  Don't have to take your hand off the home keys.  Bet you use the mouse, too, huh?
Anonymous, February 3, 2003 7:26
No I'm directly entering my thoughts.
Cursor moves are done automatically by detecting where I am looking to.
new vim, old vi user, February 3, 2003 12:43
why do you even bother using VI?  Go back to emacs or whatever windoze editor you love using.

Split window: ^WS
Close window: ^WC
Switch window: ^WW

(control key also also works for 2nd key, ie ^WS = ^W^S)
Me, March 31, 2003 18:21
Or if you can't figure that out you can do ^W^Q for close :D since ^W^C doesn't work
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