Ippongi Bang - Anime Convention Personality of the Week - 12/30/98

Have you been in the cattle barn on a farm or at a state fair? Imagine a young Japanese woman tending to the cattle, then selling mushrooms by the road. That was nearly Ippongi Bang's life. After she graduated from high school Bang attended a agricultural college and was training to become a veterinarian. But at the same time, she was drawing manga and making costumes, including the first version of her famous Lum costume.
Manga and cosplay won out over farm animals for Bang, and her multi-media career was born. For American anime fans, it's a rare pleasure to see Bang, her husband, Hiroyaki Yab, and the rest of studio Do-Do at U.S. conventions. Bang seems happiest when there's a camera pointed in her direction, and the camera always has something enjoyable to photograph. (By the way: this award comes one week before Bang's birthday.) 
Here is Bang and Yab's New Year's card to their fans!

Red hair and a Chinese dress at Katsucon IV

A cute white robe while sketching with Odagi

In concert with her husband, Hiroyaki Yab

Green hair and denim at Project A-Kon 9

Then the latest version of the Lum costume

In concert at AWA IV in fishnets

Then back to the Lum costume for sketches

Finishing the AWA weekend in glitter