Energy therapy is aura balancing form of alternative medicine bringing natural health to auras like reiki chakras and acupuncture.

Ellavivian Power and Robert D. Waterman

Ellavivian Power and Robert Waterman

Ellavivian and Robert - 2003

Ellavivian Power

1913 - 2004

Ellavivian served in the administration of Quimby Center, a training school for spiritual teachers in Alamogordo, New Mexico. She wrote the definitive work on balancing called The Auric Mirror, and was one of the original faculty members in the teaching and development of Noetic Field Balancing.

Ellavivian Power Ellavivian Power

ellavivian power and robert d. waterman

Robert D. Waterman, EdD, LPCC

41 Verano Loop
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508
Phone/fax: 505-466-8385
Web Site: Quimby Amenti Mystery School
E-mail: Quimby Amenti Foundation

Robert WatermanDr. Robert D. Waterman developed Noetic Field Balancing from his experience as a student at Quimby Center, thirty years of clinical experience, and academic work as founder and president of Southwestern College. The basis for Noetic Field Balancing evolved out of the technique of aura balancing. Dr. Neva Dell Hunter, founder of Quimby Center, developed aura balancing from the healing work of Phineus Parkhurst Quimby and material gained through her inspirational work with John-Clark McDougall. Dr. Waterman met Dr. Hunter in 1967 through a mutual friend, Muriel Engle. At the time of their meeting, Dr. Hunter explained that aura balancing is a form of spiritual therapy in which the practitioner works directly with the energy fields surrounding and penetrating the physical body. It sounded good to him. He agreed to a session. At the time, his exploration of consciousness-oriented psychologies helped him trust the process. The impact was dramatic. "I experienced energy sensations and feelings moving in and around my physical body, and a mysterious resolution of my inner conflicts." Afterward, he felt clear, centered, and ready to complete his senior year.

Apprentice to a Mystery

After graduation, Dr. Waterman headed for Dr. Hunter’s school in New Mexico. He was excited about this dramatic demonstration of therapy. Conventional therapies had seemed lacking, and aura balancing represented to him the missing link that joined his experiences, spiritual training, and academic studies into one model. He needed to discover how it worked. Later, he added the dimension of the noetic field as a means to further account for role of consciousness, and to incorporate the quantum model of David Bohm.

Elavivian Power, who wrote the definitive book on aura balancing called the Auric Mirror, and Stephen Broscoff who developed a body-centered approach. As an apprentice and colleague, he worked and lived with this team from 1968 until Dr. Hunter’s death in 1978. After this time, his approach to balancing was influenced by his study and practice of "soul transcendence," with John-Roger Hinkin. John-Roger, founder of the Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA), adapted aura balancing to work with a spiritual consciousness that he called the "Mystical Traveler." The techniques has furthered evolved through his experience and study of the ancient mysteries.

For Dr. Waterman, Noetic Field Balancing continues to be an unfolding mystery. "I am a perennial student and a true apprentice of that mystery."

Quimby Amenti Foundation As the founder and president of the Quimby Amenti Foundation and Mystery School, he continues to offer his teachings through his Noetic Field Therapy Practitioner Program, Noegenesis: Mystery School for the New Millennium, and other classes. Click here to visit the Quimby Amenti Foundation and Mystery School web site (you will leave this site).

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