First face to face meeting

First FOSS Bridge workshop, Hanoi, Vietnam, Nov. 12-16, 2007

Objectives of the workshop

This first workshop has the aim to precise the areas of possible collaboration that have been identified during  the online matchmaking process and to set up detailed collaboration plans.

 At the end of the workshop, we will have a detailed list of groups of Vietnamese and European partners. For each of those groups, we will have a collaboration plan, with a detailed agenda, and mentioning precise objectives at every step of the collaboration plan.

Workshop Program

See the attached document for detailed agenda and below for the slides of the presentations given.

Document PDF FOSS-Bridge-1stWorkshop-Agenda.pdf (204Ko)


First Day: Opening, information on FOSS Ecosystem Vietnam/Europe, get together.

Second Day: Matchmaking - Company presentations.

Third Day: Individual meetings.

Fourth Day: Twinning, preparation of cooperation plans.

Fifth Day
: Cooperation results/ Presentations of cooperation plans.

Useful information for participants

Company Presentation Template (111Ko)

They participated...

ADV International Co.,Ltd ABC Archiv-, Bibliotheks-, Computer-System GmbH, Germany
 Cantho University Software Center  Bull Belgium
 DTN Software Solutions Company  Bull France
 FOD Informatic Joint Stock Company  EBM-Websourcing, France
 iWay  eXo Platform, France
 KC&T Technology - Tradding Jsc  GONICUS GmbH, Germany
 New Century Soft Corporation  NightLabs GmbH, Germany
 PNGSOFT  OTRS GmbH, Germany
 Success Investment and Development Joint Stock Company  Peopleware, Spain
 VNS Technology company  Prontonet, Germany
 Gimasys, Germany
 Northern stars Technology and Communications Joint Stock Company  YSEngineers S.C.A (Yerbabuena Software), Spain
 Thiên Tân  
 VietSoftware International JSC  
 VNNET Information Technology Solution JSC  
 Vsmarttech JSC.  
 NextG Solutions., JSC  
 CMC Soft  

Practical information

Workshop Location

Hotel name and address:(for accommodation)

Hanoi Hotel -
D8 Giang Vo, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi City, Vietnam

Meeting place:

Hanoi Horizon Hotel
40 Cat Linh Street, Hanoi
Tel : +84 (4) 733 0808

Dates : November 12th to November 16th, 2007

Specifics Information for European participants :

Travel documents

Passport : You need a passport whichshould be valide 6 months after the date of entry in the country.

 Visa : You need a tourist visa. Do not forget to take into account the delay to obtain those travel documents.

Vaccinations : We recommend you to cousult a tropical doctor to know what vaccination are needed for you.

You can also consult the following web site :

About Vietnam and climate

Hanoi is located in the north of Vietnam. The climate there in November is in the cool and wet season. The temperatures varies between 25 to 35 degres.

For additional information about Vietnam, you can visit the following web sites: