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John Thomson Testimonial

James Catledge identifies and builds leaders.  In 1998 I was a young attorney and wondering if my life was going to get any better.  I felt conflicted because I was in a career where I thought I could make a difference, but I wasn't able to make ends meet.  My wife was expecting our third child and needed to stop working.  I also felt that the legal profession was more concerned with billable hours than helping people.  I started looking for a way to make more money but to also make a difference and have more freedom of time.  James Catledge and I had met in college and found through a mutual friend that we both lived in Las Vegas.  James invited me to play golf with him at Lake Las Vegas, and our business relationship began. 

I soon found out that James Catledge had learned some things about how to make, save and put money to work for him.  He was willing to teach me what to do with my own money and how to work for myself, control my own time and be involved in a meaningful cause!  I started working with James part time and soon had the courage to open my own law practice.  I learned about money, started teaching others what I was learning, and made more money than I ever had in my life.  James Catledge knows how to help people reach their potential.  His guidance has changed my life for the better.  If it were not for James, I don't know what my life would look like.  He showed me how to invest in real estate and how to build my net worth.  He enabled me to build my dream home and to travel the world.  More importantly, he taught me how to reach my potential as a person and how to help others do the same.  I am grateful that James Catledge and I met and have become friends and business partners. 

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