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     Welcome to Astro*Life!  This is the home page for the AstroLife group at Yahoo! Groups.  Here you will find some basic astrology information, links to some of our members' websites (at the bottom of this page), and links to other astrology websites we find interesting or useful.  If you are not already a member of the AstroLife group, you can join via the web (if you're a Yahoo member) at, or you can subscribe by sending an e-mail to (you don't have to be a Yahoo member for this method).  I look forward to seeing you on the AstroLife group!

     The following are my initial posts from the "Ast101" beginners series that I lead on the (now defunct) Festival mailing list.  The copies here are modified to better suit a website format (and sometimes to improve them!).  Enjoy!



Elements & Qualities





You can also read my philosophy of astrology... if anyone's interested.  :-)

Here are links to some of AstroLife members' websites -- check 'em out!

Barbara Nowak's art, website design, and astro site is

Barbara's Astrological E-Cards are at

Mary at Purity Soap can be found at

Our Lorraine has three sites at, and

Glenda's Suffolk Astrological Society is at

Diana Rosenberg's (of Fixed Star fame) site is (but please note that she is no longer running the correspondence course described there (the site was set up for her and she hasn't had an opportunity to change it yet).

Marva Mason's site is at

Parker's beautiful photo essay on INDIA: the light within is at (and there's a link there to her other site as well)

Jeanine's homepage for horoscopes is at

For other good information on astrology, I recommend following sites:

Astrology FAQ: Basics for Beginners

Noel Tyl's Forum

SOS Consulting (C. Michael Smith)

Zodiacal Zephyr

More Links to come!

Back by popular demand (okay, so just one person asked about it) here is a link to an excerpt from a legal brief I wrote in connection with a lawsuit challenging unconstitutional restrictions on the practice of astrology in Albany, California.

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