Smarticast #4: Rails Rumble Primer

September 4th, 2007

The RailsRumble is this weekend, and I know everyone is excited about showing off what they can do in 48 hours. In the spirit of allowing people actually develop, I have created a smarticast that shows you how to create a Linode VPS server that you can deploy your application to using capistrano. This smarticast uses my webserver of choice, nginx, so I have included a configuration for that as well. As mentioned in the smarticast, I’m including the demo files, which are my capistrano and nginx configurations for you to incorporate in your projects.


I’m playing with some different options when encoding the video for my smarticasts. This video is an mp4, and I’m currently also uploading it google video to see how that works out. I’ll post that link when the upload completes.

I’m looking for feedback on the video formats and smarticast content. Post comments here or email me at iam AT smartic us with some feedback.

9/8 update – I’ve re-uploaded the demo files which removed the reference to https.

(yes this is a duplicate… somehow mephisto changed the url on me, and i need this for the search engines)

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