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Anime Review - entered 2004-04-20, at 18:48:53 by Vyse
Japanese Title: .Hack//Sign
Distributor: Bandai
Age (Max=21)
Overall Rating
   10 / 10
   3 / 10
   0 / 10
Sexual Content
   2 / 10
   1 / 10
Bad Religion
   0 / 10



Main Review
.Hack//Sign is an anime that takes place in an online RPG, known as “The World.” Many mysterious events have been occurring in "The World," but now they are starting to be noticed due to one player who is unable to log out as well as a mysterious character who has the form of a cat.

People who like action anime will probably not care for this one, for there is very little fighting; the bulk of .Hack//Sign is character development and story instead of fighting battles (though those do happen, just not very often) like in a lot of anime. The animation in Sign is also excellent, it's very colorful, the characters are very detailed, and some of the special effects are beautifully done. Overall, I'd say try to grab the DVDs for this one if you don't mind the lack of action ^_^

I personally LOVED the music in .Hack//Sign, there are many beautiful instrumental pieces with vocals. There are some songs that use a synth that sounds awesome too. Let’s just say, if you can find the Limited Edition DVDs that come with the soundtrack, grab them quickly! They are well worth it ^_^

Sub vs Dub
I haven't seen it in the subbed version yet so I can't comment - though I have heard the subbed version does have some curse words, I can't officially confirm that.

There is a manga sequel known as .Hack//Legend of the Twilight; it takes place after the games which take place after Sign. Legend of the Twilight was made into an anime which will start to be released to DVD in the US in late May.

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Violence Details
There is some swordplay fighting but it is bloodless and it never shows the characters being cut or anything. In fact, the worst I can think of is when the Guardian shoots a string-like blast though Silver Knight -- it goes though him, but no blood or anything.

Language Details
I honestly don't remember any curse words in the dubbed version. The games do have some bad language, but since this review is covering Sign, that doesn't apply here.

Nudity Details
Some of the outfits for the female characters are a bit skimpy and show belly-buttons, if you object to that then you might not want to watch it, but other-wise this is a very clean anime.

Sexual Content Details
I don't remember anything even implying that the characters were having sexual relations.

During the anime the characters Tsukasa and Subaru fall in love. This is going to contain spoilers so...

Later on in the series it’s learned that Tsukasa is a girl (Tsukasa doesn't even know this because his memory was fragmented ever since he was confined in the world). But when they do find out, Subaru does still seem to have feelings for him/her, but it’s not apparent if they continue outside of the game after Tsukasa is able to log out.

Religious Material Details

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