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The Green Hat (Lu mao tze)

Australian Premiere
Liu Fendou, China 2003  
Photo from The Green Hat

After scripting international successes such as Spicy Love Soup and Shower, Liu Fendou's assured debut feature is a bold narrative experiment dealing with the infinite variety of male sexual anxiety in contemporary China. The title of the film comes from the Chinese saying that a man who has been cuckolded by his wife wears a green hat. A bank heist goes wrong when the robber pauses to call his girlfriend. "I'm not afraid of love. You think I'm afraid of death?" he ponders as he holes up. This is a pretty good question when you've got a gun at your head. It turns out, however, that there is a common bond here between cop and robber which sends the story off an unexpected tangent.

"All along I thought I was making a romantic film. But the result was far different from my original goal. After my friends watched the movie, they told me they had seen another side of me, which I thought I had forgotten and cured a long time ago. They told me that they could see my pain. I was shocked by their discovery, and yet excited at the same time - they understood me through my movie. The process of making this film was also a process for understanding myself." Liu Fendou


“Celebrated Chinese scenarist Liu Fendou makes a dazzling helming debut with a daring thriller/melodrama where bank heists vie with penile dysfunction for center stage.”

Ronnie Scheib, Variety

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9:15 PM Tuesday, 22 February
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Greater Union - Cinema 2

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About The Green Hat

110 minutes
Dolby SR
In Mandarin with English subtitles

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Arc Light Films

Peggy Chiao


FIPRESCI Prize, Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2004


Best Film, Tribeca International Film Festival 2004
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2004
Montreal Festival of New Cinema 2004

About the Director

Liu Fendou

Liu Fendou was born in China in 1969. This self-taught and audacious filmmaker believes school cannot teach students how to be artists; rather successful filmmaking requires striking the balance between self-expression and clear communication. The screenwriter of a number of controversial projects, The Green Hat is his directorial debut. His work is rarely shown in China.