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Liz (Elizabeth Angela) hails from Swansea, & was born on the 30th December - making her a hard-working sensible Capricorn !!

She was practically born holding a microphone, started dance lessons as soon as she could crawl and gave her first ever solo performance at the age of 3.

Liz attended Dumbarton House school at nursery level and everyone there was pushed into the extra curricular levels of dance and drama, including the now very famous Catherine Zeta Jones. Liz also attended the hard and strict Dubensky stage school where she took up every lesson possible, modern, tap, ballet, American jazz, drama, speech, singing. Every night after school Liz had 2 hours of these lessons, Liz also remembers learning tennis, gymnastics, piano, violin, french and german.

Liz continued with all her dance and drama lessons excelling in all her exams, and through this found her love of the stage, performing as a child in Joseph and his amazing tech dreamcoat,and Night of a 100 stars (with C Z-J) and numerous pantomimes each Christmas. Liz moved over to The Grand Theatre school of dance, and continued taking part in stage productions, The Hobbit, and performed as a dancer for Elinor Live (HTV Wales).

One day, Liz was with her friend Louise who had started modelling, and Lou wanted to collect her photos from a photographer. Dave Webb, the photographer, recognized a fresh new face and started taking photos of Liz. From there he sent her to Models One (wales), and under the watchful eye of Mrs. Hilary Boshier Jones, Liz was pushed into catwalk shows, and photographic shoots, and also to her very first beauty pageant (Miss Wales 94 which Liz came 4th, but as we know this was just the beginning).Liz was chosen at this time to model on primetime Tv show for S4C 'Heno'.

Liz worked hard at her school work too, 9 GCSEs and 3 A-levels. She excelled obviously in drama, but also Art and Design, and Textiles. At 17, Liz was sent to spend a summer in Luzern (Switzerland)  and then attended the Falmouth College of Art, to study art and fashion. Liz still makes some of her own clothes and paints even today.

Liz started at the University Of Wales Cardiff in 1994 on the BA journalism, film and broadcasting course. In addition Liz chose subsidary subjects including feminism (which was extremely difficult with her lecturer, as at the time Liz held the Miss Cardiff title), pop music, writing for broadcasting, media law, popular culture etc.

Liz still continued to model all across the U.K., and then Liz entered the Welsh competition for Miss Universe and won, allowing her to enter the final of Miss Great Britain. In 1996 the competition was taken over to Mexico, and as you can imagine it was very exciting 20 finalists flying to the other side of the world to compete for the national title. Liz took over successfully the title of Miss Great Britain int. So during Liz's second year at Uni, she got to travel to the far east to Taiwan and also won the Miss Dream Girl Bikini 1997 competition. Model assignments and tv appearances in Hong Kong and Malaysia followed. Liz also on her travels got swayed to spend her summers over in L.A with the many other title holders and friends she had made in the competitions.

Liz has modelled all over the world, & has had agents in the U.S, Taiwan and South Africa. For example, check out these photos of Liz's time as a Hawaiian Tropic Girl,and as the face of Kronenbourg 1664 one of her most prestigious modelling jobs.

Liz got a 2:2 degree from Cardiff in 1997, and was extremely happy with that result as Liz had been modelling in the states even up until one week before her finals.

Whilst at Uni, Liz also gave her time to work at Morriston Hospital, presenting on one of the only hospital television channels in the country, from there dabbled on the show 'Off the Wall' (1997), Swansea Sound Radio under the watchful eye of Binda Singh ("Thanks Binda, you gave me a great break!"), and also working with Mark, one of the producers of 'Tribe' HTV Wales and on the helter skelter workshop for young talent in Wales. Liz went on to co-present a pilot show, 'The Birthday Show' for Granada TV, and a pilot for Topshop Tv. Liz also did work experience at News of The World and Live TV.

In 1998 Liz made the move to London and has continued to model ever since. Some campaigns Liz has done after Kronenbourg 1664, have included being a Fosters Beer girl, Sol beer, Doritos Dippas, to name just a few, and TV adverts include Boots NO 7 makeup, Suzuki, and Studio Universal (Italy).

Liz got a break one day in 1999, when one of the producers on the then Richard and Judy show 'This Morning' - where she used to model once a week - gave her a tip off that the boss at Man Utd TV was looking for a female presenter. Liz called him up and she asked for an audition, she got it, it was on the show 'Reds at Five' with Ally Begg. Liz did that for a couple of weeks whilst the other presenter was away.

Liz then worked in Scotland on the Peakviewing travel reports for a broadband venture, presenting and producing 54 5min reports.(2000)

From there Liz successfully auditioned for the presenter's job on the Dating Channel (Sky Digital/ Jan 2001), Liz was the female face and producer, "this was such a fun place to work at its peak, it's now just a text channel, back then i made sure it was produced with lots of entertainment and celeb interviews"

In Sept 2001, Liz was offered a presenting role to launch 'Auction World' on Sky Digital. Where you can save loads of money by bidding for goods like, dvds, tvs, digital cameras, gold jewellery, top perfume, and lots of designer goodies.

In August 2002 Liz auditioned to be the female face for 'The Pop Factory' HTV Wales, and started filming. The Pop Factory is the number 1 music programme in Wales and not only that has won 19 awards. It is also set to go on ITV 2 as well so keep your eyes peeled and crossed, we will keep you informed……

Since growing in huge popularity and profile in Wales Liz has gone onto to present numerous ITV regional shows, and SKY digital shows. 2004 proved a poignant year for Liz, with the success of writing, selling, presenting and producing her own car show 'Numberplate Heaven' on Sky channel Men and Motors.  Liz also joined Nation 217 as one of their anchor presenters on SKY,  which she did for 2 years from 2003 to OCT 2005.

Liz has been most recognised from 'Record Of The Year' ITV 1 as the one of the side presenters and has been part of the team for 2 years.

She is now signed to channel 4 for their digital venture Quiz Call and most recently been ask to host numerous pilot shows for terrestrial tv shows How LO! and a pilot for The National Lottery. 

Liz has recently been filming Top Deck a magazine show focusing on the water and sports, fishing, sailing, luxury and power boats. Liz who has grown up around boats and from a busy seaside city was chosen to cover the luxury super yachts and fast power boats because of her natural passion and knowledge of Hustlers, Fountains, and the Cigarette type of boats.Liz now looks forward to this terrestrial project with her fingers crossed tighly and then eventually producing more of her own ideas.

Liz has just finished filming in the last 6 months 'ASBO teen to Beauty Queen' for Five, 'Inside Out' for BBC 1 and 'See Hear' for BBC 2.

When Liz has spare time, she continues to host and attend charity fashion shows, events and auctions working on behalf of MediCinema, Rays of Sunshine, Great Ormond St, Reach, Breast Cancer Campaign, Cancer Research, The Haven Trust. Liz has also hosted or judged the Miss Great Britain pageant every year since 1998.

2005 saw Liz buy and take over the licence for the Miss Great Britain Pageant, and reinvent it back into the showbiz spotlight and link it with a female charity. Liz chose Breast Cancer Campaign. Liz is extremely proud of what was accomplished in this year for Miss GB, however has now decided to move on and has left the business of beauty pageants, unless called to judge.

QUIZ CALL the digital show Liz has been hosting we are pleased to announce, due to its success and following has been picked up by Channel FIVE and Liz will now present this live every Thursday and Saturday nights.

Any other time is spent either back home in Wales (Liz loves walking across the beaches of Gower, especially now with her puppy Amber!)  or in the South of France. Liz loves the gym and wishes she was more dedicated to it!! Painting rather large canvases, making clothes, going out for meals and the cinema. oh and Liz adores exploring other cultures and travelling -name a place she hasnt been to and you can bet she is already planning a trip there. Liz wishes to one day include both her love of television, writing formats and charity work. Liz is extremely passionate in helping those less fortunate than herself, (especially after her years as Miss GB visiting shanty towns in Mexico, South Africa and orphanages in Taiwan) and now has her sights set on visiting more of the the third world. Its just a matter of time before she does just that with a tv crew .....