Before his WWE career, "Ekmo" Fatu teamed with Matt E. Smalls as The Island Boyz.  In 2002, now called Umaga, Ekmo debuted on WWE TV in with Matt (who was renamed Rosey) as Three Minute Warning. They were "hired" as RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff's assailants, attacking seemingly random wrestlers each week, at the orders of Bischoff. The most notable events during this gimmick came when they attacked two lesbians, after they began to bore Bischoff, and when they crashed Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo's "wedding." Both events drew criticism from gay & lesbian rights groups. After the wedding Rico jumped from SmackDown! to RAW to manage the team. In June 2003, Eddie Fatu was released from his WWE contract.  Fatu worked for the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling promotion for a short while under his old stage name Ekmo. 

Fatu would later join All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) as a member of the Roughly Obsess & Destroy (RO&D) faction. Later, together with Taiyo Kea, Fatu won the AJPW Unified World Tag Team Championship title.

It was announced in December of 2005, that Fatu would be returning to World Wrestling Entertainment to continue his family's legacy of the "Wild Samoan" wrestler.  WWE fans can now tune into RAW on Monday nights, to see Fatu as the Samoan Warrior Umaga, destroying opponent after opponent on his way to the top.


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