Raw Results--6/18/2007
    Submitted by Donny Anderson on Monday, June 18, 2007 at 11:18 PM EST

    Last week we saw a monumental draft, as well as Vince McMahon's apparent death in a car bombing. What will the aftermath of both these events be? Find out tonight as the USA Network presents WWE Monday Night Raw, live from Richmond, Virginia.

    Raw starts tonight with a video package showing "eyewitnesses" to Vince's demise, basically
    it's a recap of last week. There's audio clips of a spokesperson making an announcement about the car explosion. He says that the show will go on.

    Mick Foley is now shown in the ring and he says that the show will go on. He says he's the first person to speak tonight, and reminds us of Vince's appreciation night last week. He says some of what he said was inappropriate, and that had he known what was going to happen, he would have done things a little differently. He says regardless of what Vince had done to him, that Vince took Mick and made him a success, despite not having a good body, wrestling skills that are limited, and a face that is not all that to look at. He then apologizes to the McMahon family amidst massive boos. Suddenly, Randy Orton's music hits
    (to a rather large pop, surprisingly). Orton grabs a mic and says that it's incredible that Mick is out here basically being insincere, and that Mick meant all that he said last week. Orton then implies that Mick had the motivation and may have been involved with the
    explosion. Then, King Booker's music hits, and he comes out with a large pop. Booker says that some may look in Mick Foley's direction, but that there is a federal investigator in the building and that he was seen talking to Lashley. Booker then outlines Lashley's possible
    motivation for wanting to kill Vince, including that Lashley is a former Army Ranger with knowledge of explosives. Lashley's music hits to a loud pop, and the former ECW champion makes his way to the ring, and shoves Booker to the outside. John Cena's music hits, and
    the Champ comes out, looking like he's ready to take care of some business. He grabs a mic and says calls Orton and Booker "Kojack and Ace Ventura" and says it's not "Law and Order" but Monday Night Raw. Cena says that he watched last week, and says that this is a lot more than pointing fingers. He brings up that over Vince's career he's had to have amassed a large enemies list. He says that there's a fed that will handle the case, and that the
    best thing to do is to honor the McMahon family and get on with the show. The Coach's music hits, and he comes out and says that the five men in the ring will compete in the Championship Challenge at Vengeance on Sunday. Coach says that tonight Randy Orton will team with King Booker to take on Lashley and John Cena, in honor of Vince McMahon. As for Foley, Coach says that Vince read his book and says that in honor of Vince Mick will have to face off against Umaga. Coach's music hits and he goes into the back as we cut to a break.

    After the break, London and Kendrick's music hits, and the former Smackdown team comes to the ring for their first Raw match. The World's Greatest Tag Team's music hits, with Haas and Benjamin coming out. This match is underway.

    London and Kendrick vs. The World's Greatest Tag

    London and Haas start out, with Haas over powering London, but London uses his speed to try and gain the upper hand. London is forced into Haas' corner, and tries to fight his way out but is floored with a kick to the face by
    Benjamin. Haas tags in Benjamin, who goes to work on London. Benjamin hits a hard irish whip into the corner, and taunts London with a "welcome to Raw". London againt uses his speed for some impressive evasion tactics before
    finally getting the tag to Kendrick. Both teams are now in the ring, as Benjamin got a tag to Haas. Benjamin attempts to powerbomb London to the outside, but it's
    turned into a hurricanrana to the outside. Haas tries to hit a German suplex, but London lands on his feet. Haas turns around, but is hit with Kendrick's "Sliced Bread 2" for the win.

    Your Winners: London and Kendrick
    Match Rating: B+ (wow, London and Kendrick looked very impressive in their first Raw performance. I've always liked them on Smackdown, and it will be interesting to see
    how their unique style matches with larger teams like Cade and Murdoch or Cryme Tyme. I still can't wait to see London and Kendrick vs. the Hardys at some point. WGTT looked like they usually do, which is not a bad thing.)

    In the back, the "federal agent" is seen talking to the Coach as we cut to a commercial.

    After the break, Carlito's music hits, and Carlito comes out in casual dress. He grabs a mic and says his name is Carlito and that everyone knows that he is cool. He then says that no one was cooler than Vince, though. He then changes subject to the draft, mentioning Ric Flair and Torrie Wilson leaving Raw, and says that both of them lucked out. As he goes on about how cool he is, the Sandman's music hits. He comes out from the crowd as usual, and Carlito taunts him while he does the beer bash. Sandman points the Singapore cane at Carlito and goes after him. Carlito ditches the ring quickly, and Sandman stands tall in the ring.

    After a break, Cryme Tyme is shown in the back. They say
    that Vince was a lot of things, but above all else Vince was a capitalist. This segment is the "Cryme Tyme Shopping Network". They start showing different things that belonged to Vince, like a half empty coffee cup (or half full), a steak that was never finished and a trash can. Before they can go further, though, the federal agent interupts and says he needs to speak with them.

    Back in the arena, Cade and Murdoch are at ring side, and Davairi is in the ring. Jeff Hardy's comes out to a huge pop, and this match is under way.

    Jeff Hardy vs. Daivari

    Daivari quickly gets the upperhand with some shots to the head, but as he tries to capitalize in the corner, Hardy hits a flying head scissors. Hardy then hits a bodyslam and tries for the Swanton, but Daivari quickly gets up, and knocks Hardy off the ropes. He then attempts to capitalize with some submission holds, as the crowd chants for Hardy. Hardy fights back and the two exchange blows. Hardy gets the upper hand and hits some pretty high impact moves. As Daivari tries to fight back, Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind and gets a two count. He then hits a reverse mule kick. Daivari in on the ground in the corner, and Hardy drives both feet into Daivari's chest. Hardy gets a two count. Daivari tries to fight back with a body slam, and a running leg drop. Daivari picks up Hardy, but gets a Twist of Fate for his trouble. Hardy quickly mounts the top rope and hits the Swanton for the win.

    You Winner: Jeff Hardy

    Cade and Murdoch grab a mic and start bashing the Hardys calling them poor sports and the like. As they go on ranting, Hardy leaps over the top rope and crashes in to both men. When they recover, Cade and Murdoch are furious as Hardy goes to the back.

    Match Rating: B-(Hardy did stellar as usual, but Daivari's comebacks seemed to happen at odd times with no real build up. A decent match from Daivari, but mainly just a way to introduce him on Raw while building up to the Hardys/Cade and Murdoch match for Vengeance.

    After a break, Coach is in the back talking on the phone talking about the fed and how hard Vince's job is. A knock is on the door, and the Iron Sheik comes in. He starts talking to Coach saying he wants his own talk segment on Raw. Coach says it's interesting and that he'll think about it. Iron Sheik says something, but as he's ranting, he's tapped on the shoulder by Ron Simmons who gives a customary "Damn!".

    William Regal is shown talking up Maria, as he was recently drafted to Raw. Santino Marella shows up and Maria introduces the two to each other. Regal has a sour look on his face as he walks away, while Maria and Marella flirt with each other.

    Todd Grisham is then shown interviewing the limo driver who should have been in the car with Vince. He talks about how he got a phone call from his wife. He had to step away from the limo, and as he was walking back to the car it exploded. He says his heart goes out to the McMahons.

    Mick Foley is shown in the back walking, and we can assume he takes on Umaga next.

    When we come back, Mick Foley's music hits, and he comes out for his first match in a while. As he waits in the ring, Umaga comes out for this first main event of the evening.

    Umaga vs. Mick Foley

    Before the bell rings, Mick Foley hits a knee lift on Umaga knocking Umaga to the outside. Foley follows and begins to punch away. Umaga then hits a punch of his own, and both men get in the ring. Foley again goes on the attack, hitting punch after punch on a cornered Umaga. A "Foley" chant breaks out. The ref breaks them up, and Umaga capitalizes with a clothesline, and continuous rights. Foley is knocked to the outside, but manages to hit Umaga's gut as he flies off the apron. Foley tries to capitalize with a chair, that doesn't seem to effect Umaga. As Foley tries for a second chair shot, Umaga kicks the chair back at Foley's face, leaving him down on the ring steps. Umaga takes advantage with a butt smash on Foley. The ref calls for help, and Umaga leaves, the damage done.

    I really don't know about this. The match never officially started, so there was no winner. Since there was no real match, I also can't really rate it, as it wasn't really a match. Still, I like how Foley put up something of a fight. I probably will give this segment a rating of "C", but it's an unofficial rating.

    Cena is seen in the back talking to the Fed. Then, a limo is shown pulling into the parking lot as we go to break.

    After the break, Mick Foley is seen with a doctor in the back, checking for a possible concussion. The Fed comes in, but is kicked out by the doctor.

    Back in the arena, Mr. Kennedy's music hits to a massive pop. He comes out to the ring, and the mic comes from the ceiling for him. He gives a nice "Mr. Kennedy!" which the crowd eats up, followed by "Kennedy". He says he could hardly come out because he's sick to his stomach, for a few reasons. The first is because we lost Vince McMahon, and the second is because he's been drafted to Raw. He says he really doesn't like the Raw crowd. He says they have no respect for talent. He says Vince was a genius, and that the crowd didn't respect him. A "You Suck" chant breaks out, and Kennedy retorts by saying he's the greatest thing to grace the WWE and Raw. He says that they don't respect him. He says that he and Vince were friends, and that he could talk to him about anything. He insults the crowd some more, as they start a "What!?" chant. Kennedy then goes on to talk up Vince, and himself, saying Vince was a good man and like a father to him. He says he will dedicate his career to Vincent "Kennedy" McMahon. McMahon.

    (I usually don't talk about segments like this, but I feel I have to with this one. Maybe it's because I'm a huge Kennedy fan. Maybe it's because he was cheered as a face, and booed as a heel two seconds later. I loved every minute of this promo. Good choice to move Kennedy to Raw, WWE. Good choice.)

    Again, the limo is shown in the back, and the driver gets out as we cut to a break.

    We come back with the screen saying "In Memory of "Sensational Sherri" (1958-2007)".

    Back in the arena, Melina's music hits and the Women's Champion comes out for the divas match of the night. Melina is soon joined by her partner for the night, Jillian. Jillian says she is going to dedicate a song to Mr. McMahon. As she begins butchering "Amazing Grace", Mickie James' music hits to a huge hometown pop. Mickie comes out and is soon joined by Candice Michelle.

    Melina and Jillian vs. Mickie James and Candice Michelle

    We start with Candice and Jillian. Jillian twists Candice's arm, but Candice does some flips to get out of it. Candice hits a dropkick through the ropes on Melina, and Jillian takes advantage, pulling Candice's hair, and hitting a handspring elbow in the corner. Candice kicks out at the two count as Jillian covers, so Jillian tags in Melina. Melina works over Candice as the crowd chants "We Want Mickie". Melina tags in Jillian, who beats down Candice some more, before tagging in Melina. Candice takes some more damage, before hitting a clothesline. Candice tries for the tag, but Melina stops her. Candice fights off Melina and gets the hot tag to Mickie. James comes in and destroys Melina. She attempts to win with a fisherman suplex pin, but Jillian interferes. Mickie then turns her attention to Jillian. After fighting the two alone for a while, they get the upper hand with a double face smash. Candice comes in for the save, taking care of Jillian as Mickie rolls up Melina. Melina kicks out at the two count. As Mickie tries to go on the offense, Melina hits her in the throat, and then hits a sick leg drop, picking up the win.

    Your Winners: Melina and Jillian

    The crowd is very upset, and they are letting it be known. As we go to commercial, they can be heard chanting "Mickie, Mickie, Mickie".

    Match Rating: C+ (Good showing by all performers in this match, especially Mickie James. Melina's new finisher looks insane, and Jillian has been introduced on Raw. Candice continues to show that she can run with the pack. My only problem was not giving Mickie James the win in her hometown. I know I'm not alone with this, as the crowd seemed very upset. Oh well, it does build up for some future matches.)

    We come back to JR and King talking up Vince McMahon talking about how great he was. They then show some footage of the explosion. Some footage is shown of fire fighters putting out the burning limo, and then more footage of the charred remains of the limo.

    We are then shown another shot of the parking lot with the white limo sitting there tonight.

    Back in the arena, Randy Orton's music hits to a large pop. He comes to the ring, soon followed by King Booker, who gets mostly boos, but some cheers (I'd cheer for him if I were there). As they wait in the ring, Lashley's music hits, and he makes his way to the ring. John Cena follows, to a mixed reation like always, and this match is on.

    King Booker and Randy Orton vs. Lashley and John Cena

    The match starts with King Booker and Lashley squaring off. They stare each other down, and Booker attacks first by shoving Lashley. The two tie up, and Booker hits a cheap shot. The two begin to trade blows, and Lashley gains the upper hand. Lashley gets a two count with a suplex. Booker tries to gain the upper hand, but Lashley counters and hits a powerslam for a two count. Lashley then tags in Cena, and Booker quickly runs and tags in Orton. Cena hits some rights, and hits a fisherman suplex before tagging in Lashley. Lashley and Cena then clean house and leave both Orton and Booker on the outside as we go to a break.

    We come back to see Orton with Cena in a chin lock. Cena is trying to power out of it, but Orton clubs his back. Cena falls in the corner, and Orton begins landing right hands on Cena's head. Cena reverses an irish whip in the corner, and hits a bulldog on Orton. Orton manages to make the tag to Booker, and then holds Cena to prevent him from getting to Lashley. Booker beats down Cena, and locks in a chin lock. Cena tries to fight out, hitting elbows and rights. As Cena hits the ropes for a clothesline, Booker hits a reverse elbow and tags in Orton. Orton begins stomping Cena and gets a two count after a knee drop. Orton locks in another chin lock, and Cena is struggling to keep going. Cena fights to his feet, lifts Orton, and walks over to his corner, but falls before he can tag Lashley. Cena then gets back up, and over powers Orton, but is caught with a clothesline from Orton as he hits a clothesline. Both men are slowly trying to get the tag, and both succeed. Booker and Lashley go at it, with Lashley getting the upperhand. Booker is thrown for a loop by a T-Bone suplex. Lashley then goes for the Torture Rack backbreaker, but Orton interferes. Cena tries to save Lashley but is met by Booker and a back kick. As Booker turns around, Lashley lifts him for the Dominator, but Booker fights out, and Orton makes the blind tag. Lashley hits a spinebuster on Booker, and turns around just in time for the RKO. Orton covers Lashley and this one is over.

    Your Winners: King Booker and Randy Orton

    Orton stands over Lashley in the ring, and has his usual cocky look on his face.

    Match Rating: B+ (This match was very well put together, and did have a curveball ending that I didn't really see coming. It makes Orton look strong in the face of Lashley and Cena, which is good. Cena is definately looking like the underdog for this Sunday's match, which is really no surprise. I'm glad to see King Booker on Raw as well.)

    In the back, the limo is shown once again. The drive opens the rear door, and Stephanie McMahon steps out and heads into the backstage area as we go to a break.

    We come back from a break Steph is talking to Coach, saying she needs to go out to the ring alone. JR and King do a quick review of some of the matches to take place. Stephanie McMahon's music hits, and she comes out to the ring and grabs a mic. She says that on behalf of the McMahon family, thank you for all the emails, letters, phone calls, and the like. She says that Vince wanted to leave this world in a grand fashion, and she invites all of us to join them next week for a special 3-hour Raw. She goes into a tearful speech about how Vince is the only man she's ever known as her father. She says that while Sunday's Pay-Per-View is called "Vengeance", true vengeance will be served when they find who blew up Vince. She leaves the ring tearfully as Raw goes off the air.

    Quick Results
    London and Kendrick def. WGTT
    Jeff Hardy def. Daivari
    Melina and Jillian def. Mickie James and Candice Michelle
    King Booker and Randy Orton def. John Cena and Lashley

    Overall Rating: B- (Honestly, this was a hard Raw to rate. The matches were pretty good, but there were only 4 matches tonight (5 if you count the Mick Foley/Umaga thing, which I'm not for the purposes of this review). In my opinion way too much time was given to the Vince story, though that's to be expected. I guess tonight was a platform to introduce those who were brought to Raw by the draft, and also to set the stage for Vengeance on Sunday. I am anxious to see what direction they take some of the new arrivals, most notably Mr. Kennedy and Sandman.)

    Well that's it for tonight. Once again, this is Matt, as Donny was not able to make it tonight. If you have any questions, comments, or general concerns you can contact us as donnyanderson@gmail.com (as always). Next Monday will be a special 3-hour Raw, and also the results of Vengeance will be known. Until next time, so long and goodnight.

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