1.September 1939


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Fall "Weiss"


At 4.45 a.m. German forces launch a large scale attack on Poland from the north and the southwest without a declaration of war.

Weather: Sunrise on 1.Sept.1939 04:55, sunset 18:35


German order of battle


Special operations

Abwehrabteilung II

Abwehrstelle I (Königsberg): commando missions against bridges over the Weichsel.

Abwehrstelle VIII (Breslau): Kpfgr.Ebbinghaus missions in the industry-area of Oberschlesien.

Lt.Grabert "Kpfgr.Ebbinghaus"

Abwehrstelle XVII. (Wien): commando missions into Oberschlesien.



In the morning Heeresgruppe Nord does not encounter serious resistance except at Dirschau. All forces cross the border like planed. During the day enemy resistance gets stronger on the northern flank in front of the XIX.A.K. and the XXI.A.K. at the river Ossa and north of Mlawa.



Border troops advance between Montau and Marienwerder to the westbank of the Weichsel.

The villages east of Mewe are taken after short enemy resistance.


4.45 a.m. the Panzerkreuzer "Schleswig Holstein" opens fire on the Westerplatte near Danzig.

After the preparation fire from "Schleswig Holstein" the Marine-Sturmkompanie attack the fortifications (180 men) on the Westerplatte encountering heavy resistance. The attack fails under heavy losses. This day the Westerplatte holds strong again all german attacks. Casualties are reported to be negligible that day.

The important bridge at Dirschau can not be taken before polish engineers destroy it at 6.30 a.m. before Kpfgr.Medem can take it. German forces attack the area from Northwest and east and secure the railway station and the destroyed bridge in the evening.

Kpfgr. Medem can establish a bridgehead on the left bank of the Weichsel.

SS units take the village Spangau west of Dirschau.

Enemy artillery fire on the two regiments attacking from Danzig to the north.

04:00 Codeword “DORA” starts the attack of the SS-„Danziger Heimwehr“, one regiment Landespolizei on important polish objects in Danzig (Train-station, polish train-mail office, school, customs-office, embassy) 

All objectives can be secured within an hour but at the Post-office at Helvetiusplatz they encounter heavy resistance and set the building on fire. After the defender surrendered they are shot as „Freischärler“.


I.A.K.: advances along the line KomornikiBrodowoBialuty.

Pz.Div.Kempf encounters a concrete-tank-obstacle north of Mlawa (5km south of border) and has to stop. Gruppe NeidenburgWillenberg encounters field fortifications. Some german armoured vehicles were destroyed. Pz.Rgt.7 stops the attack in front of the Mlawa defense line.

I./Pz.Rgt.7 loses 15 dead, 19 wounded, 7 tanks destroyed, 32 damaged.

61.Inf.Div.: attacks with Inf.Rgt.162 with attached II./A.R.161 right and Inf.Rgt.176 with I./A.R.161 and pushed back the polish 20.Div. to prepared positions around Mlawa.

SS-Rgt.”Deutschland“: Issues attack order on Mlawa with two Kampfgruppen.

Right Kampfgruppe: verst. III./SS“D“ west of Bialuty towards DzwierzniaKrajewo.

Left Kampfgruppe: verst. I./SS“D“ east of Bialuty Punkt 188 – UniczkyZawadsky (1.object)

2.Object: enemy positions on height 192. II./SS”D” in reserve.

04:45 The regiment crosses the border pushing back weak enemy border troops. They evade south. Minefields in Bialuty and on height 188 are evaded. Identified enemy fortifications in the wood 2km west of Bialuty are not maned.

11:00 Flanking fire from southeast. Gefechtsgruppe Kleinheisterkamp moves towards Kol.Krajewo and Krajewo, Gefechtsgruppe Witt moves towards Punkt 192.

Strong german artillery activity. Rgt.Kdr.SS-A.R. at  Gef.Std.Rgt.”D”. I./SS-A.R. supports III./”D” and III./SS-A.R. supports I./”D”.

Regiment stops the attack because there will be a connected attack of the I.A.K. around noon.

Connection to the fallen back 61.Inf.Div. not established yet. Eye contact to 11.Inf.Div. Infantry of the 11.ID pushed into the wood 1km east Unidzki-Zawadski and advanced as far as Gefechtsgruppe Witt.

Reconnaissance of III./ D reports strong enemy positions along the woods at and east of Kol.Krajewo with several bunkers. I./”D” reports 5 enemy bunkers on height 192.

Attack of the Korps with Pz.Div.Kempf, 11.Inf.Div. and SS-“D” is ordered at 15:00.

SS-“Deutschland” is ordered to attack height 192 and push towards Mlawa. Pz.Rgt.7 and 11.Inf.Div. attack out of the area Kol.CzybowoWyndiki via Konze – height 176 towards Mlawa east. SS-A.R.and Korps-Artillerieregiment 501 under command of Art.Kdr.501 provides fire support on height 192 west and east.

13:30 Preparations for the attack:

a)       Gruppe Kleinheisterkamp attacks towards woods 1km southwest UniczkyZavadsky - height 192 west.

b)       Kampfgruppe Witt attacks across Zulineck towards height 192 east.

15:00 Artillery preparation fore on height 192. The regiment makes slowly ground. Enemy fire out of bunkers slows down the attack. III./SS”D” reports good progress and requests tank support.

16:45 regimental HQ moves to the north of UnidzkyZawadski together with Kdr. SS-A.R. (height 192 west). It seems that 11.Inf.Div. does not make any progress and withdrawing tanks are reported.

18:00 The requested tank supported attack of Gruppe Kleinheisterkamp is canceled because Pz.Div.Kempf has no tanks left for attack in this sector. Regiment orders to hold the area reached until now. It is planed to continue the attack after destroying the remaining enemy bunkers tomorrow. Assault teams are prepared to attack them during the night. Radio contact to III./”D” is lost.

19:30 Enemy artillery activity gets stronger. German artillery fire on Unidzki-ZawadskiUnidizkiGummowskyDzwierznia. All villages are on fire.

Kampfgruppe Witt is lying 150 meters in front of enemy positions. One AT-gun of 14./”D” takes out one enemy bunker.

20:00 Rgt.Adjutant is sent out to find the III./”D”. Divisional order arrives to take back advance units and hold the lines.

21:00 Heavy enemy fire on II./”D”. The Btl. cannot move.

Connection to the 11.Inf.Div. lost. It seems that the division moved back further to the north.

22:00 Kraderkundungszug “D” secures east of the road KuklinUnidzki Zawadzki to the east.

23:00 mass of I./”D” moves back to the ordered HKL. Commander reports that the 3.Kp. was destroyed in Unidzki Zawadzki. Regimental commander orders a Officer Stoßtrupp to attack and get the rest of the Kompanie back because he does not believe that the Kp. is destroyed. Heavy enemy infantry fire in and at Unidzki Zawadzki.

00:00 The movement of the I./”D” is like planed. The Rgt.Kdr. speaks some “harsh” words to nervous soldiers of the regiment.

Verpflegungsstärke Regiment: Führer 77, Unterführer and Mannschaften 3148

Gen.Kdo.Wodrig: advances along the line JanowoChorzele to the south and stands in the area of Sedzicka in the evening.

1.Kav.Brig. advancing towards Myszyniec and reaches the area 8km south of it, still fighting around Zalesie in the evening.

1.Inf.Div. reaches Kuklin.

XXI.A.K.: takes surprisingly fast fortress Belchau (Bialochowo) in the morning. Rports that enemy resistance is expected behind the Ossa river.

Advances in the line GarnseeSzrembrznekGoczalikiLipinki to the south and reaches in the evening the line north and northeast of Graudenz: ZakarzewoBiolochowoKlotkaDombrowka – north bank of the Ossa north of Slup.

East to the 21.Inf.Div. and 228.Inf.Div. forces of Grz.Wa.Abschnitt 11 advance to the line LipinkiJamielnik.



Border troops cross the border and advance without enemy resistance and secures the KreutzUsch sector.

East of Schneidemuehl border troops advance east and southeast towards the river Netze also without enemy resistance.

Advances fighting to line FriedheimWirsitzLobsenszVandsburg – west of Prust – east of Kamin.

Group Hotze reaches the northedge of the Netze-valley at FriedheimNakel. Aufkl.L.Abt. occupies Nakel.

Armoured train EP42 moves into the station of Konitz and pushes back the local sentries. A enemy counterattack  pushes back the german forces into the train. The crew suffers heavy losses until german infantry arrives around 10:30. The polish forces destroyed all railway installations at Konitz.

207.Inf.Div.: has order to establish the direct connection to Danzig.

II.A.K.: advances along the line SypniewoIllowoLukowo and reaches with III.A.K. the line MrotschenJaszkowoMakowarsko in the evening.

3.Inf.Div. adcancing via Jaszkowo Sosnow.

To the right the I./I.R.50 crosses the Lobsanka river by floating-sacks of the engineers. Enemy resistance is light. The terrain is heavy and the division has problems to advance and build roads.

Inf.Rgt.8 advances also in heavy terrain but makes good progress. The division advances 60km with two breaks.

32.Inf.Div. via Makowarski towards the lake area northwest of Krone.

III.A.K.: advancing WissekWiktorowk – wood area west of Lotzonka.

50.Inf.Div. reaches with first forward units the road NakelMrotschen.

XIX.A.K.: advancing along the railtrack ZempelburgKamminKonitz. An armoured train reached Konitz during the day.

3.Pz.Div.: 04:45 The light platoon of I./Pz.Rgt.6 under Olt.Buchterkirch advances in front of the division towards Prust to secure the railroad there followed armoured elements of the division lead by the Lehr-Abteilung. The unmounted Schtz.Brigade is following in two groups commanded by Oberst Angern and Oberst Kleemann. K.3 starts at 05:00 and sets up behind the Panzerbrigade. Pz.Rgt.5 advances on the right followed by motorcycles of 2./K.3. Behind the right group the 3./K.3 leads a Flak-battery, 1./K.3, 4. and 5./A.R.75. Pz.Rgt.6 advances on the left with 1.Kp. right, 2.Kp. left and 4.Kp. right behind followed by the remaining elements of K.3, 2. and 3./Pi.Btl.39 and a light Flak-battery. Guderian is advancing with P.R.6 in his MTW.

Pz.Rgt.6: After 15km Olt.Buchterkirch has first enemy contact with a column of horse-drawn vehicles guarded by cavalry. Buchterkirch reaches Prust without enemy resistance around 09:15. At Prust two polish officers on a motorcycle are captured.

Three tanks of Pz.Rgt.6 get stuck in swampy area. Also the vehicle of Artillerieverbindungsoffizier Olt.Weymann gets stuck. As polish soldiers approach the tank crew they are attacked by passing german tanks. The 7./Pz.Rgt.6 under Hptm.Friedrichs encounters heavy enemy resistance at Groß-Klonia as the fog disappears. Two tanks are destroyed by a hidden AT-gun. Also the following infantry comes under enemy fire and has to stop. The II./A.R.75 is moved forward and the 3./K.3 under Olt.v.Cochenhausen receives order to attack the enemy positions. In the meantime the 6./P.R.6 loses again some vehicles. The 5./A.R.75 goes into position beside the road and opens fire on the wood at 800m. Soon the trees are on fire and the polish soldiers flee or surrender. Two AT-guns are destroyed. Now the II./P.R.6 fights its way forward taking out enemy resistance-nests one by one. Fw.Wolschina of 6./P.R.6 receives the first E.K.II of the regiment for his performance here. The 1./K.S.3 arrives, unmounts and advances into the woods. In heavy terrain the company advances and suffers first losses. Pz.Rgt.6 can now continue to advance towards the Brahe river. After the way to Groß-Klonia is reported to be free of enemy the K.S.Btl.3 continues to advance towards Bagnitz.

Pz.Rgt.5: Is advancing faster than the sister regiment and reaches the Brahe river around 11:00. Here Olt.Buchterkirch of P.R.6 encountered enemy forces on the railway-dam. The platoon of Lt.Rommel is sent to attack under command of Buchterkirch. Buchterkirch overruns the enemy AT-positions and advances until he is stopped in wire-obstacles of enemy field-positions. Soon the tanks are out of ammo. The 1./Pz.Rgt.6 under Hptm.Nedtwig arrives and Buchterkirch can withdraw under cover of this company.

The division stands now about 30km in enemy territory. Left and right are still strong elements of the polish 9.Div. Polish cavalry forces attack in the afternoon from the north towards the left wing of the division. The polish cavalry attacks tanks with swords and suffer enormous losses. The divisional artillery on a field between Bagnitz and Prust disrupts the enemy cavalry units totally. The s.M.G.-Halbzug of 1./S.R.3 takes the enemy under fire from positions at Pamietowo. The I./S.R.3 under Hptm.v.Bosse secures the flank north of Groß-Klonia.

In the afternoon Guderian orders the division not to stop but to cross the Brahe river. About 3km south of the railroad the 2./K.3 with assistance of pioneers crosses the Brahe followed by 3./K.3 and the 1.Kp. in the night.

A.A.3 forces the river Brahe with a surprise attack at Hammermühle. The bridge is secured and the following Pz.Rgt.6 captures a polish Bicycle-company which was sent to protect the bridge. Around midnight Hammermühle is burning and the division is far in front of the Korps.

2.Inf.Div.(mot.) in the evening PamietowoTrotzienikaObrowo. Weather: Fog in the early morning until about 10:00.

I./Art.Rgt.(mot) 2: MAP1             MAP2

4:45 Infantry of the division crosses the border without enemy contact in the sector of the Abteilung. Soon the order to advance arrives and the /./2 follows.

2./A.R.2 is attached to the II.Btl. of a infantry regiment and moves through Görsdorf. Right east of the village the 2nd battery takes position and fires the first rounds of the war for the regiment (09:15). 40 rounds are fired into Deutsch-Cezkin.

The Abt.Stab with Bttr.Trupp 1st and 3rd battery moves through Schlagenthin and stops south of Height 174. The Abteilung is informed that the attack of the infantry has come to a halt in the line Dtsch.CezkinJudenburgAbrau.

10:00 – 11:00: The Abteilung is subordinated to the attacking infantry and orders all elements (incl.2nd bttr.) to the area east of Schlagenthin. The infantry attacks via the line AbrauSicinnyJehlenz. The Abteilung takes observation positions at Height 157 and firing positions right east of the Height. Gef.Std. of the infantry regiment near Height 157 as well. The Abt. Has to wait until all infantry elements are in position. Planed start of the attack 13:30. The enemy field-positions cannot be identified but enemy (Kav.Brig.Pomorska?) movements and horses at Sicinny are visible. The Abt. commander orders 120 rounds on Sicinny without preparation fire.

As the infantry attacks in lines from the area Schlagenthin the Abteilung starts to fire on Sicinny. After 120 rounds the fire is moved to another village and then on the edge of a forest. Suddenly enemy artillery fires on the attacking infantry which is still behind the batteries of the Abteilung. As the infantry reaches the height of the Abteilung the enemy rounds hit right before the position of the 2nd battery, then on the position of the 3rd battery and then near the Abt.Stab. No casualties.

After several hours fighting the enemy resistance is broken.

20.Inf.Div.(mot.) reaches the area northwest Czerkiew and Konitz. Fights with polish 18.Ulan-Rgt. at Krojanty with heavy losses for the enemy. Secured Nowa-Czerkiew and Konitz later on.

Grz.Wa.Abschn. Kdo.1: advances to secure the area of the Briesener Zipfel east of Rummersburg and reaches the area Konszynskie lake – area south of Klonzen.

Grz.Wa.Abschn.Kdo.12 takes Bentschen and polish Tirschtigel. Kpfgr.Netze next to it advances to BialaslawieOsiek.

Grz.Wa.Abschn.Kdo.2 reaches the line Dziembowo – area south of Friedheim.



Encounters light enemy resistance by border-security troops supported by some regular units.



encounters field positions from Herby to the south. The Armee reports that the number of prisoners is very low because the enemy is evading. 2 captured polish officers say that they are ordered to evade to the Warthe and hold there.

Reports say that in villages passed by advancing troops the telephone lines are still working and used. The troops are ordered to secure the communication centers faster.

Destroyed bridges slow down the advance.

The right wing of the Armee passes the wood area at Koschentin and took Lublinitz. Left wing is attacking towards the line Klobuck – northeast Krzepice.


4.Pz.Div.: 04:45 verst.A.R.103 opens fire on enemy positions on the heights north of Starokrzepice and south of Krzepice. It turns out that there are not many enemy troops on the hieghts later. The division attacks in two groups with S.R.12, I./Pz.Rgt.36, I./A.R.103, Spähtrupp A.A.7, Pioniere, Bautruppen to the left and Inf.Rgt.12 (without 1 Btl.), II./Pz.Rgt.36, I./A.R.31, Spähtrupp A.A.7, Pioniere to the right.

At 05 :00 the two advance groups cross the border without enemy contact. 05:15 Stukas attack Krzepice to break enemy resistance there.

06:00 The right group reaches the Pankowka-sector and the left group reaches the destroyed Krzepice at 06:30. At Krzepice light enemy resistance. The two bridges are destroyed. The I./Pz.Rgt.36 finds a shallow place to cross the river west of the railroad bridge. The division commander gives order to take Krzepice with I./Pz.Rgt.36 from the south and S.R.12 from the west.

The rest of Pz.Rgt.36 (without II.Abt.) and Pz.Rgt.35 receive order to follow and attack Opatow via Krzepice supported by II./Art.Rgt.103. A.A.7 and Pz.Jg.Abt.49 are ordered to advance to Krzepice.

07:30 Krzepice is taken after short fight with polish cavalry. Immediately engineers start to construct a bridge there.

07:45 to the right Kukow is taken against light enemy resistance. A 100m long dam is built across the Pankowka-depression. Pz.Rgt.36 (without II.Abt.) advances to Opatow and finds the bridge there destroyed around 08:00. The tanks cross the river and take the heights east of Opatow against light resistance. Stab and II./Schtz.Rgt.12 also advance towards Opatow while I./S.R.12 advances towards Rebielice where the bridge was reported undamaged by a Spähtrupp of A.A.7.

10:00 the bridge at Krzepice is ready but the advance is slowed down. The construction of a road with steel-plates across the area to Starokrzepice takes until noon because the Army-engineers did not arrive.

The dam across the Pankowka breaks behind the right advance-group and so it takes II./Pz.Rgt.36 until 10:00 to cross the Pankowka.

Around 12:00 Stab Pz.Brig., Pz.Rgt.35 and shortly after II./Pz.Rgt.36 finally arrive in Opatow where swampy terrain makes movmements difficult again.

In the meantime I./Pz.Rgt.36 advances via Wilkowiecko and encounters strong enemy positions at Mokra. Field-guns and AT-rifles cause losses, the Abteilung requests support by radio and withdraws to Wilkowiecko to regroup.

East of Opatow the lead elements of the Panzerbrigade is also stopped by enemy fire. The enemy is pushed back with the first attack. II./A.R.103 fires from positions between Krzepice and  Opatow on enemy positions on the heights northeast of Opatow before it takes position east of Opatow.

Schtz.Rgt.12 (Stab and II.Btl. in Opatow, I.Btl. in Rebielice) receives order to keep up with the tanks and advance towards Miedzno. The Div.Gef.Std. moves to the area 2km west of Opatow.

I./S.R.12 (supported by 2./A.R.103) crosses the brook at Rebilice against light enemy resistance and advances through the forrest north of Mokra I. At 15:00 the I./S.R.12 encounters a enemy armoured train and cavalry at the railroad and goes back. After regrouping the Btl. fights down attacking polish cavalry and takes Izbiska after sunset.

East of Wilkowiecko Pz.Rgt.35 right and Pz.Rgt.36 left start to attack towards Mokra. The tanks overrun enemy positions in Mokra. Another enemy defense-line at the forrest and railroad-dam causes losses and stops the attack.  22 men KIA, 27 WIA.

17:00 After II./A.R.103 fired at the enemy forrest- and railroad-dam positions and I./Pz.Rgt.35 outflanked them a platoon of II./Pz:Rgt.35 pushes through the enemy lines in the forrest and reaches Miedzno which is free of enemy forces. In the evening II./P.R.35 occupies the heights east of the forrest.

II./S.R.12 follows behind the Panzerbrigade is delayed at Opatow. At Wilkowiecko the Btl. receives enemy fire from the forrest northeast of the village. Just one Kp. reaches the tanks in the area of Mokra in the evening.

To the right Inf.Rgt.12 reaches the heights south of Wilkowiecko around 18:00 where A.A.7 (securing the right flank at Walenczow) pushed back light enemy forces before.

18:15 Art.Rgt.103 partly is or goes into position in the area Wilkowiecko.

Around 18:15 chaotic messages and withdrawing damaged tanks cause a panic under supply troops in Opatow. Just the division commander himself can stop the fleeing sodiers after 1km.

18:15 Pz.Jg.Abt.49 is ordered to move to Mokra and support the units there. Forces around Mokra are ordered to hold the area for the night.

On this day the division os not able to reach the ordered objective.


2.lei.Div. : At 04 :45 the division crosses the border at Seifersdorf without enemy resistance. In the night the division is turned south to attack towards the heights of Lubsza.

XVI.A.K.(mot.)         Map1    Map2

31.Inf.Div. : Starts the attack at 04 :45 towards the first object Kukow. The polish border guards withdraw. In heavy terrain and against resistance by polish cavalry the division reaches a line 3km east of the road ZlochoiceOpatow in the evening.

1.Pz.Div.: At 4:45 the division starts to attack across the Liswarte river. At 5:15 the enemy resistance is broken and the first elements reach the eastbank of the Liswarte.

Shortly afterwards the first vehicles of A.A.4(mot) cross the Liswarte on a quickly built crossings. Fifteen minutes later Schtz.Brig.1 crosses the river and attacks Panki. The polish forces withdraw. The swampy terrain at the Liswarte turns out to be more an enemy than the polish forces. Each vehicle had to be towed by a prime-mover.

11:45 Schtz.Brig.1 starts to attack from the line PankiPyri. In the meantime A.A.4 reported enemy contact at Truskoljassy.

After crossing the river Pz.Brig.1 assembles in the area south of Walenczow to prepare for the attack.

While Schtz.Brig.1 attacks through the forest on Klobuck-south the tank attack on Klobuch-north si delayed. At 18:00 the tanks reach the railway west of Klobuck against light enemy resistance. The withdrawing enemy destroyed all bridges and the city is burning.

By an attack from the south by Schtz.Brig.1 Klobuch is taken around 20:30. As the situation of the neighbouring units is unclear the division sets up a hedgehog position around Klobuck.

The rest of the division crosses the Liswarte during the night.

21:15 Kradschtz.Btl.1 reaches the other side followed by elements of the heavy artillery.

14.Inf.Div. railtrack from Panki to the south.



Inf.Rgt.73: crosses the german border at Radelsdorf marching towards Bugaj. I./73 right, II./73 left and III./73 in deep formation behind.

06:15 I.R.73 crosses the road CzenstochauWielun without enemy resistance. At Juljampol on the border to Inf.Rgt.59 short fire fight with polish civilians. Artillery and heavy weapons cannot keep the speed of advance and fall back. II./73 reaches the area north of Natolin and I./73 the town of Zinna Woda where the local people welcome them with flowers and water.

1., 2./I.R.73 leave the village first and march towards a hill where the village of Napoleon is located. Halfway of the hill the first companies receive rifle- and machinegunfire from Napoleon and Parzymiechy left of it. In Zinna Woda the rear parts of the I./73 are attacked out of houses and roofs. The roofs are set on fire which stops the shooting. The attack on Napoleon is halted because of heavy enemy fire. The 1.Kp. advances on Napoleon and a farm west of it. The 2./73 lies in open terrain and is under heavy pressure by flanking fire from Parzymiechy. Now artillery and mortar support would help but they are still behind.

Hptm. Chill attacks Parzymiechy from the flank and takes it after short fight together with elements of the neighbour regiment I.R.59. As polish artillery joins the battle Inf.Rgt.73 has to dig in and stop the attack. Hptm. Haupt (Chef 6.Kp.) is killed during the artillery fire.

A direct hit on the Gef.Std. severely wounds Oberstlt. Hoehne who dies on the transport back.The regiment decides to wait for artillery and heavy weapons support. The delayed III./I.R.73 which advanced through the swampy Liswarte depression arrives and is positioned right of II./73.Polish forces try to advance throught the 800m gap between II. – III./I.R.73.

In the afternoon the I./I.R.73 supported by the III./A.R.19 takes the polish positions near Napoleon. After the gap between III. – II./73 is closed by one platoon of I./73 the regiment takes defensive positions.

During the night several fire fights with polish civilians. The german sentries are very nervous and kill two german soldiers by mistake.II./I.R.73 dug in in square formation on a large field. Hptfw.Otto with his field kitchen of the 6.Kp. is the only supply to arrive around midnight.I./I.R.73 moves to the wood north of Natolin as reserve.

Inf.Rgt.59: Crosses the border without enemy resistance. Some polish soldiers which were left back are captured. The regiment marches through Zimna-Woda. Some civilians shooting from houses and cellars cause casualties. Suspect houses are burned down.

II./59 attacks Parzimiechie left of the I.Btl. and pushes back the enemy after heavy fighting in the village.

III./59 receives order to advance to the burning village Napoleon where elements of Inf.Rgt.73 are already in action. Ogfr.Ex receives order to look where the left flank of the 73rd is. With four volunteers he marches off. Under fire they are able to find officers of the neighbour regiment at a new house in Napoleon. As suddenly a handgrenade lands in between the group of officers they jump away and the grenade explodes without causing casualties. A enemy M.G. starts to fire on the 73rd. Suddenly rifle fire from very close starts. OGfr.Ex sees the polish civilian who fires from a destroyed roof. OGfr.Ex waits until he has to reload after the fifth shot and as he starts to aim again he is killed by a single shot.

10./59 receives order to advance. Olt.Lieff is at the front of his company and reaches the other side of the road through Napoleon with his Kompanietrupp. The enemy fire is light. Schütze Ferdinand Brandes is hit in the leg. The enemy withdraws to heights about 2km behind Napoleon. The Btl. brings heavy weapons (M.G. and mortars) into position to fire on the withdrawing enemy.

A enemy M.G. in the depression withdraws after being shot at and another one withdraws without resistance. In the evening the III./59 takes defensive positions and reorganizes after sunset. A single enemy machinegun probably of a enemy recon-squad causes confusion.

The houses of Napoleon are searched. 15 civilians are found in a house.

18.Inf.Div.: Has order to cross the river Prosna in the early morning.

1.lei.Div.: Is subordinated to XI.A.K. after beginning of the offensive. The division has order to cross the river Prosna behind 18.Inf.Div. The division arrives in the narrow assembling area around 5:30 and has contact to the left neighbour LAH. After Inf.Rgt.54 of the 18.ID crossed the river several armoured reconnaissance elements of I./Kav.Schtz.Rgt.4 cross the river also.

A armoured recon-squad of A.A.6 encounters a enemy AT-gun barrier. Lt.Begemann and his three crewmen in the leading vehicle are killed.

Around midday it is possible to bring Kradschtz.Btl.6 and elements of III./KSR.4 across the Prosna on a improvised bridge. At the same time the division receives order to advance north of Kowale through the forest area to Wierzbie.

The division forms Kampfgruppe Esebeck (KSB.6, III./KSR.4, I./A.R.76) for this task. Until the evening Kampfgruppe Esebeck takes Wierzbe and Ozarow having light casualties and the heights north of it against heavy resistance of the polish 26th infantry regiment.

In the evening the division receives order from A.O.K.10 to attack the enemy cavalry brigade “Wolhynien” at Wielun. The division thinks that despite the fact that strong elements of the enemy withdraw east during the afternoon Wielun is still a threat in the flank. The division proposes to attack Wielun  in the morning to eliminate the threat from there. The Army agrees with this plan.


HKL evening:

2.lei.Div. height357 2km west of Lubsza.

4.Inf.Div. area 6km east of Lublinitz.

46.Inf.Div. area 9km northeast of Lublinitz.

4.Pz.Div. 4km northnorthwest Klobuck with engagement at Mokra (Wolynska Brygada Kawalerii). Enemy forces hold the railtrack.

19.Inf.Div. road-crossing northeast of Krzepice (Lipie)

18.Inf.Div. northwest of Napoleon.

1.lei.Div. slowed down by terrain in Nadl-Rudnik valley.



advancing towards the area KempenSchildberg.


XIII.A.K.: reaches the area Mieleszyn and the area west of Wieruszow. SS-„A.H.“ is slowed down at Boleslawiec.

X.A.K.: advances to Schildberg.

1./I.R.183 secures the area southeast of Krotoschin.

24.Inf.Div.: encounters light enemy resistance by polish border guards and elements of the 16.Div. west of Schildberg which is broken after short fight. In the evening the division secured the line AntoninSchildberg about 18km from the polish border.



right wing Spytkowice, middle area south of Jablunkau and the river Olsa left and right Teschen, left wing road PawlowitzSchrau – west of Nikolai.

Aufkl.Rgt.H reaches area of Jaworina.


XVIII.A.K.: reaches the line area southwest NeumarktRoba WyzSpytkowieze.

XVII.A.K.: Kasperki – north of Jablunkau – east of Teschen. Advancing towards Skoczow.

45.Inf.Div.: crosses the border at 04:45 without enemy contact. Local light enemy resistance. In the evening the division secured and cleared the Olsa-sector 20 km deep.

VIII.A.K.: west of PlessWyry.



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