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Watching Porn With Tyler Saint

Dean Phoenix

Phoenix Rises Again


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Watching Porn With Tyler Saint
The fantabulous Tyler Saint is five minutes late for our interview, so I go to pee. Of course, as soon as water hits water�ding-dong!�there he is. I hurry things along and, although I�m tempted not to, zip it up before I answer the door. He�s a breathtaking sight, standing next to his motorcycle, chrome helmet at his side. I subvert my impulse to ravage him (I�m a journalist, damn it!) and instead invite him in.

Hey, Tyler. You caught me, um, watering the plants. Say something dirty to our loyal readers while I catch my breath.

Oh, no! I�m too shy to say something dirty. You have no idea how hard it is for me to let go. It doesn�t look like it in the videos, but I�m probably the shyest person in the world.

Well, I�ve got Blue Blake�s The Muscle Pit running on the DVD player behind you, so all I can say is that you must be one hell of an actor! Does Blue know how shy you are?

I knew Blue before I did porn; he used to come to the spa I worked at in West Hollywood. I was actually kind of surprised Blue contacted me about a movie called The Muscle Pit. Compared to my costars�like Robert Van Damme�I was the smallest guy there!

Are you trying to get bigger?

You know, I was having a conversation with someone the other day: Could you imagine what the gay world would be like if there were no steroids? What would people be attracted to? I�ve been the same size for a number of years. I gain five, I lose five. I have no desire to get any bigger.

Anyway, you weren�t the smallest guy in The Muscle Pit. That was your scene partner, Damon Phoenix.


Except for his butt, of course. Damon has a remarkably cushiony butt.

Yes, he is a boy with a significant butt. He has a

perfect ass.

Is that your type?

I�m usually attracted to older guys, but someone who has a really good personality is very attractive to me. And Damon�s very sweet.

Did you feel he was really getting into you?

Oh, yeah. As we progressed he was really getting into it. When we first met he said he was bisexual, and that he liked girls more. But once we got into the scene it never became a question of that.

Especially when he�s begging for your tongue and cock up his ass. Let me fast forward to that part.

Oh, look. Damon�s curling his toes while I�m fucking him. That�s a good sign.

Still, he is young. Would you have rather paired with Robert Van Damme?

Do I have to choose? Robert is so hot. And so nice.

That�s what his wife says, too. Who else is on your wish list?

Lots. Johnny Castle, for one. But he only does solo stuff.

Well, solo scenes are simpler in so many ways. You know, Muscle Pit has generated some controversy because of all the sperm play.

Yeah, I�ve heard that stuff in the industry. People have been like, �Oh, you took a load in your mouth, don�t tell people, they frown upon it.�

Were you OK with it during the scene?

It kind of happened as it happened. Blue asked me if I would do it, and I said yeah. I don�t know why everyone is so upset about this, except that it is such a taboo. Taboo is always something that is exciting to people�that �I know I�m not supposed to do it, so I want to do it� sort of thing. And, you know, I didn�t swallow.

You�ve been a busy boy of late, making films for Channel 1,

Hot House, Jet Set�

...Titan, Blue Blake, Studio 2000, Mustang.

When did you start?

My first movie was Jet Set�s Workload, which was filmed in October 2006. In one year I�ve done 18 films, and I have four more scheduled right now. I got into it to see where it would go, whether I did one movie or 20. I did 20.

I just reviewed Sun Soaked, where you have a pool threesome with Johnny Hazzard and Tyler Riggz.

That was a fun movie to make, although it was 110 degrees. Thankfully we were in the water a lot.

Johnny looked a little skeevy, with the tattoos and bandanna and being so

hungry to be fucked.

No comment. But the other models had a more uniform wholesome look.

Except for your devilish little goatee�which you�ve shaved off!

I like to keep my look different.

Is your pubic hair growing back?

Yeah, I am letting it grow now. You told me to!

Oh, right. I already enlisted you in my anti-shaving campaign.

I actually have a couple of leather videos coming up, and they told me not to shave anything. I�m letting it all grow.

So what got you started in porn?

I�d been approached throughout the years, but I never felt the timing was right. This last time I was like, why not try it and see if my preconceived notions about porn are on the mark?

And those notions ...

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