Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac

The killer app for Mac is now even better than ever!

Run Windows, Linux, and more side-by-side with Mac OS X on any Intel-powered Mac, without rebooting. With Parallels’ award-winning virtualization technology, you can run Mac OS X and Windows at the same time. You can even drag-and-drop files between desktops!

Leading the way with our trademark innovation, Parallels Desktop 3.0 comes packed with 50+ new features and enhancements, including Snapshots, 3D graphics, and the new Parallels-only SmartSelect.

Still using a previous version? Discover why you should upgrade to Parallels Desktop 3.0.

New! See also Parallels Desktop for Mac Premium Edition.

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With Parallels Desktop 3.0 you can:

  • Enhanced! Enjoy improved Mac OS X Leopard

  • New! Use two identical CD/DVD drives in your Parallels virtual machine

  • Run Windows programs like native Mac applications with Parallels Coherence, now with Apple Expose’ and transparent windows support

  • New! Open Windows files with Mac apps and Mac files with Windows apps using Parallels SmartSelect

  • Share files and folders between Windows and Mac OS X

  • New! Access Windows folders and files without launching Windows using Parallels Explorer

  • New! Run selected PC-only 3D games and graphics applications on your Mac

  • Enhanced! Achieve maximum performance by leveraging Intel® Virtualization Technology

  • New! Protect your Windows virtual machine with Parallels Snapshots

  • New! Map Mac folders to Windows letter drives for quick and easy access to your favorite Mac files

  • New! Keep your favorite files at your fingertips. Windows now mirrors the contents of your Mac’s Home Directory.

  • And more!

Don’t miss the new Parallels Desktop 3.0 Feature Update!

FREE to existing Parallels Desktop 3.0 customers, this new Feature Update includes even better, faster Mac OS X “Leopard” support. It’s never been easier to run Windows and Mac OS X side-by-side!

What’s New

5 Must-Haves

Switching to Mac?

Updates and enhancements!

FREE only to Parallels Desktop 3.0 customers, this new Feature Update includes many exciting new integration features and enhancements requested by the Parallels community. The newest additions and enhancements include:

  • Updated! Enhanced Mac OS X Leopard support for better, faster performance

  • Updated! Coherence now includes drop shadows for Windows programs and Windows notifications on the Mac desktop

  • New! Windows Desktops, Documents & Media folders now mirror the contents of their Mac equivalents in the Home Directory

  • Updated! Parallels Explorer allows you to automatically mount an offline VM hard drive to the Mac desktop. Now with Unicode Support.

  • Updated! Change your virtual hard disk’s format between plain and expanding disk with the improved Parallels Image Tool

  • New! Change Sound Devices ‘on the fly’, such as an Internet chat headset, between Windows and Mac

  • New! Sync your Apple iPhone to your Windows virtual machine

  • Watch this demo to see the new features in action!

Top 5 reasons to run Parallels:

Run Windows-only applications on your Mac.

Many of today’s most popular applications are Windows-only. Parallels enables you to run these applications on your Mac. Play computer games? Most PC games only run on Windows. With Parallels, you no longer have to sacrifice your favorite games!

Run Selected 3D Games and Applications.

OpenGL and DirectX support lets you explore a whole new world of 3D games and applications right on your Mac.

Use phones, MP3 players, and cameras with your Mac.

With Parallels, you can use your favorite devices, even if they’re Windows-only. Connect your phone, camera, and MP3 player to your Mac!

Run OS X, Windows, and Linux at the same time.

With Parallels, you can run all of your favorite applications at the same time, regardless of the OS! No more rebooting to switch between OSes to use the applications you need.

No-worry migrations!

Parallels Transporter takes the hassle out of migration. No more losing valuable data, customizing your computer all over again, or reinstalling software. In just a few simple steps, you can move your entire existing Windows system to your new Mac.

Dedicated to the Mac community, Parallels Desktop has led the industry with ground-breaking innovation since 2005. Used by more than half a million Mac users worldwide, Parallels has built its business on listening to its customers and delivering the functionality they want.

The following Must-Have features are only available from Parallels:
Coherence support
for Exposé
Use Transparent Windows
in Coherence
Mirrored ‘My Pictures’
and ‘Pictures’ folders

Get more information:

Parallels Desktop for Mac Datasheet (PDF – 323 Kb)

Parallels Technology Case Study (PDF – 117 Kb)

Parallels Desktop for Mac User Guide (PDF – 5 Mb)


MacWorld UK names Parallels Desktop for Mac an "Editor's Choice" and gives Parallels Desktop a 5-star review.