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Best Spots of the 90's: (Publish date: March 20, 2000)
Change Year:
7-Eleven: "Brain Freeze"
Adidas: "Blessed"
Adidas: "Spelling Trouble"
AltaVista: "Chess" : "Spent Two Minutes"
American Express: "Gas Station"
Andersen Consulting: "Quintet"
Apple iMac: "E-Mail"
Apple Macintosh: "Nightmare Before Christmas"
AT&T: "Beaches"
Barneys New York: "Ticklish"
Beef Industry Council: "Anthem"
Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages: "Love Me Fender"
Budget: "Aromatherapy"
Bud Ice: "Incident At Johnson Farm"
Bud Light: "Limo"
Bud Light: "The Fishing Trip"
Bud Light: "Shopping"
Budweiser: "Frogs 1"
Budweiser: "Louie the Lizard"
Budweiser: "Bad Day To Be A Frog"
California Dept. of Health Services Tobacco Control Section: "Gala Event"
California Fluid Milk Processors Advisory Board: "Aaron Burr"
California Milk Advisory Board (Real California Cheese): "Alcatraz"
Cheer: "Flamenco"
Chevron: "Sibling Rivalry"
Clairol Nice 'n' Easy: "Bus"
Coca-Cola: "Polar Bears"
Coca-Cola: "Red India"
Colgate: "Primary Colors"
Converse: "Grandmama"
DeBeers: "Shadows/Ten-Year Celebration"
Diesel Jeans: "5 A.M. Mono Village"
Diet Coke: "Diet Coke Break"
Diet Coke: "Elephant"
Diet Mountain Dew: "Done That/Base Jump"
Diet Pepsi: "Performance"
Discover Brokerage: "Tow Truck"
Dockers: "Subway Love"
Dunkin Donuts: "Chase"
DuPont Stainmaster: "Here Kitty"
ESPN SportsCenter : "Athletes Bribing"
ESPN SportsCenter : "Talent Search"
ESPN SportsCenter: "Kids Center"
ESPN SportsCenter : "Broadcast News"
ESPN SportsCenter : "Perfect Show"
Eveready Energizer: "Genie"
Eveready Energizer: "Woodchuck"
Federal Express: "Gotcha"
Fila: "Camp Tough Guy-Day 1"
FOX Network/Major League Baseball: "Rope"
FOX Network/NHL: "Bowling" "Old Man"
The Gap : "Khakis Swing"
The Gap: "Everybody in Vests"
General Electric: "Night Football"
General Motors EV1: "Appliances"
Hallmark: "Dance Card"
HBO: "Foreman"
HBO: "Chimps"
Heineken: "Ball Boys"
Hewlett-Packard : "Baby Sitter"
Hollywood Video: "Action"
Honda Accord: "Office"
Honda Civic del Sol: "Windy"
Honda Passport: "Jelly Filled"
IBM: "French Guys"
IBM: "Flame Mail"
IKEA: "Dining Room"
IKEA: "Home Sweet Subway"
Intel: "Homer's Smarter Brain"
Isuzu: "Toy Store"
Jack in the Box: "Election"
Jeep Grand Cherokee: "Gates"
Jeep Grand Cherokee: "Snow Covered"
Johnson & Johnson: "Your Mother's Touch"
Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage: "Sam"
Kellogg's Special K: "Resolution"
Kenwood: "70s Dance Show"
Lee: "Twister"
Levi's 501 Jeans: "Prague"
Levi's 501 Jeans: "Pool Boy"
Levi's for Women: "Woman Finding Love"
Levi's Wide Leg Jeans: "Doctors"
Lexus: "Balance"
Lexus: "Ball Bearing"
Lexus: "Brooklyn Bridge"
Little Caesars: "High Chair"
Little Caesars: "Italian Feast"
Little Caesars: "Focus Group"
Little Caesars: "Training Camp"
Little Caesars: "Prosperous Stroll"
Little Caesars: "Cloning"
Lubriderm: "Quick Reminder"
MasterCard: "Baseball"
MasterCard: "Home Run/62 And Counting"
MasterCard: "High School Reunion"
MasterCard: "Happy"
McDonald's: "Showdown I & II"
McDonald's: "Sign"
McIlhenny Tabasco: "Mosquito"
Mercedes-Benz: "Janis"
Mercedes-Benz: "Nonstop"
Mercedes-Benz: "Smooth Ride"
Miller High Life: "Duct Tape"
Miller Lite: "Weird Guy"
Mita Copystar: "Flip Card Man"
Mitsubishi Dealers: "Manhood" "When I Grow Up"
Mountain Dew: "Jackie Chan"
New York State Lottery: "Toll Booth"
Nike: "Bo Diddley"
Nike: "Bo Show/Foreman"
Nike: "Barkley of Seville"
Nike: "The Wall"
Nike: "If You Let Me Play"
Nike: "Pee Wee Football-Running Backs"
Nike: "Good Vs. Evil"
Nike: " Li'l Penny Movie"
Nike: "Namath-Day 4"
Nike: "Airport '98"
Nike: "Meat"
Nike: "Bulls"
Nike: "The Morning After"
Nike: "NYC Stickball - 3rd Base"
Nissan: "Toys"
Norelco Reflex Action Razor: "Hockey"
Nynex Yellow Pages: "Investigators"
Oreo: "Dilemma" "Band"
Pepsi: "Security Camera"
Perdue: "Now Arriving"
Pet Food Warehouse: "Catnip"
Phillip's Cherry Milk of Magnesia: "Raymond & Maureen Go To Dinner"
Pioneer: "The Bridge"
Pizza Hut: "Right Field"
Polaroid: "Dog And Cat"
Prodigy: "Music"
Prudential: "Senator"
Reebok: "Bungee"
Rold Gold Fat-Free Pretzels: "News 3"
Saturn: "A Homecoming To Remember"
Saturn: "The Lift"
Saturn: "Tuba"
Schick Tracer: "Metamorphosis"
Seattle Supersonics: "Sam" "New Friend"
Snapple: "Mascot"
Snickers: "Chefs"
Snickers: "Eternity"
Sony PlayStation: "Crash Goes To Seattle"
S.O.S.: "Signals"
Southwestern Bell: "Can't Hide"
Sprite: "Employment Agency"
Staples: "The Most Wonderful Time"
Staples: "Empty Nest"
Taco Bell: "Chihuahua"
Taster's Choice: "Doorbell"
Tostitos: "Audit"
Visa Check Card : "Bob Dole"
Visa Check Card : "Nigel"
Volkswagen Golf: "Cappuccino"
Volkswagen Golf: "Sunday Afternoon"
Volkswagen New Beetle: "Flower"
Volkswagen Cabrio: "Milky Way"
Volkswagen Jetta: "The Great Escape"
The Weather Channel: "Painted Faces"
Whiskas: "Read My Beak"

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