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Our Surnames
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By Barry Dent
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On these pages Barry Dent attempts to explain the origins of the surnames being researched by contributors to North Pennine Ancestors. See what Barry has to say about your ancestral surname by clicking on the alphabet links below. If you have any further information about a name or you spot any errors please let us know.
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References, Acknowledgements, etc.
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First and foremost, I’d like to thank and acknowledge the contribution of all the North Pennine Ancestors “diggers” who have provided insights into our ancestral names and who, I hope, will continue to update this list as a living document.
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I also acknowledge the  invaluable input received from members of the Guild of One Name Studies (Register of One Name Studies, 20th Edition 2004). Names which are the subject of a One-Name Study are marked
(ONS) or xxx@one-name.org To contact the Guild, their site is www.one-name.org.uk
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Links to appropriate FHS websites are included within the text. Where such a link is shown, I gratefully acknowledge the information I’ve gleaned.
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Works consulted include:
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1 – “A Dictionary of English Surnames” P H Reaney. Third edition, revised by R M Wilson, 1997
           (Other standard references are Bardsley and Hanks & Hodges)
2 - “Alston Moor, Its Pastoral People, Its Mines and Miners” William Wallace, 1890
3 – “The Surnames of Scotland” G F Black. 1999 Edition.
4 – “A Proud Northern Lady” Martin Holmes, a biography of Lady Anne Clifford.
5 _ “The Dictionary of National Biography” 1885 Edition.
6 – Oxford English Dictionary Second Edition, 1989.
7- http://baby-names-meanings.com/lastnames is good for a raw reference.
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This listing of names is as accurate as the information to hand at the time of issue. No-one can ever be completely certain of an origin or derivation so “probably” and “possibly” should be understood, even if omitted! Work is ongoing, so if there are omissions, errors, or excessive flights of fantasy, I apologize and ask you to please make contact. These are our North Pennine names and the object is to give a feel not only for the origin, but also for the history, achievements, and relation to the associated landscape.
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Enjoy, argue, add! The next issue will be better!
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Barry Dent
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  Ba to Bi   Bl to By   C   D   E   F   G   H   IJK   L   M   N   OPQ   R   Sa to Si   Sk to Sy   TUV   WXYZ
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