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The UFL is coming!

About the UFL

What is the United Football League?

The UFL is a new professional outdoor football league that will play in the fall season. Scheduled to debut in August 2008, the UFL is designed to meet the unmet needs of fans for credible, accessible professional football in their cities across the U.S.

Where will the UFL have teams?

The UFL is targeting major U.S. markets currently underserved in professional football: Austin, Birmingham, Columbus, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, New York, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Raleigh, Sacramento and San Antonio. In addition, the UFL is looking at international cities Mexico City and London.

Who will play in the UFL?

The UFL will field teams comprised of world class football players and the rising stars of tomorrow. There are thousands of talented athletes who are looking to play professional football at a high level. The UFL will provide that opportunity.

Why will the UFL work?

Our mission is very simple: to bring real, professional outdoor fall football to fans across the country. We are assembling the best talent on the field, on the sidelines and in the league and team offices to ensure we deliver a credible, high quality product that is accessible and affordable for fans. Football is the most popular sport in the United States and the UFL offers a solution to the unmet need for more football for fans in more cities. We will be the home where future stars come to play.

How can fans get involved in bringing a UFL city to their market?

We will hold true to our promise to make the UFL the fans' league. In fact, we are giving fans a chance for their voices to be heard in helping to determine which markets will host a team. Through TicketRESERVE , fans can show their support and help bring a UFL team to their city. By reserving a seat or season tickets - at a low cost of $5 per ticket, fans will be able to cast their vote and support for a team in their city. If their city is selected, the investment acts as a deposit directly towards their ticket purchase. If their city does not get awarded a UFL franchise, the money will be fully reimbursed.

Who is behind the UFL?

The UFL named professional football and sports marketing industry veteran Michael Huyghue as its first commissioner. Investors include Bill Hambrecht, Chairman and co-CEO of WR Hambrecht & Co. and Tim Armstrong, President of Advertising and Commerce, North America & Vice President, Google, Inc.