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Remember Commandant Lassard and his bumbling team of incompetent Police Cadets? Well now witness their crazy mistakes first hand!

The insane, crazy and catastrophic Police Academy Stunt Show is an all-action, all-live stunt expose featuring awesome high falls, huge explosions and sensational car chases ... and crashes!!

The laughs begin as soon as you enter the Police Academy stadium with Purvis the whistle blowing traffic director - beware, you may be his next target! From here the infamous Proctor, Captain Harris, Commandant Lassard and the Cadets take over! There is plenty of interaction with the audience - four 'recruits' are needed and Captain Harris supports the army volunteer method!!

To emphasize the drama, the Police Academy Stunt Show has some parts where certain sound effects are played at high volume. If you have sensitive hearing please exercise discretion.