MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Even though all the cards were stacked against him, the Cerebral Assassin found a way to use a disadvantage to his advantage and beat the Bad Apple.

In a No-Disqualification-for-Carlito Match at Unforgiven, the cool Caribbean Superstar could weld a chair, the ring bell, or even Triple’s H’s own sledgehammer against The Game without repercussions.

After trying to go toe-to-toe with The Game, Carlito aggressively used a steel chair, camera cables and the ring bell to slow down the 10-time World Champion. The crafty islander also threw a bagful of dust into his opponent’s eyes, but a blinded Triple H was still able to hit Carlito with a bruising spinebuster.

Wiping the dust out of his eyes, Triple H grabbed a steel chair and thought about using it on Carlito. As the referee took the chair away and placed it outside the ring, The Game delivered a crushing low blow to a charging Carlito – all unseen by the referee.

Triple H wrapped up the cocky Caribbean Superstar and delivered the Pedigree, and covered him for the three-count. Game over.

With the Memphis crowd roaring, Triple H had proven once again to the Raw locker room that despite the odds, despite the situation, you can’t derail The King of Kings. With the former World Champion rolling since his return at SummerSlam, who will be next to fall at the hands of The Game as he climbs the Raw ladder once again?

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