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-Single movement exercises, known as Chansi Gong, which develop silk reeling energy. These are a series of simple movements which build on the postural alignment and qi circulation developed by standing post exercises. These qualities are now manifested while the body is in motion. The aim is to develop the basic strengths and coordinations of Taijiquan: such as, whole-body power, use of frame and abdomen to initiate movement and generate power, twining energy, the fundamental concepts of opening (kai: expansive power) and closing (he: contracting power).

- Stepping techniques (bu fa). These exercises build leg power, and teach basic footwork strategies.

-Forms (Taolu). Unarmed solo choreographies of specific actions of attack and defense.

Following the development of basic skills, the student begins to focus on more martially oriented objectives, such as the ability to interact with an opponent, and to discern , neutralize, and respond to his incoming force using the “eight skills” (ba fa) - or “jings”- of:

peng- (ward off) intercept and control opponent’s advance upward

lu- (rollback) deflect opponent down and back

ji- (follow) apply force forward following the opponent's backward movement

an- (press) apply force into opponent, downward

cai-(pluck) abrupt downward pulling

lieh- (split) applying force in two different directions

zhou-elbow striking

kao- striking with shoulder, hip or knees



Training in Chenstyle Taijiquan