Conquer the World Expands:
• Four new campaigns
• Over 130 new scenarios
• Unique campaign buildings and units
• Play as special CtW nations

Thrones and Patriots expands on Conquer The World with four new campaigns that put you at the head of nations during some of the world's most potentially turbulent times.

Alexander the Great was thrust onto the throne at the age of 20 after his father was assassinated. Alexander found himself surrounded by enemies at home and threatened by rebellion abroad. Put yourself in his place as you endeavor to solidify your power in Macedonia. Then, attempt to crush the Persian Empire, invade Egypt, or assault India. In the campaign, you will: Follow Alexander’s lead and play scenarios based on historical battles, or second-guess his strategies and depart on your own path. Fight with and against unique General units, such as Alexander, Darius, Ptolemy, and Armenio.

After Napoleon Bonaparte’s education at the French military academy in Brienne and his family’s flight to France during a civil war in Corsica, he found himself in the tumultuous world of post revolutionary France. Napoleon quickly found success as a young army officer by snuffing out a revolt in Avignon and bombarding the British with enough ferocity to drive them from Toulon. Soon after, “a whiff of rapeshot” took care of an aggravated mob in Paris and catapulted General Bonaparte into command of an entire army. Taking control at this critical point in Napoleon’s career, you will: Choose your route to becoming Emperor. Conquer foreign lands and return a hero, or shock the world with unprecedented victories against the monarchs of Europe. After you become Emperor, negotiate deals and trade colonies with major nations. Force others to become your vassals. Rule wisely though, because as Emperor, one poor decision could see you in exile, struggling to regain power.

Two continents are up for grabs as cultures collide in the New World. Europeans, flush with the excitement of exploration and conquest, seek riches to bring home to the reigning monarchs. Native Americans, reeling from the unimaginable arrival of the invaders, strive to hold onto their way of life. A new way of thinking is developing among certain Europeans, however, who see no reason to maintain their ties to their former rulers. In the New World, you will: Choose to play as a European—French, Dutch, British, Spanish, or Portuguese—and try to become the most dominant power. Choose to play as a Native American nation—Lakota, Iroquois, Aztec, Maya, or Inca—and drive out the Europeans. Play as the Americans, and claim your independence. Expand your tiny nation into a major superpower.

The Cold War rose directly from the ashes of World War II. The United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) were only allies of convenience against the Nazi threat and were suspicious of each other’s motives. With Hitler defeated, both sides began competing for influence around the world. Neither side was willing to start a true war because of the risk of nuclear annihilation, spawning a new style of indirect confrontation. While fighting the Cold War, you will: Take control of the USSR or the United States, and try to end the Cold War by booming your economy or crushing your enemy in the battlefield. Build nuclear weapons on the strategic map. Use them as a deterrent or let them fly! Use the DEFCON meter to monitor the current nuclear tensions. Send out your spies and Special Forces on classified espionage missions of increasing difficulty and reward. Perform police actions, claim Client States, and control NATO or the Warsaw Pact.

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