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The West Side Union High School District was organized in September 1921. Conferences were held the first year and a half to determine whether the District should unite with the Mountain View, Palo Alto, or Santa Clara School Districts. In May 1923, it was unanimously decided to start a high school in the District. The school started on May 2 in rooms of the Sunnyvale Grammar School building. The Board hired Miss Leslie G. Smith as principal at $125 per month, two teachers for $225 and $200 per month, and a “janitress” for $35 per month. In June 1923, the Board purchased the present site of Fremont High School and constructed a temporary school building. Miss May Helena Morrison was hired to teach for $2,000 a year and she taught for 28 years in the District. In October 1923, night classes were established. Basketball, volleyball and tennis courts were installed with hot oil and sand. Only pupils, children, and residents of the West Side Union High School District could use the courts with a permit from the principal. In March 1924, the Board agreed that a new building was needed to take care of the 400 pupils. Architect W.H. Weeks said he would draw sketches and submit plans and preliminary work for no financial obligation. He proposed that if the bonds to build the school passed, then the Board would hire him for a fee of 6% of the building costs. The bond election for $250,000 on June 4th failed. In September, 50 Sunnyvale residents petitioned the Board to call another bond election. The second bond election, this time for $225,000, was held in November and it, too, failed. In January 1925, 300 residents petitioned for yet another bond election set for $250,000. On February 24, 1925 this third bond election passed with “659 yes” and “293 no” votes. W.H. Weeks was hired as the architect at 6% and A.C. Butcher was given the charge of planting trees around the school site. On March 27, 1925 Verne Hall was hired as the principal for the 1925-26 school year for $3,600 per year. On this date, the Board of Trustees unanimously voted to change the name of the high school to Fremont Union High School in the Fremont Union High School District. The district office (now called the Educational Services Center) was built at 589 W. Fremont Avenue in 1960-61.


In 1925, the first high school in the District was named Fremont Union High School. In 1935, a beautiful library building and a swimming tank were added to the campus. In 1969, the original two-story main building was damaged by fire and reconstructed in 1969 preserving its original exterior character. On July 1, 1996 the school retired its original mascot, the Indian, when the Board of Trustees agreed that the continued use of the Indian logo/mascot contributed to an environment that does not respect our diverse community.

Sunnyvale High School opened in January 1956 with 9th and 10th grade classes and Marty Mathiesen, Sr. as principal. As a result of projected declining enrollment and Proposition 13/budget cuts throughout the District, the high school was closed in 1981 and leased to Westinghouse until 1992. The site is currently leased to private schools, a church, and a daycare center.

Cupertino High School opened in
1958 with 700 9th and 10th graders
and George Fernandez as principal.
Peak enrollment was in 1964 and 1968 with over 2,500 students and three lunch periods. The science building burned down in 1986 and was not rebuilt; the original science classrooms were renovated into modern science facilities.

Homestead High School opened in the fall of 1962 with 9th and 10th grade classes. The campus wasn’t ready because of a severe winter, so the HHS students were housed at Fremont High School, attending half days while the FHS students also attended half days. Peak enrollment was in 1968-69 with around 2,500 students...so many kids that HHS had three lunch periods and a closed campus.

Lynbrook High School opened in the fall of 1965 with Kendall Stanger as principal and 9th and 10th grade classes. The addition of the District’s fifth high school relieved the overcrowding on the Cupertino High School campus.

Monta Vista High School opened in the fall of 1969 easing the overcrowding at Homestead High School with 9th and 10th grade classes and Principal Dale Deselms.

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