WWE RAW Recap 1/24/05 - Orton vs. Flair; Rumble Participants Decided
    Submitted by Carl Walsh on Monday, January 24, 2005 at 11:20 PM EST

    Report by: Bill Watson of PowerWrestling.com

    RAW Preview - 1/24/05
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    HBK Shawn Michael's music hits as we are opening the night with a 6 man tag match!

    Six Man Tag Match
    Referee: Earl Hebner

    Christian, Tyson Tomko and Edge vs. Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit

    Start of the Match:

    Captain Charisma and HBK start it off early. HBK runs at Edge who jumps off the apron. HBK lands a right hand and tags in Benoit. Christian and Benoit exchange blows until Benoit baseball slides under Christian and goes for the cripple but Christian rolls out. Benoit hits a northern lights suplex for two. Christian gets a blow and tags Tomko, fast paced action ensues and it ends up being Jericho and Benoit double teaming Tomko to the mat with a double shoulder block.

    Mid Match Notes:
    Jericho and Tomko exchange as Jericho ducks a blow, hits a dropkick and dances all over the chest of Tomko. Tomko changes pace and picks Jericho up over his head as he goes for a gorilla press slam but Jericho rolls out and gets a roll-up for a short count, Tyson gets up and runs right into the Walls of Jericho! This forces all men into the ring. HBK takes Edge down as Chris Benoit knocks Tyson Tomko over the top rope with a clothesline. From here Benoit hits Christian from behind and he and Jericho pick Christian up and toss him outside the ring onto his two team mates! Jericho, Benoit, and HBK stand tall as WWE cut to a commercial break.

    When we come back the advantage has changed as Edge's team has isolated Chris Benoit. Benoit however gets a quick chop on Christian and tags HBK. HBK takes an irish whip, stops it, and chops away at Christian. Christian gains momentum with a kick to HBK's gut before sending him to the outside thanks to a rope pull down by Edge. With HBK hurting, Edge wants a tag and he gets it. HBK starts firing away on Edge with rights and lefts forcing Edge to run to his corner and tag quickly. Christian comes in and has HBK from behind nailing him with a neck breaker. Tyson Tomko is then tagged in and he rattles the brain of HBK right hard rights and an elbow drop. He covers, but Jericho stops the count. Edge wants back in as HBK is hurting. Edge rolls on Michaels a bit but HBK again turns it around nailing him with chops. Edge does a double leg takedown on Michaels and he again makes a quick tag showing he does not want to fight right now. Christian is back in and he gives HBK a firemanís carry into a headlock. HBK fights up where he nails a Thesz press followed by right hands, but Christian grabs the leg of HBK now allowing him to make a tag! Tomko is tagged in and he nails a power slam on HBK for a 2 count. Edge in then tagged in and he hits a standing dropkick for another two count. Edge mocks HBK's pose and tags Christian back in. Christian walks over to Jericho and distracts the referee, HBK rolls him up but Hebner's back is turned! He finally turns around but it is too late. Christian kicks out and both men go back and forth until they collide with a double clothesline.
    Both men tag! Benoit tags down Tomko with a snap German release suplex! He then gives Christian a snap suplex, and then he snap suplexes Edge on top of him! He runs into a headbutt from Tyson Tomko but Jericho gives him a huge springboard moonsault! This allows Chris Benoit to give Christian a German suplex! He calls for the headbutt, climbs the top rope and nails it!

    The Finish:

    Chris Benoit slaps Christian in the sharpshooter, but Edge interferes. Michaels knocks down Edge and sends him out of the ring. Meanwhile, Benoit is down and Tomko is getting ready to give him the big boot. Tyson winds up, but Benoit ducks and Tyson runs right into the foot of HBK who nails the sweet chin music! Benoit rolls Tyson up after the shot and gets the 1-2-3 for his team!

    Winners - Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit

    Stacy coming out?

    In the back we see the nice long legs of Stacy Keibler as The King tells us that she is going to come out next with a very special surprise.

    A clip is shown of Hulk Hogan with Johnny Carson back in 1985. It was a quite funny clip and I remember seeing it awhile back. J.R gives his sympathies for the death of the greatest man television ever had.

    Stacy comes to the ring and says today is a special day in the state of Oklahoma! Today is Jim Ross day! To celebrate today, a local Oklahoma legend, Danny Hodge is brought to the ring! He is a 3 time NCAA wrestling champion. Without further, Stacy Keibler brings good ole' J.R to the ring! J.R comes to the ring as the crowd erupts! He waves to them and gives them his thanks. He has a long standing ovation actually as the crowd will not stop popping for him! They play the whole Sooners theme song before Stacy introduces a special video package with the mayor announces this Jim Ross day in the state of Oklahoma! Yes folks, this IS real. He even gave a speech! Stacy Keibler gives him a kiss on the cheek to further thank him and J.R starts his speech asking if there are any Sooners in the house! The crowd erupts as J.R starts his speech however, HHH and Ric Flair hit the ring to ruin it all.

    HHH grabs the mic and says that this brings a tear to a glass eye. He asks Jim Ross if he can believe that Oklahoma is celebrating J.R day! He says that's like CRAP telling PUKE it smells good! Classic! HHH then goes on to mock the people of Oklahoma before asking Ric Flair what the score to the BCS championship was. Flair reads off the score to the game. HHH says if these people want something REAL to celebrate, they should have a HHH day. Celebrating his 10th time crowned as champion. HHH says he has some business to take care off so why doesn't Jim Ross take father time over here and leave. They start to leave but HHH grabs Stacy Keibler and makes her stay saying he needs to talk to her. This forces J.R back in the ring and he says although he is an announcer and HHH can beat his but, he will not let this stand! HHH repeats the Sooner born, Sooner Bread, Sooner dead saying before Ric Flair gives J.R a low blow. HHH beats on J.R and knocks him down. Danny Hodge comes in the ring and gives HHH a right hand sending him FLYING! However Flair attacks Hodge from behind and they beat him down as well. HHH then grabs Stacy and says that this is HHH day, and being that she kissed J.R and smooched Randy Orton last week, it's about time that she gives the champion some of that action! She tries to leave but he says he didnít ask her, he's TELLING her. He grabs her by the hair and goes to kiss her but stops and says he has a better idea. HHH goes to give Stacy the Pedigree! But Randy Orton makes the save. HHH throws Stacy and Orton and Evolution books for it.

    When we come back from commercial, HHH and Flair are walking down the hallway and HHH grabs a girl, lifts up her skirt, and grabs her near him calling her his woman. He chucks her aside and heads to the locker room. HHH and Flair then go to the locker room and tell Batista the whole story of what just happened. Batista does not seem impressed as HHH tells him Flair knocked J.R in the grapefruits. Then he got on the whole Danny Hodge deal and Batista asked how old that guy was and HHH said ancient. Then he got on the Stacy Keibler deal and he did not seem impressed by that either. Batista then asked what happened when Orton came out. HHH kind of backed off talking about it since he ran away. Batista then tells HHH that he is going to take his Rumble Qualifier match tonight because if HHH loses the title by some chance, they have all their bases covered. HHH is kind of odd about the idea but Batista runs off to talk to Bischoff. We head to the office of Bischoff who is talking to Regal, who wants a spot in the Rumble. Bischoff denies him and says he will give it to someone more faithful, The Coach! Regal calls the decision a crappy one and leaves. Coach is excited and he says he is going to do that other thing Bischoff asked him to do. La Resistance come in and they ask for one of the last 5 spots in the Rumble, Bischoff tells them he doesn't know yet because he has people lined up. This is when Batista enters and says he will take his qualifier match tonight. La Resistance come up with the idea for a handicapped match saying if they win they are in and if Batista wins, he is in. Bischoff is a little sceptical about it but Batista says it's ok and that he will beat them both! Rob Conway says after they win, he will shove his Quebec flag down the throat of Batista! Batista says that's ok because when he wins, he is going to shove that flag somewhere else!

    The Coach comes out..

    The Coach comes out and says that the final Rumble matches have been booked. Tajiri is in the ring already and Coach says that this next match has a special stipulation and is an over the top rope match! His opponent.. is Viscera!

    Over the Top Rope Qualifier Match
    Referee: Mike Chioda

    Tajiri vs. Viscera

    The Match:

    Tajiri spits mist in the face of Viscera and he goes buck wild with kicks all over the big man. Viscera however gains control, pummels Tajiri and tosses him over the top rope!

    Winner: Viscera

    Tajiri gets an interview

    Maria stops Tajiri on the way to the locker room and she asks him about not being able to participate in the Royal Rumble. He speaks Japanese until Regal comes along. Tajiri starts talking to Regal in an excited manner. Regal tells him his breath stinks. Regal says if he wants to get back at Bischoff, Regal has a plan. Tajiri sounds excited and the two start to talk. Regal says this interview is over unless of course she has something to ask... HIM? She says she doesn't have anything and Regal gets kind of embarrassed and mumbles under his breath. He and Tajiri leave, plotting.

    Rumble Qualifier Match
    Referee: Chad Patton

    Batista vs. La Resistance

    The match:

    Grenier gets on the mic and starts to sing his national anthem but Batista decks him from behind! Batista then goes to work on Conway beating him around the ring. He goes for the powerbomb but Grenier finds his way into the ring. Batista works on him and whips him in the corner. He goes for a shoulder block but Conway pulls Grenier out of the way sending Batista shoulder first into the turnbuckle. From here Batista takes a single arm DDT and he goes down hard. La Resistance jumps all over him and they beat on him for quite some time until he gets to his feet. When he gets to his feet he grabs both men by the throat. He tosses one aside and he drops the other with a power slam. Batista picks up Conway and gives him a spinebuster onto Grenier. He then pins both men for the victory!

    Winner - Batista

    The Aftermath:

    Batista grabs the Montreal Flag and he stuffs it between the legs of Conway as the crowd erupts! The entire match we saw HHH and Flair in the back, impressed by Batista. However, HHH at the end of the match seemed a big angry.

    Rumble Qualifier Match
    Referee: Jack Doan

    Val Venis vs. Muhammad Hassan

    Before Val Venis could even get to the ring, Daivari starts screaming in Arabic at Lilian Garcia and then Venis. This distracts him.

    The start:
    Hassan attacks Val Venis from behind as Daivari talks the entire time outside the ring with a mic. Hassan whips Venis in the corner hard before giving him a vertical suplex. Hassan kicks around Venis who has fallen hard. Hassan gives Venis a very unique backbreaker before placing him in a side chicken wing as Daivari says "break his neck"

    Mid match notes:

    Val Venis starts to fight back but Hassan kicks him in the gut sending him to the ropes hard. While at the ropes, Daivari screams in his face before slapping him. Hassan takes control with a body slam followed by some kicks before putting a choke on Val Venis, who turns purple. Venis fights out and reverses a blow to hit a hard clotheslines sending Hassan down. Venis starts dishing out right hands before the chopping the hell out of Hassan. Venis gets a knockdown and two clotheslines before getting kicked in the chest by Hassan. Hassan goes for his finisher, Venis elbows out and nails his spinning sit down powerbomb! The referee makes a cover but Hassan kicks out at two.

    The Finish:

    Val Venis drops Hassan with a full nelson slam! He scares Daivari off the apron and he climbs the top rope for the money shot! Daivari however screams for Hassan to move, and he does. Hassan then gets up and nails Venis with his face plant finisher, allowing him the victory.

    Winner - Muhammad Hassan

    Hassan places Val Venis in a camel clutch as Daivari screams and "spits" in his face. Then Daivari picks up the mic, announces Daivari the winner and says that he will win the Royal Rumble this Sunday!

    Evolution is in the back. HHH says Flair will also enter the Rumble in case Batista loses. We as the viewers are seeing that he does not trust Batista but Flair instead.

    Maven gets a second chance:

    Maven says that Eric Bischoff has given him a second chance to enter the Royal Rumble. Thus, he is challenging anyone who will come out here to a match. Someone who is already in The Royal Rumble will come out and fight him. If he wins, he takes their spot, if not, he doesn't make it to the Royal Rumble. Nobody is coming out because obviously nobody wants to lose their spot in the Royal Rumble. He calls them cowards, and the music of Kane hits! Kane comes to the ring bandaged up on the arm and face a bit. Maven says that he meant ANYONE but Kane. So someone else come out! The music Of Snitsky hits and he comes out with a bandaged arm and ribs! The referee announces that this will now be a triple threat match. If Maven wins, he takes the man he pins' spot in the Rumble.

    Rumble Qualifier Match
    Referee: Mike Chioda

    Maven vs. Kane vs. Gene Snitsky

    The Match:

    Snitsky starts a cheap shot early on the arm of Kane, sending him in pain. Kane responds with a shot to the ribs of Gene Snitsky sending him down hard. The two go back and forth as Maven tries to pin both men. He pins Snitsky but only gets two. He goes to pin Kane but Kane sits up and scares the crap out of Maven. Snitsky and Kane go at it some more, Maven just sits back watching. Kane eventually sends Snitsky to the outside with a clothesline. Maven jumps on the opportunity, but Kane slaps him with the chokeslam and covers him for the pin.

    Winner - Kane

    Highlights are shown oh the press conference with Austin. The people there went nuts as they announced a 3 movie deal with WWE films starring Steve Austin.

    Royal Rumble previews are shown from Michael Cole and Tazz who say the last two rumble's were won by Smackdown Superstars! Can Raw keep up? J.R and King say they can. And they also remind Cole and Tazz that Chris Benoit left Smackdown right after he won the Rumble!

    Todd is with Edge:

    Todd shows highlights from last week when Edge took down HBK and gave him that submission move leaving him in pain. He asks Edge if he has become bitter since Taboo Tuesday. Edge freaks out saying everyone thinks he has changed, well, he has! He says he sat out the last two WrestleMania shows with a broken neck! He says this year things will be different because on the same night he wins the Royal Rumble, he will ALSO defeat Shawn Michaels.

    Referee: Chad Patton

    Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair

    The start:

    Orton slaps Ric Flair early on before Flair gains control with a shoulder block. Randy leapfrogs Flair and hits a drop kick! Flair gets a thumb to the eye to Orton though allowing him to chop him down. Flair sets Orton up in the corner where he slaps way on the legend killer before popping him one in the mouth and chopping him some more. Orton's stitches from last night in Tulsa open up and he starts to bleed. Orton turns things around and nails Flair with hard right hands. Flair comes out of the corner and he flops right on his face as Orton smiles at the crowd. He sends Flair off the buckle and he drops him 30 feet in the air with a back body drop.

    Mid match Notes:

    The fight breaks to the outside of the ring where Orton unloads on Flair sending him into the lap of a man in the first row! Flair gets a thumb to the eye somewhere in there but back in the ring Flair gets dropped with another back body drop! He runs off the ropes to counter but HHH trips him! This allows Flair to toss him outside the ring! Patton thinks it was Batista and he ejects him! Batista stares at HHH long and hard before he leaves but HHH will not look into his eyes as HHH acts as if nothing ever happened. When we come back from commercial break, Flair is in control with rights, lefts, and chops, until Orton hangs him up on the ropes sending him to the outside. He gets sent out the other side with a hard shot and Orton suplexes him back in the ring. Flair begs his "NOOO" but Orton kicks him in the ribs and works on him some more. Flair gains the advantage when Orton jumps up and misses a dropkick. This allows Flair to unload on the wounded forehead of Randy Orton. He holds Orton by the chin and unloads on his forehead further opening the cut with every shot! Flair distracts the referee as Orton lies bloody on the apron; HHH gives him a cheap shot to the throat. Flair says in control tossing Randy around both inside and outside the ring. Flair throws Orton off the ropes and he chops Orton hard but Orton sucks it up not one, not two, but three times! Orton looks pissed off bleeding all over as Flair punches away! Orton fires with straight right hands sending Flair down! He works on Flair in the corner where he hammers away on the face of Flair with the 10 punch. Flair comes out the corner and flops!

    Orton follows up with a back body drop, a CLUBBING clothesline, and the modified neck and back breaker. HHH gets up on the apron but Orton pops him in the face! This allows Flair to go downstairs and clip him though! Flair goes for the Figure Four but Orton pushes him off right into the referee. HHH comes in the ring now and he clips the leg of Randy Orton with the world title belt sending Orton down in pain! Flair then slaps on the Figure Four but Orton refuses to tap! Orton starts to sit up but Flair slaps him in the face. Eventually, Orton reverses and Ric Flair is in pain as a new referee shows up! But HHH drops the referee and comes to the ring and drops him an elbow! HHH then works on the hurt leg of Randy Orton.

    The Finish:

    HHH climbs the middle rope with the title belt in hand as Flair holds Randy Orton down. HHH comes flying off, but Orton gets a boot to his face! Orton knocks Flair off his as HHH falls to the outside of the ring! Orton gets up and waits for Flair, Flair turns and Orton drops him with the RKO! Orton makes the cover as the original referee gets up, makes a slooooooooooow count, but he eventually gets to three!

    Winner - Randy Orton

    The Aftermath:

    Randy Orton finds HHH's heavyweight belt and he tells HHH to come and get it. HHH is hesitant and will not move forward. HHH gets on the apron but Orton scares him off. HHH walks up the ramp as Orton holds HHH's world heavyweight title in the air.

    WWE RAW - Quick Match Results

    - Six Man Tag: HBK/Jericho/Benoit def. Tomko/Christian/Edge
    - Over the top rope qualifier: Viscera def. Tajiri
    - Rumble Qualifier Handicap: Batista def. La Resistance
    - Rumble Qualifier: Muhammad Hassan def. Val Venis
    - Maven Qualifier: Kane def. Maven and Gene Snitsky
    - Randy Orton def. Ric Flair


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