WWF RAW Report: 2/11
    Submitted by Kevin Gregg on Monday, February 11, 2002 at 11:18 PM EST

    WWF RAW Report: 2/11
    Report by: Kevin Gregg

    The opener:

    RAW started off with clips, hyping up Triple H and Stephanie renewing their Wedding Vows on RAW.


    Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler kicked off the show on commentary in Arkansas State University and they previewed tonight's show:

    - Triple H and Stephanie renew their Wedding Vows
    - Goldust makes his world premiere
    - Torrie Wilson goes against Stacy Keibler in a Bikini Match
    - Edge will challenge Chris Jericho to a one on one match

    In ring promo:

    The Undertaker came out to the ring and he will go against The Rock this Sunday night at No Way Out, live on pay per view. By the way, No Way Out will be available on DirecTV. The Undertaker got a decent ovation when he made his way out and he commented on that. He didn't know what to expect, but he knew the fans would appreciate the man who finally shut The Rock's mouth. After saying that, the fans booed the Undertaker and he continued on. The Undertaker trashed the fans in Arkansas and then he talked about Thursday night's edition of Smackdown! and talked about how The Rock showed him little respect. The Undertaker is all about respect, after all. Because The Rock disrespected him, the Undertaker made him pay and pay dearly. On Thursday night, the Undertaker gave The Rock a choke slam on the hood of a limo and then from there, he gave him a vicious tombstone piledriver on top of the limo. The Undertaker said that he will continue to teach The Rock respect, etc, etc.

    Ok Taker, shut up. You're boring:

    Ric Flair's music hit and he interrupted the Deadman. Ric told the Undertaker that he may clearly be the most respected wrestler of all time. Not only in the ring, but in the dressing room. The fans also respect the Undertaker for being who he is, but on Thursday night, the Undertaker lost everyone's respect. Ric went over the injuries of The Rock, and they included a concussion and a serious neck injury. He could have ended his career. Right. The Undertaker yelled at Ric Flair, giving him the good old "Who in the hell are you?" speech. Ric replied by saying that he's the 50% owner and the Undertaker responded by telling Ric Flair that when the real owner tells him, the Undertaker is going to bust his ass.

    The bad news:

    Ric told the Undertaker that he's got some bad news for him. This Sunday, The Rock will be at No Way Out, live and in person and he's going to bring everything he has for the Deadman. More bad news - tonight, one on one, the Undertaker goes against Stone Cold Steve Austin!


    Chris Jericho was seen walking in the backstage area and he goes against Edge, next!

    Non Title Match
    Referee: Brian Hebner

    Edge vs. Chris Jericho (c)

    Edge, the former WWF Intercontinental Champion made his way out to the ring his ribs taped up and he's up against Chris Jericho in a non title match.

    The start:

    The arrogant Chris Jericho turned his back on Edge, but that was a huge mistake as Edge knocked Chris Jericho to the outside of the ring to start it off. Edge slammed Chris Jericho into the announcer's table and then he rolled him back into the ring to officially start it off.

    Mid-match notes:

    With Edge's ribs taped up, Chris Jericho worked them over during the contest. Chris took Edge down with the bulldog and then he went for the lionsault, but Edge rolled out of the way. Huge advantage for Edge, but he missed a shoulder block in the corner. Chris got the Walls of Jericho on Edge, but Edge countered with a roll up and he went for a DDT, but he was unable to get it on.

    The finish:

    Chris Jericho grabbed one of the Championship belts and he brought it into the ring and went to use it on Jericho, but Edge speared him and then he pinned him for a two count. Chris Jericho used the belt on Edge's ribs and the referee didn't catch it and then Chris Jericho got Edge in the Break Down and then he pinned him for the three count to secure the win.

    Winner, the WWF Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho


    An angered Vince McMahon was seen walking in the backstage area and Michael Cole asked him what brings him to Arkansas? Vince replied by saying that he's fond of Hogs. You know, swine. Or maybe because he's the co-owner of the WWF and he likes to take care of business, or maybe because he wanted to witness the "before" for one last time. Vince pointed out that this is the last RAW before the nWo arrives on Sunday. There's a storming coming in. A perfect storm. (I wonder if he meant anything by that. Perfect?) Michael asked Vince about walking his daughter down the aisle, and Vine responded by saying "perhaps."


    Triple H was shown watching a replay and he was angry. Stephanie showed up and he calmed down. Triple H and Stephanie were both dressed for their Wedding Vows and Stephanie begged Triple H not to have a fight with Kurt Angle or anybody else tonight. Triple H promised her that and he told Stephanie that he has something that he's got to take care of right now. The Game assured Stephanie that he wouldn't break his promise.

    Referee: Mike Sparks
    Goldust vs. Rikishi

    Goldust made his way out to the ring for a one on one match here tonight and Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler talked about how Goldust has singled out Rob Van Dam as the 'star' he'll be going up against. While Goldust is going after Rob Van Dam, Rikishi is Goldust's opponent for tonight.

    The start:

    Rikishi and Goldust started off by brawling and Goldust knocked Rikishi towards the ropes with a 'butt jump.' Goldust controlled Rikishi with some right hands in the early goings.

    Mid-match notes:

    Rikishi got the Samoan drop on Goldust and not too long after, Rikishi hit Goldust with a nasty clothesline in which Goldust sold it as Rikishi normally would. Rikishi went for the Banzai drop, but Goldust got his knees up to interrupt it.

    The finish:

    As Goldust was dominating Rikishi, Rob Van Dam stormed out to the ring and came off the top rope with a kick to the chest on Goldust to knock him down. As a result, the referee stopped the match.

    Winner as a result of a disqualification, Goldust

    The Aftermath:

    After the match, Rob Van Dam and Goldust continued to fight and Rikishi even got a super kick in on Goldust to 'finish him off' for tonight.


    Triple H was seen walking around backstage and he came across Arn Anderson. Arn and Triple H talked and Arn gave him a package that showed up for Triple H.


    The Coach was shown with Stone Cold Steve Austin and they talked about tonight's match. Stone Cold did his usual routine, getting the fans to reply with "What?" to everything he said. Bottom line is that Stone Cold came here to open up a can of whoop ass and he and the fans are going to disrespect all over the Deadman's ass! Austin made mention of No Way Out and he said the Undisputed Titles are going with him after No Way Out. Why? Because Stone Cold said so!


    Wedding singers were seen backstage, getting ready for tonight when Triple H and Stephanie renew their Wedding Vows.

    Referee: Jim Kordaris
    The Godfather vs. Kurt Angle

    The Godfather and his escorts came out to the ring for a singles match against Kurt Angle.

    The start:

    Kurt Angle attacked the Godfather with a number of right hands right as he got in the ring. Kurt was very aggressive to start it off.

    Mid-match notes:

    Kurt Angle worked over the knee of the Godfather.

    The finish:

    A little over a minute into the match, Kurt Angle put the Godfather in the ankle lock to get the win.

    Winner - Kurt Angle

    The Aftermath:

    After the match, Kurt Angle put the Godfather in the ankle lock once again and then he kicked him right out of the ring. Kurt then got on the mic and he talked about Triple H's special night. He commented on how he thinks that Stephanie can do much better, but whatever. Kurt Angle vowed to kick Triple H's butt at No Way Out, to make him tap, take his Wrestlemania title shot and to go on to become the Undisputed Champion. In sickness and in health, as long as they both shall life. A-men.


    The Undertaker was seen walking in the backstage area and he's up against Stone Cold Steve Austin, next!


    Stephanie was shown getting ready for tonight and Triple H showed up. Triple H gave Stephanie a gift after the make up ladies left and it was a ring that he's wanted her to have for a long time. Stephanie started crying and she told him that she loves it.

    Referee: Earl Hebner
    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. the Undertaker

    The Undertaker made his way out to the ring for a one on one match against Stone Cold Steve Austin, but...

    The start:

    When Stone Cold came out and Chris Jericho ambushed him from behind and beat him down on the stage. A number of WWF officials came out to break it up, but they had a hard time in doing so. After Jericho was finished with Stone Cold, the Undertaker went after him and he dominated Austin on the outside of the ring.

    Mid-match notes:

    The Undertaker dominated Austin in the early goings, but Austin fired back and he connected with the Lou Thesz Press and his patented right hands, but the Undertaker was quick to regain control with a jumping clothesline.

    The finish:

    The Undertaker went for the tombstone in the ring, but Austin got out of it and then he gave him the Stone Cold Stunner. Both men were down on the mat when Chris Jericho showed up and attacked Stone Cold Steve Austin before he could make the cover. The referee stopped the match at this point.

    Winner as a result of a disqualification, Stone Cold

    The Aftermath:

    After the match, Chris tried to nail Austin with the Championship belt, but Austin gave him a spinebuster. The Undertaker assisted Chris Jericho with a big boot and then Chris quickly got up and beat up on Austin. Chris then waited for Austin to get up and he nailed him with the WWF Championship belt to knock him down and out. Jericho then grabbed Stone Cold's cooler and grabbed a beer and opened it and drank some and smashed it across the head of Stone Cold and he did it once again and then he nailed him with the loaded cooler. Jericho then mocked Austin with the beers and the fans booed Y2J.

    During the Break:

    Chris Jericho got out of the arena as fast as he could to get away from Stone Cold Steve Austin. He got in a stretch limo and took off.

    Referee: Chad Patten
    Booker T vs. Tazz

    Booker T made his way out to the ring along side Test and this is a one on one match with Booker T against Tazz. Spike Dudley accompanied Tazz to the ring as they are the WWF Tag Team Champions. (I smell a match on Smackdown!: Test and Booker T vs. Tazz and Spike Dudley.)

    The start:

    The match started off quickly with Booker T attacking and pounding Tazz down in the corner.

    Mid-match notes:

    After being pounded down in the corner, Tazz battled back with some right hands, but it wasn't enough to take out Booker T. Booker T hit the ax kick on Tazz and then he did the spinaroonie. Booker waited for Tazz to get up and he went for the Book End, but Tazz countered it into the Tazzmission.

    The finish:

    As Tazz had the Tazzmission on Booker T, Spike got in the ring and went after Test, who tried to get into the ring, but as the referee got rid of Spike, Test nailed Tazz and then Booker T pinned him for a three count to get the win.

    Winner - Booker T

    The Aftermath:

    After the match, Test got in the ring to celebrate and Spike Dudley got on his back, but Test took care of business with Spike.

    WWF New York:

    The Dudley Boyz were at WWF NY for tonight's RAW. Stacy takes on Torrie Wilson in a Bikini match tonight. D-Von said that Stacy embarrassed Torrie Wilson on Smackdown!, and tonight, they're in a Bikini match and she'll continue to embarrass her and show Torrie Wilson exactly why she is the Dutchess of Dudleyville. Bubba then complained about a tag team title rematch, and they want that at No Way Out. Bubba said that Tazz and Spike need not to worry about Booker T and Test, because they should be worrying about the most dangerous tag teams in wrestling history, the Dudley Boyz!

    Bikini Match
    Referee: Jack Doan

    Torrie Wilson vs. Stacy Keibler

    It's time for the bikini match between Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler.

    The start:

    Torrie got in the ring and Stacy attacked her from behind and the two battled to start it off. Torrie whipped Stacy, but Stacy flipped to avoid being whipped off the ropes.

    Mid-match notes:

    A lot of pin reverses as if they were working an all time classic match or something. Whatever.

    The finish:

    Torrie went for a shoulder block in the corner, but Stacy moved and then she rolled Torrie up in a pin for the win.

    Winner - Stacy Keibler


    Triple H and Stephanie were shown and Stephanie said it's time for her to go and get dressed. She seemed unhappy, thinking that Vince isn't going to walk her down the aisle. Triple H told her that tonight is about them, not Vince. The two then kissed and Stephanie left to get dressed.


    Mr. Perfect was shown playing chess with an 18 year old kid, and he was the 1999 National Amateur Chess Champion. Mr. Perfect didn't seem to be getting his way, but he dropped a piece on the floor and as the kid picked it up, Mr. Perfect moved a piece on the board in his favor and then he beat the kid and boasted in his face.

    Referee: Teddy Long
    Rob Van Dam vs. Christian

    Rob Van Dam came out to the arena for a match against Christian. As RVD did his posing in the ring, Breaking Point, the band that does Rob Van Dam's theme song was shown in the crowd.

    The start:

    Christian wasted no time in getting to the ring. He didn't even wait for his entrance song to play as he came out as RVD's song was still going. Christian went right at it with Rob Van Dam and he's here to prove something to RVD.

    Mid-match notes:

    Christian dominated Rob Van Dam up until he did the double thumb point to mock RVD. From there, RVD battled back, only to get raked in the eyes by Christian. Once Christian regained control of the match, he continued to dominate RVD. RVD eventually regained control of the match and showed his speed and athleticism.

    The finish:

    Christian pinned RVD after a reverse DDT, but he only got a two count and then he threw a fit in the ring. As he was throwing his fit, Rob Van Dam went to the top rope and came off with the Five Star Frog Splash to pick up the win.

    Winner - Rob Van Dam

    The Aftermath:

    RVD celebrated his win and as he was leaving, Goldust showed up on the Titantron and taunted him. Goldust announced that he and Rob Van Dam would be having a match at No Way Out.


    Triple H was shown in the backstage area and Arn Anderson showed up. Apparently, Linda McMahon called into Flair's office and she's been looking for Triple H.

    new World order:

    Many video packages were aired, hyping up the appearance of the nWo at WWF No Way Out.

    Triple H called Linda on the phone, and she said that she would have been there tonight, but she couldn't. Linda brought up a Fed Ex package and it was a video tape for Triple H. Triple H put the tape in the VCR and Linda told Triple H that the guy on the tape isn't a doctor, he's an actor. Triple H watched the tape and he got extremely pissed off while watching it. Triple H was shocked and Linda told Triple H that Stephanie was never pregnant. She's been lying to Triple H. Triple H looked like he was about to cry and Linda told Triple H that she's sorry and he said the same to Linda.


    Stephanie was seen showing her Wedding dress to the Wedding singers and she was excited when Vince showed up behind her and told the Wedding singers to go on their way. Vince talked to Stephanie, and he told her that she looks nice, and he isn't going to forget the fact that Stephanie tried to put him out of business and the fact that she said she'd like to see him die. Vince knows that down deep, he knows she's a McMahon and daddy's little girl, so he'll walk her down the aisle. Howard Finkel showed up and he had to talk to Vince, because he had some news. Vince yelled at him and told him to get out.

    In the arena:

    Triple H's music hit in the arena and the fans went nuts for the Game as he made his way out to the ring. The ring was set up all nice, much like it was in 1999 when Test and Stephanie were doing their little Wedding gimmick. For some reason, Triple H had a huge smile on his face. Vince walked Stephanie down the aisle and the smile remained on Triple H's face.

    The ceremony:

    During the ceremony, the fans yelled "What" in between everything that was said, and that angered Vince. The Wedding singers sang "Together" and then Stephanie shared her personal vow to Hunter. Stephanie said "Hunter, I take thee as my husband, again. And I wanted to do it in front of the entire world..." etc. When it was Triple H's turn, he said "God-uh. That was so beautiful, Steph. I'm overwhelmed, really and you know, I too want to stand here in front of the world and tell you how I feel about you. Tell you how I felt about you since the moment I saw you and tell you how I feel about you right now. You see Steph, we've been together for a little over two years and sure, we've had our ups and our downs, but despite all of that, last week when you told me that I was gonna be a father, it was the greatest moment in my life. The emotion that I felt was unbelievable and since that day, I've looked at you in a different way. When I look at you, I see you not just as my loving wife, but I see you as the mother of my child. When your wife is pregnant, you love her more." etc. etc. Triple H told Stephanie that he sees her not as his loving wife, not as the mother of his child, but as he looks into her eyes tonight, he sees her for what she truly is: A NO GOOD LYING BITCH! An angered Triple H yelled at Stephanie, telling her that she wanted this so bad that she would lie and use his emotions against him?!! She wanted this so bad that she would hire an actor to play a doctor and that she would show him a picture of their unborn child?? "Steph, I have done some pretty bad things in my life. I admit it. I'm an asshole, but even I would not go this low. You disgust me! You care about nothing but yourself. You never gave a crap about us, it was always about you. Well I'll tell you what, you don't have to worry about us any longer, because as of this moment Stephanie, our marriage: IT'S OVER! WE ARE THROUGH!" Vince got angry and he shoved Triple H and then Triple H laid Vince out with a huge right hand and then he knocked everything over in the ring and made a mess out of everything! Vince got back up, but Triple H gave him a number of right hands and then he gave him the Pedigree in the center of the ring! Stephanie then got in Triple H's face and yelled at him and then Triple H shoved her down to the mat and then he took off his ring and threw it at her and then left!! END OF MARRIAGE, END OF SHOW!

    All comments, questions, errors and feedback on the report can be sent to weirdkev@powerwrestling.com!

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