WWF Monday Night Raw Results
Nick Ponton 1/17/2000
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Monday Night Raw
Commentators:Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross

WWF Title sequence

Started show with a video vignette for Martin Luther King, Jr. and an update on Steve Austin's surgery.

Another video vignette on last Thursday's Smackdown! and the return of Cactus Jack.

RAW Title sequence followed by the fireworks display. Welcome to New Haven, CT and the New Haven Colosseum only days away from the Royal Rumble.

Cactus Jack comes out for an interview. Says HHH did something he didn't think could be done. He made Mankind mad! By making Mankind mad, he woke up the bad S.O.B. inside of him. Shows clips of 2 1/2 years ago at MSG when Cactus destroyed HHH. Said 1997 was just a start of what he has in store for him. He says there is no way a normal man should not be walking after the punishment he has taken. Says oneday Mankind will return, and he will make everyone laugh, but that will not be Sunday. He talks about being one mad S.O.B. and something that got bleeped. Cactus says he doesn't want to wait till Sunday. Cactus says he wants just a little piece of his ass right away. He calls out HHH for a non-title match. HHH's music hits. He comes out with out Steph. HHH says he thought about nothing but Cactus Jack for four days now (I'd be thinking more about Steph and less about Cactus). HHH says he will be much more sadistic, much more twisted and much more evil than Cactus will ever be. HHH says Mick Foley hates Cactus Jack's guts. He might even be a little afraid. Everytime Cactus does something evil, Mick Foley dies a little inside. HHH says he will enjoy being evil. Cactus says that's nice, but he's got a question about tonight and RIGHT NOW! HHH accepts Cactus' challenge. Then invites a "few more guests" and DX's music hits. Cactus gets destroyed by DX. Rock's music hits and he charges down the ramp, but Big Show follows and attacs The Rock. Big Show helps Cactus. Then The Acolytes music hit and they come down to help Cactus. Big Show, Acolytes, and NAO exit through the crowd while HHH and Cactus brawl and HHH leaves through the crowd. Cactus is left in the ring by himself.


Moments ago...they show the assult by DX and Big Show attacking The Rock and the Acolytes coming down.

**Hardcore Title Match**
Bossman vs. Test

What the heck? Tazz symbol comes up during Test's intro still with the number 13. They start off in the crowd and fight to the concourse. They go back underneath the seats and knock the lights out. Test is bleeding already. They fight into the bathroom again. Someone's in the stall again. Then they fight into a storage area and Bossman closses a garage door on Test. Bossman gets a two count. Test tries choking Bossman with the tape off Bossman's wrist. They fight back into the arena and Bossman grabs a Trashcan. They are back to ringside. Albert comes down and gets a trashcan to the face. Test is thrown in the ring and Bossman uses the rope for leverage but still onlygets a two count. Albert back up and attacks Bossman. test goes to the top with the nightstick. Flying elbow with the nightstick.
Winner and NEW Hardcore Champion Test via Flying Elbow

DX shown backstage. Steph says they are going to respect us. HHH says they have to earn that respect. Outlaws get Big Show and Rock while X-Pac and HHH get Acolytes. X-Pac complains and Steph tells him to "Trust Us"

Terri shown doing her hair and making sure she looks good


Moments ago...Test winning Hardcore title.

Bossman interview with Jonathan Coachman. Bossman vows to get revenge on Prince Albert tonight.

D'Lo/Godfather vs. Edge/Christian
D'Lo and Christian start. Christian in control early. LOTS of high pitched screams when Edge tags in. D'Lo gets a tag and Godfather takes control. Godfather gets a near fall after an elbow drop and tags D'Lo. Edge hits a Lou Thesz press, but D'Lo doesn't stay down. Godfather tagged in and goes for a second rope splash. Edge counters. Both guys tag. Edge spears Godfather. D'Lo and Edge in. One of the hoes on the apron. Christian nails her after an Irish Whip. D'Lo hits the Sky High while Christian and Edge look after the lady concerned. Godfather says he ain't no player hater and he gives Christian and Edge the hoes for the night ALL NIGHT LONG, but Edge tries to get away because he's engaged.
Wiiners: Godfather and D'Lo via Sky High

Michael Cole in Texas on the phone.

Bossman attacking Albert backstage. Bossman kicking the crap out of him. Albert is thrown into Tori's lockerroom while she's changing.


1-800-Collect Cactus Jack from Smackdown

HHH and Steph backstage with Tori asking for Prince Albert vs. Kane

Kurt Angle vs. Steve Blackman
Angle has a mystery oppenent and he knows he can beat him with the Three I's. It turns out to be Blackman and they show Steph backstage a little upset at the match. Jack Doan is back refereeing for the first time in a few months. Angle starts out all over Angle, but Angle gets control back. Big Angle sucks chant from the crowd. They both hit the second worst move in wrestling, the double clothesline. The action goes outside and the British Bulldog comes out and hits Blackman with the Kendo sticks. Angle covers Blackman for the win. Steph and HHH are shown again. Steph is happy while HHH is ready to kill someone.
Winner: Kurt Angle via Pinfall

Coach with the Big Show. He reiterates the fact he don't like him. He wants the fans respect, but he don't like the Rock. Says Rocky has already put the wagon before the horse. BS is gonna win the Rumble. As far as tonight. Tells the Rock to stay out of the way and let him take care of the Outlaws.

Miss Kitty shown rubbing her legs.


More talk on Austin. More later tonight

King in the ring with Terri, BB, Jacky, Ivory, Kat, Luna
talking about the first ever RR Swimsuit Comp. Terri says "less is more" Kat says, "What sort of strategy do I need? Have you forgotten Armageddon." BB-"Sure the fans are ready to see much bigger show" Ivory calls him a pervert and calls everyone else a pervert. Ivory says she'll have nothing to do with the T 'n A smut show. Jacky and Luna say if they have to be in teh contest, so does she. Ivory and Luna ripped off Ivory's dress. The officials jump in and break the ladies up. Mae Young is shown on the entrance ramp. Mae makes her way to the ring. She says it's time everyone gets there money worth. She say she's going to let the fans see her puppies. King calls them Basset Hounds. Mark Henry comes out and covers her up. Moolah and Whippleman Come out to get her out of the ring.

Acolytes shown backstage walking towards the ring.

HHH, X-Pac and Steph coming towards the ring. That match is next.


HHH/X-Pac w/Steph vs. Acolyts
Steph joins King and JR for Commentary. Bradshaw and HHH start on each other and Farooq and X-Pac start together. This is nothing but a brawl. It goes into the crowd and back to the ring. X-Pac and Farooq get in the ring and with no ref, X-Pac uses his T-Shirt to choke him. Meanwhile, HHH got slammed on the ramp and Bradshaw comes back to the ring. The Acolytes double team and HHH makes his way back to the ring. Finally, a wrestling match starts. X-pac goes for a spinning heel kcik and gets caught. Bradshaw starts him on the rope and goes for a rare top rope move. He tries a crossbody and gets caught again. X-Pac hits the spinning heel kcik and both men tag. Spinebuster on HHH. X-Pac tries to help but gets a clothesline from hell. NAO comes out and DX destroys the Acolytes. This is what Steph meant by "Trust Us".
Winners: Acolytes via DQ

JR throws it at "earlier today" where Michael Cole updates Austin's condition after surgery to relieve chronic pain on his neck, arms, and legs. Dr. Youngblood says everything went smoothly and tells us exactly what was wrong. The operation took a little longer than it would on most people because of Steve's build. The goals and objectives were accomplished. He stood and took a few steps on his own. Dr. Youngblood said he is very optimistic about Austin returning to the ring, but it will be at least 3 months, but more commonly 6-12 months.

Rock shown backstage.


DX shown celebrating backstage.

Moments ago....Acolytes shown kicking X-Pac and HHH's ass, but Outlaws come down.

DX shown again. HHH talks about Austin. Saying he's glad the surgery went well, but if he comes back, he'll suffer the same thing. NAO talk trash about Rock and BS.

Kevin Kelly shown interviewing Rock. Fans start chanting Rocky. Finally the Rock has come back to New Haven. Rock talks about Austin, syas he'd pick up a beer can, give you a toast and a congratulations on a successful neck surgery. Tells him he can go hunting, he can go fishing, and he can get his ass back to where it should be "right back here in the WWF." Kelly asks if he wants to retract his Jabronie statement. Rock says yes. He's not a Jabronie. He's a steaming, stinking grade A pile of Monkey crap. Tries to spell Jabronie, but he's so full of himself, he can't remember, so it doesn't matter how you spell it. He guarantees he will win the Rumble. Says tonight he has to make the Big Show's monkey ass famous. Says he doesn't need him and doesn't want him as a partner. He wants BS to stand on the apron and do the one impresive thing he does and mocks Big Shows hand thingie. If ya smell.........etc.


Chris Jericho shown backstage. He has a title match with Rikishi later.

Jeff Hardy w/Terri and Matt vs. Buh-Buh Ray Dudle w/D-Von
Completely opposite styles here. Buh-Buh tries to overpower, but Jeff goes to the air with a corkscrew, an acid drop and a suicide plancha. Buh-Buh finally gets control by reversing hurricanrana. Buh-Buh hits the full-nelson bomb and Terri gets on the ring apron. D-Von gets her down and D-Von and Matt go at it outside. Buh-Buh misses the second rope sitdown. Jeff hits a neckbraker and the Senton bomb. D-Von attacks Jeff afterwards and the Dudleey's hit 3-D's on both Matt and Jeff. The Dudley's Bring the table in the ring. They get Jeff on the table then D-Von hands Matt to Buh-Buh and he Superbombs him through Jeff and the table.
Winner: Jeff Hardy via Senton Bomb

Hardcore and Crash Holly shown backstage complaining about Jericho defending the title tonight.

Chyna is shown with Kat and she's upset at Jericho too. She says Jericho's ego is getting as big as Rikishi's butt.

Clips of Rikishi destroying Rodney from Heat last night.


**IC Title Match**
Chris Jericho vs. Rikishi Phatu w/ Too Cool

Before the match is started, Rikishi sends Too Cool back to the locker room. "Welcome to Raw is Jericho". Tells the IC wannabe's why he defends the title. It's what honorable and legendary champions do. He says he is the undisputed champion in the eyes of the Jericholics. Tells Rockakishi Phatu he is a dancing fool. Rikishi overpowers Jericho early. Jericho hits a springboard drop-kick. More high pitched screeches as Jericho looses the shirt. Rikishi slows the match back down. Leg drop Hogan style by Rikishi for a near fall. Rikishi moves out of the way of a flying crossbody by Jericho and he knocks the ref out. Rikishi hits the belly-to-belly. The Holly's come out. Crash gets a Samoan Drop and Hardcore got the same. Jericho back up gets a sidekick to the face. Rikishi goes for the sit down piledriver, but Chyna comes down and low blows him. Chyna and Jericho slap each other and Rickishi takes them both out. Chyna gets a belly-to-belly. He sets up for the Bonzai drop, but Hardcore hits him with a chair. Ref rings the bell. Wicked chair shot by Hardcore, but Rikishi gets up twice. Too Cool comes down and maeks the save. Crash gets the sit down piledriver. Too Cool's music hits and the three start to dance.
Winner: Rikishi via DQ

Earlier tonight shown Bossman throwing Prince Albert into Tori's dressing room.


A promo for that weak after school special on USA.

Cactus talking to BS backstage trying to get Show to work things out with Rock. Cactus tryong to be a peacemaker.

Kane w/Tori vs. Prince Albert
Albert dives in and gets stopped by Kane right away. Bossman shown backstage enjoying this. Albert gets Kane out of the ring, but Kane hits a hangman on Albert. He then goes up for the top rope clothesline. Kane goes for the chokeslam. Albert tries to fight it off to no avail. Albert calls Kane out. He tells Kane he obvious likes to be dominated by a women and so does Albert.
Winner: Kane via Chokeslam

Cactus with Rock trying to be peacemaker. He tells Rock that from experience he needs to work with the Big Show. Rock says no problem.


Jackson Hewitt Rewind...Show not taking the tag and then delivering the Showstopper on the Rock.

New Age Outlaws vs. Rock and Big Show
Road Dogg comes out with a new opening line. Stops himself from saying Doing it Doggystyle. Does the Ladies and gentlemen........(great way to get heel heat, huh?) Gunn does his thing. Rock and Big Show go at each other right away. The Outlaws just sit back and watch then BA nails the Rock. Earl Hebner's back too (wonder which hair color he uses.) Steph and HHH are sitting in a Lay-z-boy and X-Pac has a folding chair on the ramp. The Rock gets a near fall on BA while Big Show sits on the guard rail watching. Rock is thrown outside and RD starts hammering him. BA throws Rock right into Road Dogg. Rock's got control for a few seconds. Road Dogg hits his punches, but Rock reverses into a Rock Bottom. BA interrupts. BA tagged in. HUGE Big Show sucks chant starts. Rock hits jackhammer. Rock kicks out and hits the spinebuster. both guys get up and Rock gets thrown outside. Show attacks him then throws him back in the ring. Road Dogg sets up the pumphandle and BA goes for fame-ass-er. Rock counters and throws BA down. All three guys down in the middle of the ring. Big Show attacking the Rock once again. Big Show comes in the ring even though there was no legal tag. Big Show cleans house. BS bodyslams BA, and Road Dogg gets a chair. Rock has a chair too and nails the Big Show. BA rolls over for the cover. DX celebrates on the ring apron. Rock gets in the ring over a fallen Big Show. He delivers the People's Elbow. DX applauds.
Winners: New Age Outlaws via pinfall

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