WWF Monday Night Raw Results
Nick Ponton 1/25/2000
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Monday Night Raw
January 24, 2000
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

First off, I send my condolences out to the family of Bobby Duncam, Jr. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

O.K. sorry for this being so short, but my computer crashed right before the main event, so I won't have all the details I usually do except for the main event.

WWF title sequence followed by RAW title sequence. Welcome to the First Union Center in Philadelphia, PA less than 24 hours removed from the Royal Rumble.

HHH and Steph hit the ring to open the show. Steph takes the stick and says HHH proved why he was the game. HHH takes the mic from her and talks about the brutal beating he gave Cactus last night. He then focuses to Mania and tells the Rock he better be in the best shape of his life. Big Show's music hits. Show comes down and says he was screwed. HE won the Rumble last night. His feet hit first. He asks HHH for a favor. He says if he can find undoubtable proof that he won the Rumble, he wants a No. 1 contenders match tonight. Rock's music hits and he comes out full of himself talking about there's no instant replay in wrestling, so it doesn't matter if Show thinks he's won. HHH says he's got a better idea. He tells the Rock to go find one of those so-called jabronies backstage because it's gonna be Big Show and HHH vs. The Rock and someone.

Snow/Blackman vs. Edge/Christian
Snow says they are now called "Head Cheese". Blackman has Edge on his knee and Snow goes to the top rope. It looks almost like the Tenessee Jam. Edge takes the bump, but referee Teddy Long stops the match and calls for the EMT's. It looks like Edge is really hurt. Venis comes out to check on him. Could this really be an injury? The EMT's come out and BB is one of them. It's a work. BB gives him mouth to mouth and he walks out.
Winners: Snow/Blackman via knockout

Hardcore Holly is shown outside the women's lockerroom. Crash is making fun of him for last night and Hardcore tells him it was Chyna's fault. Hardcore goes in the lockerroom and Chyna comes out talking about the respect to the other women in their. Hardcore blames her for him not winning the title. Chyna starts to laugh. Hardcore decks her and Jericho comes in for the save. After the ref's break them up, Crash is laughing at Hardcore and Holly shoves him down.


**Intercontinetal Title Match**
Hardcore Holly vs. Chris Jericho

This match is nothing short of an all-out brawl. Chyna eventually makes her way down to the ring. Holly goes into the ropes and Chyna grabs his ankle. He gets out of the ring and gives her a super kick. He goes for a chair. Jericho stops him before he hits her. The match goes back in. Jericho brings the chair in, but doesn't get to use it. The ref stops him and Chyna gets in the ring. Chyna gets in and pedigrees Holly on the chair. Jericho then goes for the Lionsault and hits it for the pinfall.
Winner: Chris Jericho via Lionsault

Michael Cole is shown interviewing the Hardy's who have a title match with the Outlaws. The Dudley's interrupt and offer their hand out of respect. They tell the Hardy's if they win, the Dudley's get the first title shot. The Dudley's then say they got the Hardy's back.


Too Cool vs. Crash/Viscera
(If this match is out of order, I'm sorry. I'm trying to do this from memory after my computer crashed). Too Cool comes out without Rikishi. Crash said earlier in the evening he was going to get a new partner after fighting with Hardcore. Vis had Scotty Too Hotty in a Gorilla Press and Crash fell off the turnbuckle. Scotty Too Hotty hits the worm on Vis and picks up Crash for the Hip Hop Jam. Sexay hits it and covers Crash but Crash isn't the legal man. Vis hits a leg drop of Sexay and covers him for the win.
Winners: Viscera/Crash via Legdrop


X-Pac vs. Kane w/ Tori
Kane was totally dominating X-Pac early. X-Pac got control after a spinning heel kick. He went over to the ropes where Tori was standing. He did a crotch chop towards her then made the "V" with his fingers and did the tounge thing. Kane threw him out of the ring and a fight broke out outside. Tori went inside the ring while Kane and X-Pac fought outside. X-pac threw Kane into the steps and then went inside the ring. He slapped her ass then gave her a little tounge. X-Pac left the ring and Kane went to Tori. X-Pac grabbed a chair and hit Kane with it. As X-Pac was leaving, he made more advances on Tori.
Winner: Kane via DQ


Backstage, Kane and Tori go to Steph and HHH looking for X-Pac, they tell him X-Pac has left the building.

**Tag Team Title Match**
Hardy's w/Terri vs. New Age Outlaws

Outlaws come out and Road Dogg does an awesome (sarcastic) job of being a heel. Hardy's come out and Outlaws attack right away. BA exposes Matt's ribs which are heavily taped after last night. The Dudley's make their way to the ring and set up a table outside the ring to watch the match. The Hardy's finally grab control. Matt hits the Twist of Fate and Jeff then hits the Senton bomb on BA. At the two count, the Dudley's pull the ref out of the ring. Both Dudley's get in the ring and attack Matt and Jeff. 3-D on Matt. 3-D on Jeff. The Dudley's then get Terri. D-Von goes to hit her, but Buh-Buh stops him. He asks him why he would punch her when he could put her through a table. D-Von hands Terri to Buh-Buh and he puts her through the table. Buh-Buh takes most of the bump, but it still looked violent. The EMT's are called out again to stretcher Terri out.
Winners: Hardy Boys via DQ


They come back from commercial and they're still working on Terri. Kurt Angle's music hits and he comes out and says that's bad what happened to Terri, but not as bad as what happened to him last night. It wasn't that he lost the match, cause he didn't, but because Tazz is missing one of his three I's. Integrity. Tazz's music hits (Awesome Titan Tron video) and he comes to the ring. Angle starts to talk, but Tazz chokes him out with the Kahjahajamain (sp?) Angle tries to get out, but no chance. The ref's break it up.

Ms. Rumble Swimsuit Competition Winner Annoucned
The Kat comes out first followed by Jacky, BB, Luna, Ivory and Mae Young. Mae Young is announced the winner and King hands her flowers. He says at least those flowers aren't withered like her puppies. Mae then says at least her puppies are real unlike all of those. King questions Kat, then Kat points at Jacky then they all get into a huge cat fight where everyone loses their shirts.
Winner: Mae Young


Godfather/D'Lo vs. Acolytes
Match of Powermoves by both teams. Godfather hits a sidekick on Farooq and gets him in the corner for the Ho Train. Farooq kicks out at two and D'Lo is tagged in. D'Lo with an Irish Whip on Farooq. Bradshaw makes a blind tag. Bradshaw hits the Clothesline from hell out of nowhere.
Winners: Acolytes via Clothesline From hell


Clips shown of earlier in the day when the WWF superstars visited Droz in the hospital. Considering what happened he looks good and is moving good.

Test vs. Bossman
Non-title match. Test was out for blood. The match didn't get too far when Test got a hold of the nightstick. He used the nightstick and got DQ'd right away. This is when my computer crashed so I wasn't watching. My roommate said Stevie Richards was ringside and I'm taking his word for it.
Winner: Bossman via DQ


Michael Cole shown outside Terri's hospital room.

Rock vs. HHH/Big Show
This starts out a handicap match, but Rikishi's music hits. Rock has a partner. He tells HHH to kiss his ass. Show and Rock start. Show dominating the Rock. Rock fights back. Tag made to HHH. HHH takes his turn beating up on Rock. Rock finally gets some offense with a DDT. Big Show breaks the count and I guess makes a tag. Rock tags in Rikishi. HUGE pop. He beats up on Show and hits his butt shot in the corner then hits a sidekick. He goes to the ropes, but gets stopped by HHH. Show hits a sidewalk slam on Rikishi. Show tags in HHH. Rikishi gets a facebuster, but then counters with a Samoan Drop. Rock and Big Show both tagged in. Rock in control this time. DDT on Show followed by a Spinebuster on HHH. The Outlaws come down and attack Rikishi. Hebner calls for the bell and HHH and Show continue on Rock. Steph hands HHH a steel chair. Hebner tries to step in, but he gets clocked. Cactus on the ramp. Rock knocks the chair out of HHH's hands. Cactus comes down leopard skin boots and all.. Rock and Cactus double team with a 2x4. Rikishi, Rock, and Cactus stand in the ring celebrating as DX and the Show look on in disgust.

I know I probably missed something and I'm sorry. I didn't cover a lot of the backstage stuff tonight, but I tried to remember the important parts.

Anyone interested in promoting in the Midwest, you still got a chance to e-mail me for info.


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