WWF Monday Night Raw Results
Nick Ponton 2/01/2000
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Monday Night Raw
January 31, 2000
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

I got a really wierd e-mail today. It was one sentence long and it said
McMahon will return tonight. For the last two hours I've been trying to
figure out who it was from and I got no clue, so TERMEDI@aol.com, if your
reading, you've sent me on a quest for the last 2 hours to figure out if you
really know what your talking about.

WWF title sequence once again to start the show right into the RAW title
sequence and the normal fireworks display. Welcome to the Igloo in
Pittsburgh, PA for RAW IS WAR!

**Tag Team Title Match**
New Age Outlaws vs. Al Snow/Steve Blackman (Head Cheese :-)

Once again, Road Dogg does a great job of getting over as a heel (really
sarcastic). There's a sign ringside that says "You are heels" RD and BA
should take notice of it. Blackman says he's gettin tired of all the names.
Al says what about one more? Snow Storm. Blackman says whatever and Al
hands him an umbrealla and rain coat. CHRIS BENOIT, EDDIE GUERERRO, PERRY
SATURN, and DEAN MALENKO show up in the front row and shake hands with Al
Snow. Ross says they haven't signed any contracts that he's aware of after
King makes fun of WCW while they talk about those four walking out. O.K.
back to the action. Blackman and Road Dogg start. JR turns into Fat Tony
and talks mainly about the WWF four instead of the match. Awesome power
move by BA with a huge gorilla press slam. Road Dogg with the knee drop for
a two count. Road Dogg isolated in the corner. Road Dogg with a low blow
and a tag to Gunn. Gunn hits a jackhammer but Snow interrupts the count.
Road Dogg gets thrown into the railing and then right on the laps of the WCW
four. Road Dogg attacks Chris Benoit and hell breaks lose as all four jump
the rail and attack the Road Dogg. Saturn suplexes BA and Eddie hits a frog
splash. All four in the ring. Malenko suplexes Road Dogg. Benoit to the
top for the head butt. The four leave the Outlaws laying in the ring. The
invasion has started!
Winners: Outlaws via DQ


Moments ago....The WCW Four invade the WWF!

Cactus is shown backstage with Eddie, Chris, Perry, and Dean. Tells
them...."It's nice to look out there and see people in the audience. We
don't give these tickets away"

Kurt Angle comes out on the ramp with a mic. "Finally your olympic hero
has come back to Pittsburgh" to a huge chorus of boos. He says he is still
undefeated. Says he wants to face the Rock tonight. Angle officially names
himself Pittsburgh's new hometown hero. Takes a shot at Mario Lemiux. Rock
vs. Angle later tonight!

Kane vs. HHH, X-Pac vs. Jericho and the first ever snowbunny lumberjill


THQ's Wrestlemania 2000 Rewind of the Week...Buh-Buh putting Christian and
Edge through the table.

NAO shown backstage crying to HHH about the WCW Four. HHH says we don't
have a problem..they do. Big Show comes in with his new do. Brings in Jim
Dotson as his eye witness. Dotson says it looked to him like Rock's feet
touch first. HHH says he needs video proof. He can't go on the word of the
security guy. Show says he'll bring it.

Christian w/Edge vs. D-Von w/Buh-Buh Ray
D-Von jumps right in, but Christian takes control. Christian into the
ropes, but Buh-Buh catches him. Springboard crossbody onto Buh-Buh on the
outside. D-Von throws Christian ring post. How many times can JR say Damn
in one segment? D-Von overpowers Christian, but makes a mistake by going to
the middle rope and Christian moves. Christian takes control. but D-Von
gets it back. Christian goes for Impaer, but Buh-Buh gets on the ropes to
distract him. Edge in to attack D-Von. Edge gets the win with an inverted
DDT. Buh-Buh gets in the ring and throws Edge out. Buh-Buh gets out two
tables. D-Von hits his headbutt off the top. A chair is thrown in the
ring. Edge is put on the table with the chair on his face. Matt and Jeff
show up. Mat DDT's D-von through the table off the top. Jeff throws
Buh-Buh into the steps. Hardy's set up the other table outside. Buh-Buh on
the table. Senton Bomb (which I hear Jeff wants called Swanton Bomb)
through the table. Buh-Buh's bleeding from the ear.
Winner: Christian via Inverted DDT


Jack, Eddie, Malenko, Chris, Perry, Hardy's, Edge, and Christian talking
when the Posse walks up and tells the FOUR not to mess with them. Eddie
says nice to meet you then a brawl breaks out. (For the rest of the night,
the FOUR will be called the Radicals)

Too Cool vs. Big Show
Ya ever wonder what would happen if Buff Bagwell and Kurrgan would have a
kid? Look at Show. Sex(a)y starts out getting destroyed by BS. Scotty Too
Hotty gets on his bak and Sex(a)y drop kicks him three times, but can't know
him down. Too Cool finally gets him down with a double DDT. Too Cool does
more double teaming then Scotty hits the worm while Sex(a)y dances. Scotty
gets chokeslamed and HELD up there for 6 seconds. Sex(a)y gets a powebomb
and BS covers Scotty.
Winner: Big Show via Chokeslam

Rock shown on the Titan Tron as BS looks on. Finally...........Pittsburgh.
Rock makes fun of BS's haircut. Rock addresses BS's claim to having a
witness. He says he's tired of all the crying. Rock tells BS to listen to
the most important sound he has ever heard in his life. "Rocky Rocky..."
Tells Big Show to go back to SuperCuts and get his 5 bucks back. Rock moves
on to Kurt Angle. Rock says he's never beat the Rock even though Angle says
he has. Rock is gonna go out there and win a gold medal for kicking his
candy ass all over town. If ya smell..........cookin


Kurt Angle vs. The Rock
Angle goes right after Rock. Rock takes early control. Angle goes to the
outside after a wicked clothesline. Rock bounces Angles face off anything
he can find then spits water in his face. Angle grabs the mic and asks
what's wrong with these people. Says he was born in this town. Rock looks
up and asks how much time is left in the match (looks like a WCW production
mistake). Rock hits Angle from behind, takes the mic and says it doesn't
matter where you were born at. Back in the ring, Rock beating up on the
Rock. Low blow by Angle followed by a belly-to-back suplex. Rock fights
back, but Angle hits a belly-to-belly for a two count. Rock with a kick to
the face and DDT for a 2. Samoan Drop by Rocky. Angle walks away, but
wait! Tazz throws him back in. Rock with a spinebuster and there goes the
$14.99 elbow pad for the weakest move since the leg drop for the three count
and victory ending Kurt Angle's un-pinned streak. Tazz goes to clothesline
Angle, but instead hits the Rock. Rock chases Angle out.
Winner: Rock via Rock Bottom

Posse shown going to the Acolytes asking for help. They give them what
money they had. Acolytes says they'll protect them, but they're going to
finish their card game first. Then Bradshaw comes up with "The Acolytes
Protection Agency".

Jericho shown coming to the ring with Chyna and X-Pac shown coming to the
ring with Tori. IC Title match is next!


The Radicals shown backstage with Val, Test, D-Lo and Godfather.

Chris Jericho vs. X-Pac w/Tori

Non-Title for some reason. Chyna comes out after X-Pac, but before Jericho
with that cool cannon. Why green? Jericho makes fun of Tori and X-Pac.
Jerichowith a spinning heel kick followed by a springboard drop kick off the
apron. Jericho follows X-Pac out of the ring and runs face first into the
steps. X-Pac now in control until a couple Ric Flair chops. X-Pac hits a
spinning heel kick and gets a two count. After a rest hold, Jericho hit s a
double underhook back breaker, but X-Pac regains control right away. More
Ric Flair chops in the corner. High crossbody by Jericho to take X-Pac down
followed by a body slam. X-Pac suplexes Jercho and goves for a double ax
handle. He misses then Jericho hits the double powebomb. He goes for the
Lionsault and misses. X-Pac knocks Jericho down in the corner. Chyna pulls
him down as he gets ready for the bronco buster. Chyna gives him a right
hand and Jericho slaps on the Walls of Jericho. Tori slaps Jericho with the
belt and X-Pac hits the X-Factor for the win. On the outside, Chyna laid
out Tori.
Winner: X-Pac via X-Factor

The Kat shown walking to the ring with blonde hair. Her opponent is
shown...looks like a guy to me. Stevie Richards? We'll find out next.


Bradshaw talking about aPa. Dudley Boyz shown coming into the Acolytes
lockerroom. Dudleyz ask Acolytes about their protection agency. buh-Buh
says he just got jumped and D-Von asks for protection. Buh-Buh says they
have no money, but he will write them a check. Hilarious angle starting
with the Acolytes.

**WWF Women's Title Match**
*Snowbunny lumberjill match*
The Kat vs. Hervina

Barbara Bush, Ivory, Jackie, Luna, Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah are the
lumberjills. The lumberjills throw snowballs at each other. The Kat is
wearing practically nothing. Hervina is from Intercourse, PA which is right
next to Blue Ball. Hervina is dressed more for this match. double leg take
down by Hervina. Hervina goes for the elbow and misses. Kat on the apron
with a modified crossbody. Kat goes after Jackie after getting hit with
snow. Jackie knocks down Kat and Hervina gets the pin. Michael Cole goes
after an interview and the Hervina reveals herself to be Harvey Whippleman.
Michael Cole makes fun of him and Whippleman lays him out. The lumberjills
attack the new champ.
Winner and New Women's Champion: Hervina (Harvey Whippleman)

Cactus shown with The Radicals thinking about making something permanent.
They go to HHH and Steph's door.

Shot from WWF New York. A major announcement will take place Thursday.


Cactus is shown proposing The Radicals working for HHH and Steph. HHH asks
them who the hell do they think they are? Cactus says he is like everyone
else. He's sick and tired of seeing the Posse. HHH says if they want to
work, they come ask them. Steph says they're nothing but trouble.
Backfighting, trouble with management, etc. HHH says he'll put it in his
computer and think about it.

Hardcore Holly/Crash Holly vs. Viscera
Another handicap match. Crash starts and Viscera has no problem beating the
crap out of him. A spinning heel kick from the big man (bad camera angle)
Crash tags Hardcore. Hardcore drop kicks Vis and he gets tangled in the
ropes. More double teaming from the Holly's. Really slow match with a lot
of kicks and punches. Vis finally gets a wrestling move in witha Samoan
Drop. The count was broke by Crash. Crash goes for a hurricanrana that
gets turned into a "hellacious" powerbomb. Hardcore makes the save. Vis
pics Crash up. Hardcore drop kicks crash so he ends up on top of Vis.
Hardcore grabs Vis's leg and hold him down. Post-match, Vis splashes
Winners: The Holly's via Crossbody

Rejected SuperBowl commercial shown. JR tells ABC to get a sense of humor.
Vote for the WWF's commercial by clicking here

Back live at WWF New York. JR's conversation with SCSA is next.


They show JR's interview with SCSA from last night on Halftime Heat. You
can read my report on the interview as well as the rest of Sunday Night Heat
and Halftime Heat by clicking here

Back live at WWF New York. Lilian Garcia reporting live (hey, I didn't even
notice she wasn't ring announcing). They tell us that the big announcement
this Thursday involves the WWF and pro football.

Matt and Jeff shown walking to the ring.


Matt Hardy w/Jeff vs. Buh-Buh Ray Dudley w/D-Von
Both teams come down and the Acolytes music hits. Matt goes right after
buh-Buh. Buh-Buh with a poke to the eye. Ross still stuck on the word
damn. Matt thrown outside and D-Von doesn't touch him?! Matt brought back
in with a suplex. Still haven't seen a wrestling move from Matt.
Finally...a Tornado DDT from Matt for a near fall. Buh-Buh asks for a chair
and D-Von throws it over his head to Matt. Matt misses with the first shot,
but connects with the second. Acolytes and Dudleyz kick the crap out of the
Hardy's and Edge's music hits. The Acolytes are desimating Edge and
Christian. 3-D!! on Christian. The Acolytes get two more tables from
underneath the ring. They put the tables side-by-side and pull out a third
table. Problems arising between Buh-Buh and the aPa. The third table is
stacked on top of the first two. Thisis gonna be sweet. The stops are
thrown in the ring. Buh-Buh is standing on the ring steps while the aPa
holds Matt on the table. Jeff is handed to Buh-Buh and he is powerbombed
onto Matt through all three tables. Buh-Buh sits in the corner with that
Winner: Buh-Buh Ray Dudley via DQ

Cactus shown with The Radicals. HHH shows up and tells them the four of
them aren't quite ready to hang in the WWF and he tells them to leave. Dean
says they've walked out before and they'll do it again. Cactus tells HHH he
just made a mistake. Cactus has on the leopard skin boots and the Cactus
tights. Something is gonna happen.


**WWF Title Match**
HHH w/Steph vs. Kane

Kane's music hits, but he isn't coming out. Somethings up since HHH came
out first. HHH has the mic and Kane's music goes off. HHH starts making
fun of Kane. He pretty much calls Kane chicken. He says Kane can't "hang"
with X-Pac. HHH says Kane is afraid of getting his butt kicked live on
national television. HHH says he's going to give him 10 seconds to get out
there or HHH will go after him. "10-9-8-Shut the hell up, I'm trying to
count-7-6-the hell with this, I'm coming to get you." Cactus Jack's Music
hits! Steph joins JR and Ross at ringside. Cactus says he invited four
guests and "you had the gall to throw them out of the building." Cactus
really puts over all four guys. Cactus thought about maybe forgiving and
forgetting. Then he thought about bygones being forgotten and now he's
thinking maybe he'll just come in and take a piece of HHH's ass.
Cactus Jack vs. HHH
Cactus is destroying HHH. He throws HHH into the rope and clothelines him.
HHH goes outside where he takes Cactus's head and throws him into the
ringsteps. Hunter grabs the belt, but Cactus knocks it out of his hand.
HHH duck out of the ring and goes up the ramp. The Radicals throw him back
in. It's five-on-one. Cactus hits him with the title. The Radicals
continue to beat up on HHH while Steph looks on.
Winner: HHH via DQ

Well, TERMDI@aol.com was wrong. Actually, I'm pretty surprised too. The
WWA is still looking for promoters so, e-mail me if your interested and you
live in the midwest.


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Sign of the night: Mae Young is not a MILF

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