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RAW IS WAR Results 5-22-00
Submitted by Nick Ponton on 5-22-00 @ 23:12 EST

May 22, 2000
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler

DirecTV Raw Preview
Hour 1: Judgement Day Results
Hour 2: The Real Ironman

Well, no one did outstanding on the WWF Message Board prediction contest this month as rapt00r, HappyScrappy, Mighty2J, Clemson Guy, Superglue and myself all finsihed with a dismal 3-3.

WWF titles followed by the RAW IS WAR titles (I'm working on that song. I downloaded it off Napster and I'm working on the words.). We go inside the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN for the pyros less than 24 hours after Judgement Day and five weeks from King of the Ring.

No Chance hits in the arena right away. Vince McMahon makes his way to the ring. Vince says Judgment Day is supposed to be a day when the world as we know it comes to an end and that was the case for many WWF superstars last night. An ASSHOLE chant starts and interrupts Vince. Vince says based upon the results of Judgement Day, the McMahon-helmsley faction and DX must be living their lives correctly and they rewarded themselves with a lavish party and that's why he don't look like himself tonight. None of Corporation X will look good when the get here.

DX set the table for the Dudley Boyz and beat them at their own game. Shane, who came from Vince's loins, singlehandedly defeated the largest athlete in the world today by pinning his shoulders to the mat. And finally, HHH. Vince has never been more proud of a family member. Last night, HHH singlehandedly proved why he is the game Even though the Rock attempted to employ the services of the Undertaker, HHH became the WWF Champion. As for the Undertaker, it's been nice without the Undertaker. He walked out on his contract sometime ago. If in fact, UT shows up tonight, marshals will arrest Taker if he shows up because he is not legally under contract.

As for the Rock. Vince is not so sure the Rock will show up tonight. Vince don't know if Rock will swallow his pride and show up tonight, but if he does, tonight will be a good night for Vince to go one-on-one with Rock, but that's not gonna happen. Should the Rock show up, he will face Road Dogg, X-Pac, Shane McMahon, and HHH. All Vince can say is at Judgment Day, they took the WWF Championship from the Rock, tonight, they will simply take what's left.

JR and Lawler talk about the Iron Man Match last night and the controversial ending.

Vince walks behind the curtain and Rock walks up behind and beats the hell out of Vince McMahon. Vince begs for his life, but Rock hits him with a trash can anyway. Vince gets thrown on top of his limo then Rock throws him in it and tells the driver to get this asshole out of here.


Moments ago....Rock attacking Vince backstage.

Rock shown waiting in parking lot awaiting the rest of the McMahon-helmsley Regime

Trish Stratus comes out with her boys and says it's come to her attention all the little girls love the Hardyz, but how could you not with their rainbow colored hair, and high flying moves. They might like them, but she doesn't, so tonight, those boys are going to face her men and we'll find out just how hard they are.

Hardy Boyz vs. T & A w/Trish Stratus
The match gets underway with all four men in. Jeff beats Test in the corner and then the Hardyz double team Albert. Jeff and Test start and Test opens up on Jeff in the corner. Jeff hits a drop toe hold dropping Test face first on the turnbuckle. Matt tagged in and they double team Test. Matt gets whipped and Trish grabs his leg. Matt looks at her and Albert knocks him down. Albert tagged in and a T & A hit a double team flapjack. Shoulder block from Albert followed by an attempted powerbomb. Matt falls out and calls for the twist of fate, but Albert drives him into the corner. Matt gets his feet caught and Albert does a giant airplaine spin. Both guys dizzy and Albert tags Test. Knock down by Test and he tags Albert back in. They go for the double flapjack again, but Matt counters and hits a double DDT. Jeff tagged in and he take both guys out with a corkscrew moonsault. Baseball slide through to take Albert out and Matt takes Test outside. Matt hits a suicide plancha then works on Test more. Trish tries to punch Matt, but he blocks. Trish throws Matt into the steps and knocks him out. Jeff knocks Albert down and he goes up for the swanton. Trish has the ref distracted on the other side of the ring and Test hits a flying elbow and pulls Albert on top for the win.
Winners: T & A via Flying Elbow

Rock shown still waiting in the parking lot


Chyna makes another appearance on Third Rock From the Sun season finale tomorrow night

Some indy drivers are shown in the front row. More comps I bet.

European Title Match
Eddie Guerrero (c) w/Chyna vs. D'Lo Brown

ahhh...D'Lo back where he was at his best Match starts with a collar and elbow into an arm wrench by D'Lo. Eddie reverses and D'Lo takes it into a headlock. D'Lo hits the boot to D'lo's face then hits a big right hand. D'Lo hits a sidewalk slam and tells Eddie he sucks. Scoop slam by D'Lo and he goes to the middle rope for a moonsault,but Eddie moves. Eddie with a european uppercut then with a dropkick. Eddie goes facefirst into the trnbuckle and D'lo hits Sky High. Godfather comes out and distracts D'Lo. Eddie takes advantage and hits a hurricanrana for the win.
Winner and STILL European Champion: Eddie Guerrero via hurricanrana

POST MATCH...Godfather gets in the ring and hits the ho train and the pimp drop on D'Lo

A limo pulls up and Gerald Brisco meets it. X-Pac, Road Dogg, and Tori get out. Brisco tries to tell them about the Rock, but they just tell him McMahon is fine. From behind, Rock attacks them with a lead pipe them throws them in the back of a semi and drops the door.


Moments ago.....DX getting assaulted by The Rock

Six Man Tag Team Match
Edge/Christian/Kurt Angle vs. Rikishi/Too Cool

Christian is wearing an Indiana U. jersey, Angle has on a Reggie Miller jersey. Angle says he has only one thing to say tonight. The New York Knicks are going down. The New York Knicks are going down in the NBA Finals after they defeat the Indiana Pacers. Christian says greetings to the inhabitants of Indiana. He says Indiana is known for two things. It's rich storied basketball history and choking. Whether it's Bob Knight choking his players or the Pacers choking in the playoffs. Edge says they have decided to embrace the Indiana tradition. For those with flash photography, they break out a new pose they call the Big Choke. Edge takes his trenchcoat off to reveal Bobby Knight type sweater and he chokes Christian who is wearing and IU jersey

The match starts on the ramp and Rikishi and Christian are the first ones in the ring. Samaon drop by Rikishi on Edge and Scotty throws Kurt to Rikishi in the ring. Kurt goes for the slam, but hurts his back. Scoop slam by Rikishi and he backs that ass up. Edge now thrown in and Too Cool follow. Double atomic drop and Edge retreats to the corner. Scotty backs dat ass up, then Grandmaster Sexay. Edge drops to his ass in the corner and gets the stinky face from Rikishi. Too Cool double team Edge and knock him out. Christian in the ring and they hit a double reverse flapjack. Scotty suplexes Christian and Sexay hits the hip hop drop, but Kurt Angle breaks the count. From behind, Scotty bulldogs Angle and goes for the worm. He gets to "R" and Edge nails Acotty with the tag belt. Angle takes advantage and puts on a half nelson pin combination.
Winners: Edge, Christian, and Kurt Angle via pinfall

Rock still on the prowl in the parking lot.

Fram Trap of the Week.....Shane dropping the speaker on Big Show last night at Judgement Day


Kane and Linda McMahon are on the cover of the current issue of Business Week

Another limo pulls up and Shane gets out. Again, Brisco tries to warn him, but he ignores it. Shane is too euphoric over his win last night.

No Chance hits for the second time tonight and Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring. Shane starts out by rhyming like he's Dr. Suess. After last night, Shane takes exception to the SHANE'S A PUSSY chant. Yesterday was a wonderful day and he's put together a wonderful pictorial and they put it on the Titan Tron. Shane narrated the whole thing again by rhyming. Shane says from now on, he wants to be referred to as Shane the Giant Killer. If Big Show could walk down that ramp, history would repeat itself. No Chance hits to signal the end of the interview...or does it.....

If Ya Smell.... Rock comes down and decks Shane. Shane gets knocked over the rail and Rock chases him out into the crowd. Rock takes him outside and....


Moments ago....Rock interrupting Shane and kicking the crap out of him.

Intercontinental Title Match
Chris Benoit (c) vs. Val Venis

This match was made last Thursday night on Smackdown when Venis challenged the winner of last night's match Benit has a knee brace visible. Collar and elbow tie up. Benoit with stiff chops on the ropes. Val whips and take the rights to Benoit. Side suplex by Venis for a two count. Venis whips Benoit, but Benoit hangs onto the ropes. He ducks outside and Venis follows and hits a clothesline. Back in the ring, Venis kicks on Benoit in the corner. Venis puts the boot to Benoit's throat. Venis gets whipped and Benoit hits a snap suplex for a two count. Side suplex by Benoit for another two count. Venis throws Benoit out again and he chops Benoit. Venis drops Benoit on the guardrail and tries to whip him in the steps, but Benoit reverses. Benoit backs Venis into the guardrail and tosses him back in the ring. Benoit kicks Val while he's down then picks him up , but Venis retaliates and goes right after the braced knee. Benoit hits a drop toe hold to break Venis' momentum. Benoit into the corner, but he gets the boot up to stop a Venis charge. Sccop slam by Venis and both men go down. Benoit up first and they trade rights before Venis knocks Benoit down. Elbow by Venis followed by a knee to the throat for a two count. Venis gets Benoit in the corner and charges. Benoit walks out and Venis hits a modified gut wrench powerbomb for a two Val gets a double underhook, but can't do anything with it. Benoit gets out and kicks Venis down. Venis gets momentum back and hits a spinebuster. Val goes to the top, but Benoit kicks him down. Benoit goes to the top with Venis and hits a superplex. Hardcore Holly makes his way to the ring with a steel chair and went right after Benoit and DQ'd Venis.
Winner and STILL IC Champion: Chris Benoit via DQ

POST MATCH...Holly hits Venis then walks away and the countdown hits on the Titan Tron. Break The Wallz Down and the lights come on, but Jericho doesn't come out. Jericho comes up from behind and knocks Holly out with a chair.

Brisco is shown in the parking lot waiting for the arrival of HHH and Stephanie


Kid Rock will be on Raw next week performing his hit single American Badass off the History of Rock CD that will be released a week from tomorrow.

Dudley Boyz vs. Bull Buchanan/Big Bossman
Bull and Buh-Buh start. Collar and elbow tie up and a clean break. A loud BOSSMAN SUCKS chant. Collar and elbow again, but this time Buh-Buh puts a headlock on . Shoulder block takedown by Buh-Buh. Bull blocks a hiptoss, but Buh-Buh hits a suplex. Bull up again and Buh-Buh hits a backbody drop. Bossman gets in and distracts the ref, so the Dudley's hit the headbutt to the crotch and D-Von testifies. Bull makes a blind tag and D-Von gets Bossman's boot to his face. Bossman works on D-Von in the corner. D-Von blocks a right and turns Bossman into the corner. D-Von gets a whip reversed and Bossman hits more rights. D-Von gets up and punches Bossman and goes to bounce off the ropes, but Bull low bridges him. Bull make a tag and they throw D-Von back in to get a two count. Bull whips D-Von and hits the scissors kick to the back of the head. Scoop slam by Bull into a chokehold. D-Von gets to his feet, but bull chokes him on the top rope. Bull makes the tag to Bossman and they hit a double clothesline. Bossman with a couple cheap shots to D-Von's throat. Bossman with a knee to the face and more rights. Spinebuster by Bossman and he covers but Buh-Buh makes the save. Bull works on him and they go outside. Big boot to D-Von's face and Bossman goes for a whip, but D-Von reverses, Buh-Buh jumps in and 3-D!
Winners: Dudley Boyz via 3-D

Brisco still waiting for the arrival of HHH and Steph.

Crash Holly shown walking into the aPa office. He says he paid for an hour of protection and he didn't get it. He said the aPa is in breach of contract and he wants his money back. They offer him a sucker. Crash says if he don't get his money back, he's going to take it out on both their butts. Crash picks up a beer and dumps it on Bradshaw and walks off. Bradshaw follows....


RC Edge Maximum Power....Rock using the pedigree on HHH last night.

Brisco making a call on his cell phone. He calls HHH and asks where he is. HHH says he's on his way here and Brisco loses the signal before he gets to warn HHH.

Hardcore Rules Match
Crash Holly vs. Bradshaw

Crash breaks a 2x4 over Bradshaw's head, but Bradshaw gets up and uses the pieces on Crash. Bradshaw then picks up a trash can and beats Crash with both the can and the lid. Bradshaw with a couple chops then he drags Crash outside. Bradsahw bounces Crash's head off the ring bell and then uses a chair on him. Back in the ring, with a couple forearm shots to Crash. Elbow drop by Bradshaw and he picks Crash up for a powerbomb. Bradshaw then picks him up for another, but Crash falls out. Crash lands on his feet and Bradshaw hits the clothesline from hell.
Winner: Bradshaw via Clothesline from hell

A limo pulls into Conseco Fieldhouse and Brisco meets HHH and Steph and he explains to HHH what the Rock has been doing to Corporation X all night.


Brisco, HHH, and Steph shown walking backstage. Brisco goes over EVERYTHING that Rock has done to Corporation X tonight. HHH says he's going to go find the Rock himself and finish this now. The whole time, Rock was hiding in the shadows and listening to what Brisco and HHH was saying.

JR and Lawler show us stills of Judgement Day and the ending of the Iron Man match.

Michael Cole caught up with HBK after Judgement Day. Cole asks about the match. HBK says he called the match to the best of his ability. What does Cole and the rest of the world want with HBK? He did the best he could. Cole asks about Corporation X interfering. All HBK saw was Rock taking Shane and Vince off the apron. He got knocked out and the next thing he saw was Undertaker chokeslamming HHH which is a DQ. HBK says he's been here longer than anyone in the WWF and he can't make anyone happy. If you don't like it, tough.. and he walks away.

Essa Rios shown backstage in the Godfather's lockerroom. They walk out and run into Lita. They say a few things in spanish then Lita says it's all cool. They got a big match tonight so let's go.


Godfather w/hos and Essa Rios w/Lita vs. Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko
Godfather does his thing on the stick. JR asks if King has ever rolled a fatty and King replies with "Remember when I pushed you?" Godfather tells Malenko he realizes they call him the man of the thousand holds. GF says he hos know a thousand positions. Godfather says they can either fight or he can take the hos. Malenko takes two of the hos and leaves Saturn by himself. Saturn attacks Essa Rios from behind and beats him down in the corner. Saturn hits a fallaway t-bone suplex then hits a clohtesline to take Rios down. Rios gets up with a spinning heel kick then he tags Godfather. Godfather with a couple clotheslines before dancing around and dropping the leg. Saturn walks into the corner and Godfather hits the ho train. Godfather tags Rios and Rios goes to the top for the moonsault. Lita knocks Rios off the ropes. Saturn picks Rios up and hits the brainbuster to pick up the win.
Winner: Perry Saturn via brainbuster

Brisco, HHH, and Steph making their way towards the ring.


If Ya Smell.... and Rock makes his way towards the ring. The Rock has always said just bring it. Last night, HHH brought it all. Vince, Shane, X-Pac, Road Dogg and that 2 dollar slut you call a wife. After one hour, HHH gave all he could to the Rock and the Rock gave it all back. Even though HHH walked out with the title last night, he never beat the Rock. Rock tells HHH to enjoy the WWF title because in due time, the Rock guaran-damn-tees he will be the champ again. Speaking of champions, the entire world witnessed the return of the Undertaker. Though Taker did the right thing, he did it at the wrong time. He did it on the Rock's time. As for tonight, Vince McMahon, after the Rock went an hour last night, you think you can finish the Rock off in a handicap match. X-Pac and Road Dogg are probably back there sucking it with each other and Vince has taken a ride down Got you ass kicked blvd. As for Shane, the entire building witnessed simply, Shane McMahon has left the building. Which brings the Rock to HHH. The Rock could have whipped HHH back in the dressing room but he wanted to wait because now, instead of four on one, it's one on one. Rock said he wait until he came out here and he'd kick HHH's candyass all over Indianapolis.

Game hits after a long dramatic pause and HHH and Stephanie make their way out. HHH holds up the belt he took from Rock last night. HHH says before he walks down the ramp and kick Rock's ass, he wants to say a little something. Yesterday, they wen through hell. A SLUT chant breaks out and HHH says he's in no mood for their crap today so shut it. HHH says Rock gave it all he had and HHH gave it all he had and they did make history because the two greatest athletes in the WWF today went 60 minutes and lit the world on fire. Yesterday, however, was Rock's Judgement Day and he was punished while HHH was rewarded. At the end of that 60 minutes, HHH felt it all slide out of Rock. Rock was the great one, but at the end, HHH could feel it all come out of him. HHH said Rock couldn't hang with him, but there's not shame in that. You can say what you want, but HHH never beat him, but their are two men out here tonight. One is in the ring (Rock) and he is a loser. The other is on the ramp (HHH) and he is a winner. The fact of the matter is after all the smoke had cleared, HHH was the WWF Champion because he is the game-uh and because he is (audience finishes) that damn good.

Rock hold up a hand and a ROCKY chant breaks. Rock says just bring it. HHH throws down his mic and the belt, loses the jacket and makes his way to the ring. HHH steps on the ring apron, but hesitates getting in. Rock waves for him to come in and they stare each other down. HHH cautiously enters the ring and they go right after each other with rights. Rock is in total control and X-Pac and Road Dogg come down. Rock takes them all out. Shane comes through the crowd and Rock takes him out. Brisco helps Vince McMahon down and Rock takes him down with a blown Rock Bottom. They get up and Rock hits it. Road Dogg finally takes Rock out and they all beat on him. They get the steps in the ring and...

...the little girls from the Judgement Day commercial appear on the Titan Tron and a message appears that says Judgement Day is now. American Badass blares over the speakers and Undertaker comes out. X-Pac charges and gets taken out followed by Road Dogg, Shane, Brisco, and Vince. Undertakers starts kicking ass, but doesn't take any names. Taker rudes his bike around then chases the Regime to the back. Still in the ring, HHH sets Rock up for a pedigree on the steel stairs. Rock countes with a backbody drop off the stairs and knocks HHH out of the ring. They continue to brawl outside and they get on the announce table. HHH again tries to pedigree Rock, but Rock lowblows him and Rock Bottom's HHH through the table. Rock takes off the $500 shirt and gets back in the ring. Steph and Tori tend to a fallen HHH while Rock smells it in the ring. Close up of the crowd...fade to black...

FINAL WORD-HOLY COW! The crowd was into this one the whole night. I was a little worried when I saw the show was going to start and end with an interview. The matches were pretty good and a couple feuds were continued. The ending is beyond explainable. That was just awesome. I love Taker using Kid Rock's song.

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