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Franz Joseph I
Emperor of Austria & King of Hungary



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full name:   Franz Joseph Karl Hapsburg
birth: 1830.08.18 at Wien-Schönbrunn
father:   Archduke Franz Karl
mother:   Sophie Friederike Dorothea von Habsburg (Archduchess)
marriage: 1854.04.24 Princess Elizabeth
at Wien-Augustinerkirche
children: 1855 Sophie Friederike Dorothea Maria Josepha (d. 1857)
  1856 Gisela Louise Marie (d. 1932)
  1858 Rudolf Franz Karl Joseph (Archduke) (d. 1889)
  1868 Marie Valerie Mathilde Amalie (d. 1939)
accession: 1848.12.02  
coronation (1):
coronation (2): 1867.06.08 crowned King of Hungary
death: 1916.11.21  
  Titles, Orders and Awards
1848.12.02 Emperor of Austria, King of Bohemia and Hungary
British Empire/Commonwealth Orders and Awards:
  Knight of the Order of the Garter (KG)
Austro-Hungarian Orders and Awards:
Foreign Orders and Awards:
   Honorary Military Appointments
1896.03.25 Colonel-in-Chief, 1st (The King's) Dragoon Guards [terminated 1914]
1903.09.01 Field Marshal
   Military Service
British: none
Austrian: [beyond the scope of this site]
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