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Filed under: Nintendo Wii  
Posted: Nov 11th 2006 by Angela Simpson
Clear the tracks she's comin through!

Okay, if it has the Wii logo on it, we would like it please—even if we can’t understand a thing about the game. This is so cute! Can we use ‘cute’ as a descriptive adjective for a gaming peripheral? Well, we just did.

What we have here is the Wii controller for Taito’s upcoming train sim game on the Nintendo Wii. Yes, it looks very much like the controller for the PlayStation 2 train sim title, but that’s also made by Taito, so no big surprise there.

The Nintendo Wii bullet train sim title is presently scheduled to be released in Japan in February 2007, even though the official site appears to be blurting on about 2006 (though admittedly our Japanese isn’t so great).

Tell us you don’t want one too.

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