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 Waldgeist's tutorial - stone texture
This tutorial describes the creation of funky stone textures like shown here.
1: We start with an <Image> --> Filter --> Render --> Clouds --> Solid Noise.... Finally, your stone texture will have the color you've used for the cloud effects.
2: Now you have to add some stony grid on it. Simply do a little bit of noise over the clouds layer. Values for noise between 0.03 - 0.05 give the best results.
3: Create a new channel and do an <Image> --> Filter --> Render --> Clouds --> Plasma.... Try to get a good balance of black and white.
4: Now you have to do an <Image> --> Filter --> Light Effects --> Lighting Effects..., select bumpmap and choose the layer with the rendered Plasma. Place the light source as desired. Let the plug-in do the rest. :-)
5: Change the color of your texture to achieve the desired effect. Improvements or more deepness are done easily. Simply render a different sort of plasma. You have to play around a little to get a nice effect.
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