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Rebecca Ryan

Rebecca Ryanis one of our 2EO's, with responsibilities for Sales, Marketing and Positioning. Many of you probably first learned about NGC when you saw Rebecca riffing onstage about the trends and realities of a next generation workforce. Rebecca was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the U.S. Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship and Communicator of the Year by Women in Communication. Her new book Live First Work Second hits the streets in October 07. Rebecca's passion is teaching today's leaders how to engage tomorrow's.

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60 Second Q & A

Q:What was your first job?
A:Counter girl at Dairy Queen. I can still make the loop on the top of the cone.
Q:What organization(s) do you admire?
A:I admire all organizations that are both great places to work AND really make a difference in people’s lives. IDEO and Medtronic come to mind.
Q:What is one thing you’d like every client to know about NGC?
A:I wish all of our clients could spend a day in our offices. We have such a smart, caring and HILARIOUS team. I laugh and learn from my teammates every day.
Q:What is the worst thing a manager ever did to you?
A:The same guy who kept his fingernail clippings in the pen tray of his desk also stole an idea I had and sent it to our boss with his cover memo on it. He was making it look like it was his idea. I quit two weeks later.
Q:What’s the last great book you read or movie you watched?
A:The season finale to Six Feet Under – I’m still thinking about it.
Q:What is your favorite “Cool Community?”
A:Madison. When I ride my bike to work, the streets smell so good, the people are so interesting, and there’s an endless cycle of big brains coming through town for public lectures.
Q:What is your favorite meal?
A:Tom Ka Gai soup. The Weary Traveler here in Madison has a good one. I have not mastered MAKING it yet. Grrrrr…
Q:Name one thing most clients don’t know about you?
A:I’m adopted.
Q:What is your favorite quote?
A:“Chop wood. Carry water.” – Zen Buddhist

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