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Translation Tools

( Online Translation Help )

See Internet Usage Statistics by the Top Languages


( Translation Tools and Resources )

Try this great on-line and free resourse for translating
a word, a sentence, or a full page..

Arabic Translation Tool
Lingo24, a top UK company that provides professional language
translation services throughout the world offers this free online
tool for translating Arabic into English and English into Arabic.

Translation Booth
Translation Booth provides direct access to
a vast array of online translation tools.

Translate Tool
Free translation tool from English into many languages.
Free on-line translations, a word or a complete page,
for several languages, dictionaries and resources.

Free online translations and also paid translation solutions.

VoyCabulary makes the words on any webpage into links so
you can look them up in a dictionary or other word-reference
site of your choice, by simply clicking on the words.

World Lingo
Free and also paid online translations in over 90 languages.

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( Professional Translation Agencies )

Lingo24 Translation Services is a top UK company that provides
professional language translation and other services to blue chip
companies and other translation agencies throughout the world.

A network of professionals specialized in translation,
localization and globalization consultancy.


( Translation Agents )

English and Spanish
IWS staff will translate English into Spanish webpages, white
papers, words and phrases. Request a free quote, Technical,
Engineering, Business, any subject.Great quality at low prices.

Visit EncomiumInteractive for your free TOEFL or TOEIC Prep Test!

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1 December 2007

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