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Current Center Researchers

Current Center Researchers

Sara Amin
Visiting Researcher

Sara Nuzhat Amin is a doctoral student in sociology at McGill University. She is affiliated with the ACMCU as a Canada-US Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Researcher for 2007-2008. Her doctoral research examines the politics of collective identity mobilization by national Muslim groups in Canada and the United States. Her areas of specialization are political sociology and quantitative methods in the social sciences. Her research interests are: democratic politics, social movements, collective identity, political violence, international development, network analysis, and longitudinal analysis. She has also worked on the following projects in the past: measuring women’s autonomy and its consequences for fertility in India using the Demographic Health Surveys (DHS); the social and labor-market consequences of shifts unemployment benefits policies in Canada using the Survey of Labour Income Dynamics (SLID). Sara did her MA (Sociology, McGill) thesis on the the identity consequences for second-generation South Asian young adults in Canada. She also completed a BSc (McGill) in Mathematics and a BA(McGill) in International Development and Humanistic Studies. Her doctoral research has been funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)-Canada Graduate Scholarship (2004-2007) and is currently being funded by the Canada-US Fulbright Program (2007).

Hadia Mubarak
Senior Researcher

Hadia Mubarak is a Research Assistant for The Gallup Poll’s Muslim World project and Georgetown University’s Center for Muslim Christian Understanding. She previously worked as a Research Assistant for the Islam in the Age of Globalization Project sponsored by the Brookings Institute, Pew Forum and American University. Mubarak recently ended her term as the first female to be elected as president of the Muslim Students Association National (MSA). Mubarak received her Master’s degree in Contemporary Arab Studies with a concentration in Women and Gender from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. She received her Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and English from Florida State University. Hadia’s publications include “Young and Muslim in Post 9/11 America” (The Brandywine Review of Faith & International Affairs Vol. 3, No. 2); “Breaking the Interpretive Monopoly: A Re-Examination of Verse 4:34” (Hawaa Vol. 2, Issue 3); The Politicization of Gender Reform: Islamists' discourse on repealing Article 340 of the Jordanian Penal Code (MA Thesis, Georgetown University, 2005); and “Blurring the Lines Between Faith and Culture” (America Now: Short Reading from Recent Periodicals. 5th ed.), among many others. She is a native of Panama City, Florida.


Abdullah Al-Amin Al-Arian

Abdullah Al-Arian is a graduate student in the Department of History at Georgetown University. His research interests include modern Islamic history, social movements, Islamic law and society, Islam and globalization, and the history of US policy toward the Muslim world. He received his MS in Sociology of Religion from the London School of Economics in 2003, where he wrote his dissertation on the history of American Muslim political institutions. He graduated from Duke University with a BA in political science and comparative area studies in 2002. He wrote his senior honors thesis on the subject of constitutional law, civil liberties and national security in times of war.